Jan 30th 2015

Today was a normal day. I did my school work.

In English class I learned about how tone, or lack there of, can affect not only stories but messages and email as well. I learned that just like the stories I post on my blog, when I try to keep messages or emails short I might be cutting out stuff needed to set the tone of the message or email. I also learned that writing an email to convey a certain tone is really hard. Rereading them isn’t enough I have to reread them with certain emotions in mind and it is nearly impossible to convey one set mood through the whole email or message the longer it gets. It is kind of a catch 22 that I am going to work really hard to keep balanced in any writing I do. If I write to long, tone can be lost or seem to change but if I don’t write enough the same thing can happen. I then learned about different settings for my blog so that I can monitor “tonal issues” before they are made public.

In Geometry I continued my studies only to learn that I like geometry about as much as I like Algebra.

In Chemistry, another subject I don’t like, I just did my computer research.

In Computer class I learned that even anonymous blog comments can be tracked to their owner through what is called an IP addresses. For example, Let’s say someone posts mean things to a blog but doesn’t put a name, email address or anything else personal in the post. I learned that the owner of the blog can still see who wrote it and track what is called their IP address using nothing more then the internet??? Each computer connection has it’s own IP address. It is kind of like a computer finger print and with that finger print each computer leaves traces of everything one does on the web … from server to state, to zip code to metro code, right on down to the currency and time zone in which I use. It can provide not only what kind of DSL connection service and where someone has that connection but it also tells what software I have on my computer that I use to surf the internet. I thought that stuff was just in movies, for hackers or only available to police or something. You should search your own address it is kind of fun. However, I also learned that even if someone else’s post are inappropriate I must never answer them or I will be guilty of breaking the law just as they did. With all the ways to look up who I am, there are also laws that cover statements I make online. Especially if I don’t know the facts and post something not true or if my posts are in any way considered a defamation of someone’s character. Even if I believe it to be true at the time, if I post it and it hurts someone reputation there is a finger print on the web that can never be erased and there is a punishment for it.

In Government I learned, that while there are a ton of Federal laws that govern everyone in the United States, there are just as many state laws and how they very from state to state on so many topics. In Oklahoma I am regulated by the State law in just about everything I do. There are over 90 “titles” that address in depth everything you can imagine. I had no idea the list of things they regulate. Things I knew like crimes, farming, selling, buying and trading goods didn’t surprise me neither did home life or security. But did you know there is one title just for family and marriages, while another addresses Husbands and wives. There is one that deals with “Poor Persons”. There is even a title that deals, in great detail, everything there is to know or care about for Blind people … There are financial ones and banking ones too. Everything under the sun in the State of Oklahoma is regulated by the state government. The number of days I “attend” school and even the number of hours each day I “attend” is regulated by the State. Big business is regulated at the State level as well. There are corporate commissions and civil aspects. Each of the 90+ Titles is Hundreds of pages long and cover a ton of stuff. The state has a lot to do with how I live my life and how culture is in my area. Each state is as different and diverse as the people who live there. I learned that to be happy I need to pick a State that I agree with Most of the State Laws and lay down roots there. I learned that I only have to agree with Most of the laws because no one person will be happy with all the laws. However, we all know I have to FOLLOW all of the laws. LOL I also learned that once laws are put on the books they are some times lost or forgotten about and it leads to laws being in place that we would consider silly by today’s standards. I got a kick out of learning about some of them.

In Bible study I learned about forgiveness. I learned that I have a right to my feelings but it is how I handle myself with those feelings that makes me who I am. I also learned I am still learning to handle things in a Godly fashion.

In Ag class I learned more about the care of the animals on our farm. The daily feeding and care was a large part of today’s lesson. My lesson rounded out when I learned to band a merino lamb’s tail. It was the first Merino lamb that I have ever banded but it didn’t even belong to me.

In PE I practiced roping with a partner for my competition.

After my studies I helped around the house until it was time to do chores again. One of the things I did was that I picked the fabric for the sponsorship bags that are being made.

3 thoughts on “Jan 30th 2015

  1. Here in Oklahoma it is illegal to have the hind legs of farm animals in your boots, wear your boots to bed, take a bite out of someone elses burger, read a comic book while driving or go whaling … I didn’t even know there were whales in Oklahoma … lol


  2. Nice blog post. I think web site to find who owns an IP address is WhoIs.com I’ve used it before.

    If you would like some advice on raising sheep, my husband (Don) would love to talk to you. He ran sheep on an apple ranch, and his ewes always had twins. Let me know if you want to talk to him and I’ll e-mail his phone number to you.


  3. Sounds like a busy, productive day. re: Weird laws- In Minneapolis, MN, all bathtubs must have feet, and it is illegal to keep a goat in an apartment,though you may keep an ass in one.

    have a great day!


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