Well, it will never cease to amaze me how people can judge someone so differently from one thought to the next. I have had people tell me time and time again, and even have received awards for my maturity in my actions, while being told over and over again how I am a mature young man and a great person with a big heart. I have been called respectful, honest and just a plain old “good kid” Well, Here is a News flash that I guess some people don’t get, I was raised by my MOM.

I can not believe that people can say how great she raise me but then take my head off for posting about the way she babysat a close family friends child. Today I was sent a message that seemed to be threatening Mom for her actions and telling me “I would suggest that you either edit your post or take that particular post down” because of what I said about my Mom swatting a 2 year old on his diapered backside. It went on to say “in today’s world it is not politically correct to discipline that way. And the penalties can be great” So I am guessing that even though I had explained that this child has made it a habit of running out of the house without his mother’s knowledge, and into the road, in Town, where he can be hit by oncoming car, that My Mom should worry more about being politically correct then teaching the child to be safe and stay alive and follow the rules of the house. The sad truth is that if more people worried about correcting the child and not being politically correct, or attacking those that do just that the children of this world might just be a little safer, more respectful, more mature, ect … I guess in the eyes of the world, it would make my Mom a great person for letting the child think it is fine to leave the house without telling anyone and allow him to continue until he is hit by a car and possibly hurt right??? Then at his hospital bedside, should he be so lucky to survive, she will be able to stand up and say “at least I didn’t swat him for it”.

This way of thinking amazes me but what amazes me more is to think that here in Oklahoma corporal punishment with a paddle is totally legal and sanctioned by the state in the public school system. However, let My Mom swat a 2 year old with her hand on a padded diaper for something that can be and has been a very serious thing in the past and people want to judge her for it. For those that want to say more about how it can be seen as child abuse … Don’t go there. My Mom is a product of child abuse by her drunken father. She knows all about it, she has lived it and has vowed that any child that she thinks is abused will be protected by her. She knows how to correct a child without BEATING them, and for the record swatting is totally different.

With all that off my chest, as of now I will no longer write about anyone’s adventures here on the farm but my own. Even though I have permission, as did my Mom to swat the little Man, He (as well as any other visitors) will no longer be a part of the blog. I should not have to sensor my blog like this but I guess in order to keep people from attacking my Mom, I will. I am sorry if this leave the blog a little bland and without feeling but I will not have anyone coming after my Mom for doing the right thing and me blogging about it. I am sorry if that offends people but enough is enough. If my Mom did so well with me (and yes I took swats in public school for something I had nothing to do with and that is the reason I was removed from the system and am now home schooled) and she raised me the same as she is this young man, why would people decide it is open season on her? I guess I was clouded by the thought that people on the blog would like to see the farm and the way we live through the eyes of a two year old.

So while a lot happened here on the farm today all I can say is that Mom babysat and I got in some roping.

5 thoughts on “Censorship

  1. I would like to ask that those who choose to post mean, rude and hateful things to my son or email him about my actions, Please be adult enough to take it up with me instead of ripping into a 17 year old Child for a simple story he told.


  2. Wow!!! I stand by you, your Mom and your family. I still think your mother is an amazing ,giving, incredibly loving smart woman. The funny thing is I almost commented yesterday that I could use her help with my incredibly active and strong willed 2 yr old grandson. Why anyone would think she was abusive is beyond me. Stay strong!!


  3. I’m so sorry that you have had to experience this….I have so enjoyed your blog the way it was…it has brought many happy moments and brought back lots of memories……I understand that you feel the need to protect your mom and admire you for it……however it makes me sad…..hang in there…..

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