I grew up today

So after the hard and long lessons of the last few days, I have grown up a bit. First, I learned something from an AWESOME Teacher. My Teach (I am home educated for those that don’t know … LOL) taught me that Yes, everyone has freedom of speech … but I also have a little known freedom of Choosing not to hear. Therefore, Like my teacher, I Have chosen not to hear, or allow my readers to hear, other people’s ugliness. With that said, today I wrote and sent my first ban notices and have ban users from taking part in the blog as well as set up a new email account for those who would like to complain about the new rules that I am about to impose. This decision wasn’t easy but I am getting older and I need to start looking at this blog, podcast and farm as a business and my livelihood. I then need to take steps to put safety measures in place to protect my livelihood and that means keeping this a kid friendly blog. From now on, it will share my culture and way of life as well as be a place of learning. Those that are ugly or disagree can exercise their choice not to read.

The rule is from now on I will approve who posts here. I have approved most of the regulars already (I am so sorry if I missed anyone as there are hundreds to get done.) Once you post and are approved for the first time you are good to go. Approval, however, can be taken away just as quick should you decide to be ugly with a post.

To be removed from the banned list or to object to this rule you may email me at file13@barnontheweb.com (yes that is a real email and feel free to contact us there)

Also if you want to be approved just comment on this post and we will get it done as we are monitoring very closely right now and are approving people with light speed … Okay, Maybe not light speed but as fast as we can.

With all that out of the way. I started my day with chores. Then Dad and I ran a few calves on Coop before the sleet and rain hit. Coop took her last shot of antibiotic last night. I took it easy on her but we needed to see if she was doing any better. She seems to be fine in her back end now but she is a bit sore in her front end. So what does that mean?? Well, it means that since she has had to take a shot in both sides of her neck muscle each night for the last week that the muscle is probably now sore. That and the fact that she hasn’t worked out in over a week is playing their part in her health. If that is all it is, time will heal her and she is going to be just fine. If we notice anything else however we will have to her the vet ASAP

After we got done, Dad and I went to Bartlesville to get a few things while Mom cleaned up. You see Mom has been getting ready for the Big event!!! Lambing season!!! She washed all the lambing blankets and started gathering things up like colostrum, iodine, towels … You know, the lambing kit. While she worked on all of that Dad and I had to pick up a new light for the front room.

Last night Mom turned on the living room light to get the house shut down for the night. When she did for some reason the light shorted out. Mom didn’t want a fire so she had me turn of the electric to it until this morning when we had time to figure out what was going on with it. After looking it over we found that there is a little black square thing that had burst in the light fixture. Mom was unsure what it did or how to fix it so we replaced the whole ceiling fan and light. Mom’s only problem with the light Dad and I picked out is that it doesn’t use standard light bulbs … LOL No, I never stopped to check that. But it is the right size and the fan has three speeds in two directions. I have a picture but I can’t get it to upload so I guess you won’t be able to see it just yet. LOL

Anyway, Dad spent the rest of the day putting the light up. After three hours of his cursing Mom stepped in and finished it in a matter of minutes. Then Dad and I got ready for my goat roping. I will spend the rest of my evening competing there with some of my friends. Mom is going to get some more cleaning done so that her and I can podcast tomorrow and then she plans on sewing the rest of the day … I can’t wait for people to see the new bags Mom has in store for them.

12 thoughts on “I grew up today

  1. Thank you for posting this! Growing up is hard, and every now and again, a lesson like this comes along to remind us. Yes, us. I’m still growing up, too! I hope you’ll approve me to comment on your blog, and I respect you for choosing to ban those who would bring ugliness to it.


  2. I love reading your blog. I hate it when people are mean on the web. I am sorry that this means extra work for you.


  3. When do you expect your first lambs? I am so bummed that I don’t have any lambs to look forward to this year (we took the year off for good reasons, and I know they are good reasons, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be sad about missing out on lambs!). At least we should have at least one or two baby goats later in the spring, but Ivy isn’t due till May so we will have quite a bit of a wait!


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