More Dirt …

This morning was not a good one. We started our day with the farrier. Coop, the mare I rope off of, is in trouble. We noticed her walking funny a while back and thought she had Bruised her foot. The Farrier came out and put shoes on her to help with the issue but what he found was that she was walking forward on her “toes” so much that she was wearing down the front of her hooves. We then got to looking her over because she didn’t want to stand for her shoes. What we found wasn’t good. It looks as if she has an infection … either a urinary or ovarian. We are unsure which at this time. However, the Vet has put her on 7 days of Antibiotic shots. She is out of the roping this weekend and we will see from there. By the Grace of God, that will fix Coop right up.

This afternoon Mom and I spent more time doing more Dirt work. We went to town and got the three sections of Pipe that we needed to put into place as a drainage ditch. Then I spent the next few hours getting some more dirt from the dirt pile to put over the pipe. We worked to level it but it isn’t done. Mom is getting sore as she has been the one doing most of the hand leveling. I have been driving the tractor and Dad has been at work so really everything that we have gotten done on the floor of the Barn is from her working on it. Once we have it leveled the area outside the front, it too will have rock put over it. Then that space will have our petting zoo pens in it.

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