Another Fail

Today was a rodeo day for me. I thought since the rodeo started at noon we would be done and home at a reasonable time. Boy was I wrong.

This morning we all slept in. When we got up Dad and I did chores. Then we worked to get everything ready to go. About 10:30am Dad and I headed out we didn’t get down the road but a little bit and Van was out in the road. I tied him in the stall and then Dad and I continued on.

It was a long day I team roped with a friend as an extra added event to pass the time since I had to be there anyway. It ended up being a super long day. Dad and I didn’t get home until about 10:30pm. While I roped everything I didn’t manage to be in the money and bring home a paycheck.

Mom stayed home because Ms. Karen was suppose to come visit and Mom hadn’t seen her in awhile. I am not sure why but that didn’t happen but Mom did do all the laundry. Even my bed. That means I have nice clean sheets to climb between tonight. The only issue is that I also have a huge pile of clothes to put away on top of that nice clean bed. We also came home to a roast in the crockpot for dinner. Good thing it was in the slow cooker or it would have been ruined by now … LOL

I have to tell you it was kind of funny to come home and have to watch out for Charlotte who was running around the front room with Mom sitting watching TV. I know how to watch for Dogs and Cats running out the door but a hamster??? That is new! Tomorrow we will be going to look at a trailer so I am going to finish this and then get some sleep!!

Failed Road Trip

Okay, I failed a road trip. I know it sounds weird but you see it went like this. Mom has been looking to buy a new to us stock trailer. The reason makes perfect sense. The two horse trailer is some 50 years old and falling apart. It also can’t haul our cows around. (Okay, Cow … B’day to be exact … LOL)

Anyway, yesterday Mom had her buddy until past his bed time. With it raining most of the day I had time to look around on Craig’s list. I found a trailer within our price range but it was 2 hours away. So bright and early we headed to the small town of Porum about 2 hours south of us. When we got there we found that the trailer wasn’t tall enough for the horses. So while it would work for the calves we wouldn’t be able to use it for the horses. One of the things Mom wants to use it for is so that she doesn’t have to make two trips to the Vet just to get shots and coggins done.

On the way home we got the idea to go past the sale barn and see if we would pick Sweetie up an orphan. She is making plenty of milk for the family and a baby so Mom was going to pick one up and graft it on so that maybe Sweetie would calm back down a bit. However, the sale was called off due to the weather.

Mom thought of another sale going on so we tried to stop by there instead. To bad it was to muddy for Mom to find anywhere to park without getting stuck as we don’t have 4 wheel drive. So we moved on and headed home. Mom decided to stop and see if the feed store could answer some questions about our Johnson Grass issues. While she was there she picked up a prize she had won at their customer appreciation event last weekend. That is all we got out of the road trip … Epic Fail if you ask me.

We got home after noon and got a bit of lunch. Then Mom wanted to get some things done around here so the day wasn’t a total waste. We ended up moving two rose bushes for Mom. One was a small rose bush a friend of Mom’s gave her. It is suppose to be a tea cup rose but I think it has gotten a little big over time …


The Second rose is one that Dad’s Dad gave to Dad’s Mom many years ago … and it is a KILLER! I kid you not … It tried to kill Dad and I both … Look at how big it is. It is a climbing rose!



Check out this Root … It is Monster I am tell you … 046

After that Dad and I went to work putting in a drainage pipe in front of the 4 foot livestock door in the new barn. Mom made sure to get the podcast done and it will post Later tonight. You can find it HERE

Oh and Guess What!!!!! We have another Vendor for Yarn Charm … Mom and I did have a talk about how many vendors we will have and at this point we haven’t mapped it out but we will within the next few days. That way if we get so many vendors we will know when to start a waiting list. And Mom has even had people get ahold of her as customers. How cool is that??

Anyway, I better get off of here and go get Mom’s bird. It is along story and I will tell it tomorrow. In the mean time join the KAL/CAL on Rav. Starting Monday and help Mom straighten out her Hat issues … LINK to RAV thread HERE

Who’s Idea was that??

So Today started like many others as of lately. With a down pour. While doing chores I got soaked. The goats had to be moved into the new barn AGAIN. It is getting to the point where the goats actually know the routine. This morning two were waiting at the door of the barn and I only had to carry one inside. The others now all run in when called. Honestly, I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. It is bad because of all the extra rain but a good thing because it is easier to get them to dry land during the rain.

With it raining Mom and I can’t get a whole lot done around the farm so we packed up and headed to town. We did have one issue … getting down our road though … LOL


Good thing there is more then one way out of our house, don’t you think??

While we were at the sale Mom found a calf that no one wanted. She isn’t a pretty little thing but she isn’t unhealthy or anything either. Anyway, Mom brought her home. Normally that isn’t an issue but with all the rain we couldn’t get the truck and trailer to the calf pen to unload her. So I had this brilliant idea. I figured she was small enough for me to just put a halter on her and walk her to the pen. Can we say pasture skiing??

That calf didn’t like the halter at all. When I got in the trailer to put the halter on her she almost climbed in the feed trough in there. I got it on her and Mom turned us out of the trailer and into the yard pen. Mom then had to move the truck and shut the gates … after that she was worthless. She was laughing so hard at me trying to hold on to that lead and that calf buckin’ and flopping and running in circles that she had me giggling. I looked back at one point and I saw Mom trying to move as fast as that calf while holding her sides but she wasn’t getting anything but laughing done. That calf saw open pasture and she took off like a shot. I was holding on to the end of that halter so tight but with my rubber muck boots on and the pasture being slick I was skidding and sliding and literally skiing across the pasture behind her. (And praying I didn’t face plant at any point during this ordeal)

I will say this: Thank the Good Lord that Calf went in the right direction. For whatever reason she headed straight to the alley way at the end of the calf pen. When she got there Mom was not even close to the gate and I had to juggle the gate while holding on to the halter lead with one really mad Heifer on the other end. Did I mention she weighted 260 lbs? And when I say mad, I mean M.A.D. mad. She was bellowing and bucking the whole way.

I could hear Mom laughing from half way across the pasture and it was hard not to join in. I ended up having to tie the heifer off to the gate post Just so I could get the gate open. When she saw that open gate she ran into the pen full force. Only to hit the end of that lead and start flopping around and bellowing even louder this time.

I got the gate shut and then had to figure out how to get that calf off the other end of that halter. I tell you, she was having none of me or my tender hand and soft words … and Mom was STILL useless and doubled over in the pasture in stitches. I couldn’t just leave that calf tied to the post and waiting for Mom didn’t seem to be in the cards either. So I closed the gate and slowly, I started working my way up the lead. Some how, some way I managed to get the calf free of the halter and she ran off into the pen like she owned the joint.

At this point Mom got to the gate. She was red faced and sore, holding her sides. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing too. I just looked at Mom and asked “So who’s idea was that anyway?”

Then tonight my world was invaded by an ugly outside world. Right now we have the doors and windows locked. Everyone is staying inside and Mom has her handgun loaded and by her bed. Why you ask? Well, three suspects involved in a high speed chase have shot a Highway Patrol in the head and car jacked someone else by shooting them in the neck. They found body armor and machine guns in the first car the suspects abandon.

I am sure the law will catch them but all of this is taking place within 15 minutes of our home and in the home town of Mom’s best friend Ms. Karen. Mom is worried for Ms. Karen but knows she has locked up her house too and she too has guns locked and loaded. I pray for all those involved and that it will end soon.

You can find the news report HERE if you are interested.


We are super excited here on the farm. You see we were wondering if anyone would want to come to our event. Today we got our first Vendor Application. We are excited because not only is it someone new to our area as a vendor but it is someone that has supported me and that I look forward to meeting face to face.

Some of you know her as LuvinEwe on Ravelry and social media. We know her as Char of Luvin Ewe Designs. Either way I am excited and can’t wait. There has also been other inquiries so I know we will have a few vendors besides myself and her. At least I know I will stand with friends if we fail. LOL

As for today, there is one thing that has started going on here on the farm. Mom has decided to down size her gardens. So what does that mean? More Pasture for me and my sheep … LOL Not that much as she is only giving up a small flower garden in the corner of the pasture that she never can keep up with.

She started today by taking inventory of the plants she wants to keep. Then deciding where to move things too. She will be moving her Chocolate Mint, Lemon Balm and wild onions to the orchard garden beds. Since her veggies didn’t grow these beds have been let go as well. Now those plants have a place of their own. Next she moved her Clematis to the area out by our front porch. She also relocated her small group of Hollyhocks to the front as well. She still have a tea cup rose bush, a climbing rose bush, a couple of small rose of Sharon and some iris to move. Then she will be moving her peonies and my strawberries both of which are in their own tubes.

After those are moved we will spray everything to kill the weeds and remaining flowers. Some of the flowers and weeds are poisonous to the sheep and goats. After That we will move out some of Mom’s “Look pretties” before we remove the fencing. There are mostly t-posts but there are two pipe poles that will be removed and put out front as they have meaning to Mom.

It is going to be a lot of work but in the long run Mom won’t feel like the flower garden is always over run and out of control. This way she can just take care of the landscaping in the front of the house and the beds in the orchard and not lose any plants. She just won’t have as much of them this year.

Off and On

Today was a weird kind of day. Mom and I started our day by getting chores done and Sweetie Milked. Sweetie is producing much more milk then Holly did. And I mean like 4 times as much. Holly gave about 3/4 of a Pint milked once a day. Sweetie gives two pints each milking and is so full we can’t skip the evening milking. I think the difference is the breed. Sweetie is an alpine but Holly is a LaMacha.

Anyway, as the Rain moved in and out Mom and I did small odd jobs here and there. We got the Gaura Planted, the pasture poles moved to the fence line, Lesson 5 filmed, Mom booked our Vacation, we cleaned Charlotte’s Cage, worked on the approval for the welcome centers, Ordered a glow in the dark hamster ball and then We edited Lesson #5 and got it on the web page.

I did find time to tie a calf or two but I couldn’t rope because with all the rain. The arena is way to wet and very unsafe to put a high speed horse in high gear in. The final thing that Mom and I worked on was creating an ad for Ravelry about the Yarn Charm and we are making bookmark style advertising to put out at some of the other events we go to and see if that draws vendors and customers in. We will see how that goes … We have had vendors contacting us already. One from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and one local. We are so excited to be able to do this. I pray it is a big success.

Minus 4

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. I want to start today’s Blog by Thanking all those of the Heavens and Earth, for any and all military service they have provided over the entire history of the United States of America. Without all of you, I wouldn’t have the freedom to do what I like to do the way I like to do it … To each and everyone of you I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I once made a video based on the freedom of homeschooling. Please take a look and you will get an Idea of all the freedoms that I am thankful you each have fought to keep. (I know the sound is low but I can’t figure out how to fix it)

With that said There are two other things that went on today. First, I am down four lambs … Nope it isn’t what you think. They were picked up and taken to their new home today. Poppy’s boy Bernard, Pace’s babies Dory and Nemo, and Figs Baby Stitch all went together to the same farm to be used for Fiber and Breeding. We are sad to see them go but very happy about where they are going and what they are being used for.

The next thing that Mom and I put together today (with the help of HeidiAussie) is a CAL/KAL, Starting June 1st and Ending July 1st we will be having a CAL/KAL. Okay, let’s see if I have this right … CAL = Crochet along and KAL= Knit along. And yes we are covering Both. There are two patterns (one for each) that we will be using.

We are keeping this small and simple, as well as using Free patterns … the CAL will be using this pattern … and the KAL will be using this pattern. To top it off it makes no difference what yarn you use. And would prefer that you destash. We really want to be able to include everyone so no cost or low cost was our goal.

Mom is suggesting that if you don’t need another hat and still want to take part in the CAL/KAL go ahead and do so and then donate the hat to your local Nursing Home. Most homes are cold and sterile facilities so any little thing would make some one there happy beyond compare.

And don’t forget to check out the Yarn Charm Event page … it is a work in progress and we are keeping it updated so check back often. You can also get Mom to add you to the fast growing update email list so that you will be in the know. Honestly, Don’t look for emails to start coming to you until The end of Dec. though. LOL … Just email Mom at

More Rain

Today wasn’t much of anything special. Mom had a farm Visitor that came to pick up an order. While she was here she visited the new barn and all the critters inside.

Everything else we have done today has been guided by the rain. Mom kept Mopping the floor thanks to all the mud. I kept check on all the animals while Dad worked to keep the stalls cleaned out and dry.

Mom and I did take time to put together a short Video of what we lived the nights it stormed and we had to move the goats and stuff. You can check it out … Don’t worry it is short!

There is also something I want to share that was shared with me … Check these out … The first shawl was trimmed in yarn that Mom Hand Spun


This shawl made use of my mohair yarn in the Thistle colorway …


Both are awesome looking even if they both aren’t blocked … LOL

Flooding again

Today I had my Rodeo Bible Camp. It was cut short by storms …. and more storms … and more storms. That lead to flooding … and more flooding …. and more flooding.

We have evacuated the goat pen again, our road is closed due to high water and there is a foot of water just about everywhere. Okay, Not really a foot but it gets in my boots and I have had to change clothes like three times. All the cats and dogs are inside and everything is staying under their stalls.

At one point we heard a Lightening Strike and we know it hit something. However, in the dark and the rain and everything else going on we have checked everything and can’t figure out what was struck. I am sure when day light comes we will figure it out. We are praying nothing horrible happened.

As for the Goats we moved them into the new barn again. It is flooding in there as well but it is drier then their flooded out pen that they can’t lay down in. Mom and I are so looking forward to the rainy season moving on out. Even the news announced that most places in Oklahoma are now at or under a D2 rating. After this rain I am thinking that maybe the whole state will be out of drought conditions…. Wouldn’t that be awesome.

The Big news of the day is that we now have a date for the rescheduled Yarn Charm event. April 2nd 2016 will be our first event. If it goes well we will most likely do it again. All the information can be found on the farm website, including vendor applications … You can find the Page HERE … it is a work in progress and we are working to add some things like snack concessions and shearing demos … We are going to be using email and a web page to keep everyone informed so if you want on the emailing list let Mom know at

Anyway, I am going to get some sleep and pray that by morning this has all the storms have passed ….

Sweetie issues

It has been a long day and last night was an even longer night. Knowing that the day isn’t over, Mom and I are trying to take it easy while keeping watch on Sweetie. It all started last night when Sweetie went into labor. Everything was normal and going just fine. Mom and I checked her often and got very little sleep.

Sweetie had no complications but when the little guy was born he was a still born. This is her first year to be breed so we don’t know if there was something going on with that or not. The Little guy looked just like his Mom. She had him under the heat lamp and she cleaned him up and everything. She would have been a great Mom.

However, after the baby was born Sweetie’s parts haven’t really gone back down to normal. We called the vet and he is on vacation. So we called another vet but she is out of town … So we called a third who told us if the swelling goes down and it doesn’t return to normal he can stitch her but until the swelling goes down there isn’t much we can do but keep it most. At this point it is a wait and see kind of thing.

So Mom and I very gently milked Sweetie to make her more comfortable. If things had gone different the baby would have been left on Sweetie for the first 10 days. Then at night it would have been separated so that we could milk in the morning and then returned to her side for the day. With no Baby Mom and I will be milking her twice a day.

I am going to worm her and Holly both now that she is no longer pregnant. And since we will be tossing the milk any way but the time we get her back to normal we will be milking her for ourselves.

As for the Contest if BethJ will email me her address at I will get her some yarn in the mail.