Babies, Babies and more Babies

Okay so I didn’t blog last night. I had every intention to but things just didn’t go as planned. Well, most of the day did. I did chores and helped Mom get a few things done around the farm. Things like burning the brush pile and getting some seeds planted in the garden. I even took time to Register Melody. She is Carrie and Chuck’s baby and both are registered stock.


Then I went to rope and found that Coop had an issue with one of her shoes. I had to make arrangements to get it fixed without leaving her for along time as there is a gap between her hoof and the shoe. After dealing with that I was tired and it was late so I thought I would just wait until morning to blog… After all the only thing we needed to do was name Pace’s Twins and tell about her Dramatic birth. That shouldn’t be a problem, right??

Okay, then I went to sleep and got up for the 3am feeding … At that point I found Piper had popped out twins but I thought I still had it under control. By the morning feeding, and Pistol spitting out one more baby, I will now admit to everyone I don’t have it under control. So This is going to be another catch up post and every one of the babies are named as I posted to Facebook and Plurk this morning to get them names Quickly.

So Here is Pace’s twins … Heaven’s Joy named them Nemo and Dory as one is a girl and one is a boy!


Pace did have a bit of Drama with her delivery but it is a different kind of drama. It consitted of a middle of the night delivery while the dogs engaged a coyote on the other side of the pasture. Short version is Mom with Flashlight protecting the babies and Pace, Me with the gun and the Dogs doing their job. With the dogs handling the coyote I ran to the house and traded my gun for the birthing kit and helped Mom get everyone into the new barn. The long version would make for a better story but my post isn’t done yet and I don’t plan on this one post becoming a Novel!! LOL

At three AM I found Piper with her twins … Now named Chip and Dale by Mary on Facebook. Again one girl and one boy. (Mom said Dale can be a girl’s name too…LOL)


This morning at chore time I found Pistol spitting out this little bundle … A single Girl That Katie O dubbed Jessie!


It is at this point in the day that I actually plurked … STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF… LOL … As I continued chores I found that my Big Black Buck, that I call Bob, had gotten his head stuck in the fence. It took two of us to get his head unstuck and that was all before 9am.

Then add in our bottle feedings and Man has life been crazy these past few days … Really, the crazyness needs to stop around here. If you are keeping count, I walked the pasture today, we only have 4 or 5 more ewes to go so life should calm down very soon I hope. As for the rest of my day I am headed to get Coops hoof fixed, attend a college roping to try and get noticed for the rodeo team scholarship and I am praying that all stays quiet. However, I will not be responsible if things go crazy again … My plan is to get back to posting daily but only God knows what is instore for our wonderfull little farm!!


Catch up time

So I owe you a long post so that I can catch you up on everything that has been going on. Spring is a Happy but busy time on the farm. With that said … No there are no new lambs today however, the little one Payton popped out will now be called Perdita, Thanks to Ms. Diane. She says it is the Momma Dog from 101 Dalmatians. Both Mom and Baby are doing great and they will get to leave the barn tomorrow morning if all continues as it should.

Now to fill you in on everything else. Yesterday we were in Tulsa at a shop called Get Stitchin’. We had a great time. Mom did spinning demos and Scamp was my responsibility. There was a ton of chatting and laughing and fun.

Ms. Lori was there to greet us and hang out a bit but she had to run the shop as well…


Scamp had his own little corner for Quiet time when he needed it


I also took care of feedings


And the most fun was had teaching others about him and them getting to know him.


One lady even tried to tuck him into her purse and get away … Yup it was Jane!!! LOL


When we got home Scamp enjoyed being back where he knows his place and getting a bit of sleep. I on the other hand headed to my final Goat roping. I did great but I was so tired. Mom was home alone so she took the time to podcast however, it is a bit of a long one as we had a really busy week. I watched it and Mom was kind of funny in it too …

Anyway, Today was a skein of a different color. Dad and I started our day working all the sheep and goats. We clipped their feet and gave shots and banded anything that needed it. In the process I found that Cinnamon has another issue. You see I have been feeding her a bit more because she is a bit thin. She isn’t wormy (we have had her tested) but she just can’t seem to keep the weight on her. However, we are feeding her so much that her feet are growing like crazy. She is still thin but with the extra feed her feet are out of control. The ground is really wet too due to the spring rains. That has lead to her having the start of footrot. We are doctoring her for it but I feel like I am not making much difference. The goat is thin, you feed she still doesn’t gain but her feet get bad. Don’t feed and she has healthy feet but then I worry about not being able to maintain her weight. Sometimes you just feel like you can’t win. This is one of those times.

While Dad and I were working the animals, Mom went on a secret mission with her BFF Ms. Karen!! They ended up in central Kansas. They ended up bringing home this ….


No not Scamp, he was already here but that little brown multi colored lamb is 100% Merino Ram Bottle baby. He arrived with the name Henry but Mom quickly changed it to Duke!! All in All it was a good day and the weekend was a blast … By the way we sold out of all the yarn we had dyed and Mom sold Most of her bags as well. Over the next week or so we will be working to get more product prepared for the shop. Mom will be hand spinning some yarns and she has decided to sell some raw fiber as well as make some more bats … Oh and just so you know Mom got a Jumbo flyer for her kiwi and she talks about it in the pod cast !!!!

Oh Happy Day …

Today was a really long day so this post will be a really short one. I spend a wonderful but long day at a little shop called Get Stitchin’ in Tulsa. We had a lot of fun and Scamp and I got to meet a ton of new friends. When I got home I headed straight for my Goat roping where I won every hole. I am tired and headed to bed.

However, Not before I ask for another Disney name … A girl name this time. You see about a hour before we got home from Tulsa Dad called and informed me that Payton spit out another young lady … Check out this beauty …


So what do you want to call her??

Short and Sweet

So today I spent the morning fixing the neighbor’s fence for her horse. Then I came home and roped and finished the day with a farm visit and packing for tomorrow’s Truck show … I took the time to do our St. Patty’s Day Give Away Drawing but this time it took me a bit longer as I had to gather all the entries from every possible social media.

The winner, by the way, is Sjanova … There was 15 entries and came up with #9. She was the ninth listed on my paper where I wrote them all down so She wins. Sjanova please email your mailing address to and I will mail your prize out Monday.

Tomorrow we will be at Get Stitchin’ in Tulsa so if you are out and about and in the area come by and meet our special guest. I even took time tonight to clean him up so that he will look pretty for ya’ll. I will take lots of pictures and some video to share too.

Another Rainy one

Today Mom and I had some running to do. We started by checking everything before we left the house. Scamp did have a touch of rattle in his lungs and a bit of diarrhea. He got a shot and some medication for his poops. Twix is having her own issues as I had to call the Vet as her Gladder stitches kind of got rubbed. The Vet says she is okay and told us what to do. As for Yuchi, She still isn’t getting around very well but she is getting better but due to her age it is taking a lot longer then we like.

Anyway, we made our checks and headed to town. We head to town once a week. On Payday weeks we head south to get Feed for the animals and on the weeks in between we head North to get our food for the house. This week was a Food for the people of the farm week. I did the neighbor’s chores on the way home.

I did a bit of Roping and had to fix a hole in the fence to keep Van in the pasture. Then to end the evening I attended a customer appreciation event at the local feed store. They had a dumbie roping and some give aways. I got two new Ball caps and Mom won some Poultry Conditioner for her new chicks. All in all it was a low stress kind of day.

Don’t forget to enter our “show me your green contest” We will draw for that prize tomorrow at High noon. Also if you are in the Tulsa area Saturday we will be at Get Stitchin’ with a special guest … and finally we got word that the podcast didn’t work on Mom’s blog so we took the time to fix it. You can find it HERE and it should be working now …

Good Rainy Day

Today was a rainy day here on the farm. We are very Thankful for the rain as for the last few years we have been in drought conditions. However, with the rain we can’t get out and get much done.

Mom and I had learned of the rain yesterday so we had planned a day of vegging out in front of the TV with only chores and sheep checks to be completed. We watched some TV shows and had fun playing with Scamp. He loves to run and is getting strong enough to sproung. He even tried jumping up on the couch a time or two. It was so funny to see. He can’t even come close but he sure likes to try.

When he got tired he would curl up with me on the couch and take a nap …


Mom also took a nap but I just couldn’t fall asleep so I lay on the couch and surfed the Roku. The only thing that went on that we didn’t plan on was Poppy. You know she never has been one to do follow a plan.

When I went out to start chores this evening you see I found this …

With one twin being a girl and one being a boy One follower on Facebook … You know who you are … suggested we name them Bernard and Bianca from the Rescuers! So that is what we did …

Don’t forget to enter in the Show us your Green give away and check out the Etsy Shop … One final little tib bit of nothing – Did you know today is National Agriculture Day???

St. Patty’s Day Give Away!

Today we awoke to Twix’s last twin having passed in her sleep. We really don’t know what the deal was with them but at this point we know they are in a better place. Mom always laughs at people who say animals don’t go to heaven. She says for her it wouldn’t be heaven without them.

Anyway, Things seemed to quiet down for the day after that and Mom and I got to work. We worked to get the Etsy shop up and running again. With the Vet bills coming in on our C-Section and the second bill on the twins and the Third on the breech birth I think it would help to use the shop to cover at least some of those costs, don’t you?? You can find the shop HERE So please take some time and check it out. Mom’s bags are in there as well as my yarns and stitch markers. In the process of getting the shop in order, we got stuff packed and ready for Saturday’s Truck show. Mom is still working on a few things but for the most part I think we are ready.

Since we have had a few days that weren’t so great Mom and I came up with a random, fun give away. We wanted a way to cheer ourselves up and get positive energy flowing through the farm again. So we posted a Facebook thread on each of our pages and a thread on Ravelry and Plurk. All of them asked you to show us your green while Mom and I both posted pictures of ours. Mom had on green socks and I had on a green shirt. All you had to do was show us either how you avoided getting pinched today or something you made that was green. Well, for the fun of it I am going to continue that contest here on the blog.

Here is mine and Mom’s Green



How did you go green??? Post in the comments here, on facebook, plurk, twitter or Ravelry. Then Friday at High Noon we will have a random drawing from all media for a prize skein of yarn …