Weird day

Yesterday I had a roping. It look the better part of a day. It was a three head roping so that means each person got three runs. In the end I won and my buddy that was with me did okay in the first round but not so great in the last two.

While we were gone Mom got the podcast up and you can find it HERE!

As for today, it was a bit different. First, Mom cooked lunch for us and invited Harry out to eat with us. Then Dad and Harry decided that they would head to the casino. So Mom and I put all the things away from the fiber booth. You can now get through the fiber room to the bathroom without doing any gymnastics … LOL

There is one other thing that looks like it might happen tomorrow. Remember the puppies that Mom babysat for in Dec? Well, today one got stepped on and has a hurt paw. We got called an it looks as though as of tomorrow the injured little pup will come to stay with us. We tried to get Harry to take a puppy but he wouldn’t … my Aunt told him that he didn’t need one. I am not sure I understand why because the way I see it that Puppy would give Harry something to take care of and something to make the house not so quiet.

There is good things to report on Coop today. Tonight when I went to feed she was Bucking! This is a good thing. It means she is feeling better and able to move freely without pain. She got her third shot today and we have 4 more to go but if she is feeling better after three that means that the antibiotics are working and that she must have just had an infection. I have to tell you I was worried about her but am very happy with her recovery so far.

When Dad got home him and Harry brought Tacos so he ate with us again … Not a bad thing … Just different I guess.

The last thing I will let you know is that Mom is going to start helping out one of our neighbors by babysitting her little one a couple of days a week. She was suppose to start tomorrow but now she doesn’t have to start until Tuesday. We will see how that works out … LOL

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