I grew up today

So after the hard and long lessons of the last few days, I have grown up a bit. First, I learned something from an AWESOME Teacher. My Teach (I am home educated for those that don’t know … LOL) taught me that Yes, everyone has freedom of speech … but I also have a little known freedom of Choosing not to hear. Therefore, Like my teacher, I Have chosen not to hear, or allow my readers to hear, other people’s ugliness. With that said, today I wrote and sent my first ban notices and have ban users from taking part in the blog as well as set up a new email account for those who would like to complain about the new rules that I am about to impose. This decision wasn’t easy but I am getting older and I need to start looking at this blog, podcast and farm as a business and my livelihood. I then need to take steps to put safety measures in place to protect my livelihood and that means keeping this a kid friendly blog. From now on, it will share my culture and way of life as well as be a place of learning. Those that are ugly or disagree can exercise their choice not to read.

The rule is from now on I will approve who posts here. I have approved most of the regulars already (I am so sorry if I missed anyone as there are hundreds to get done.) Once you post and are approved for the first time you are good to go. Approval, however, can be taken away just as quick should you decide to be ugly with a post.

To be removed from the banned list or to object to this rule you may email me at file13@barnontheweb.com (yes that is a real email and feel free to contact us there)

Also if you want to be approved just comment on this post and we will get it done as we are monitoring very closely right now and are approving people with light speed … Okay, Maybe not light speed but as fast as we can.

With all that out of the way. I started my day with chores. Then Dad and I ran a few calves on Coop before the sleet and rain hit. Coop took her last shot of antibiotic last night. I took it easy on her but we needed to see if she was doing any better. She seems to be fine in her back end now but she is a bit sore in her front end. So what does that mean?? Well, it means that since she has had to take a shot in both sides of her neck muscle each night for the last week that the muscle is probably now sore. That and the fact that she hasn’t worked out in over a week is playing their part in her health. If that is all it is, time will heal her and she is going to be just fine. If we notice anything else however we will have to her the vet ASAP

After we got done, Dad and I went to Bartlesville to get a few things while Mom cleaned up. You see Mom has been getting ready for the Big event!!! Lambing season!!! She washed all the lambing blankets and started gathering things up like colostrum, iodine, towels … You know, the lambing kit. While she worked on all of that Dad and I had to pick up a new light for the front room.

Last night Mom turned on the living room light to get the house shut down for the night. When she did for some reason the light shorted out. Mom didn’t want a fire so she had me turn of the electric to it until this morning when we had time to figure out what was going on with it. After looking it over we found that there is a little black square thing that had burst in the light fixture. Mom was unsure what it did or how to fix it so we replaced the whole ceiling fan and light. Mom’s only problem with the light Dad and I picked out is that it doesn’t use standard light bulbs … LOL No, I never stopped to check that. But it is the right size and the fan has three speeds in two directions. I have a picture but I can’t get it to upload so I guess you won’t be able to see it just yet. LOL

Anyway, Dad spent the rest of the day putting the light up. After three hours of his cursing Mom stepped in and finished it in a matter of minutes. Then Dad and I got ready for my goat roping. I will spend the rest of my evening competing there with some of my friends. Mom is going to get some more cleaning done so that her and I can podcast tomorrow and then she plans on sewing the rest of the day … I can’t wait for people to see the new bags Mom has in store for them.

Jan 30th 2015

Today was a normal day. I did my school work.

In English class I learned about how tone, or lack there of, can affect not only stories but messages and email as well. I learned that just like the stories I post on my blog, when I try to keep messages or emails short I might be cutting out stuff needed to set the tone of the message or email. I also learned that writing an email to convey a certain tone is really hard. Rereading them isn’t enough I have to reread them with certain emotions in mind and it is nearly impossible to convey one set mood through the whole email or message the longer it gets. It is kind of a catch 22 that I am going to work really hard to keep balanced in any writing I do. If I write to long, tone can be lost or seem to change but if I don’t write enough the same thing can happen. I then learned about different settings for my blog so that I can monitor “tonal issues” before they are made public.

In Geometry I continued my studies only to learn that I like geometry about as much as I like Algebra.

In Chemistry, another subject I don’t like, I just did my computer research.

In Computer class I learned that even anonymous blog comments can be tracked to their owner through what is called an IP addresses. For example, Let’s say someone posts mean things to a blog but doesn’t put a name, email address or anything else personal in the post. I learned that the owner of the blog can still see who wrote it and track what is called their IP address using nothing more then the internet??? Each computer connection has it’s own IP address. It is kind of like a computer finger print and with that finger print each computer leaves traces of everything one does on the web … from server to state, to zip code to metro code, right on down to the currency and time zone in which I use. It can provide not only what kind of DSL connection service and where someone has that connection but it also tells what software I have on my computer that I use to surf the internet. I thought that stuff was just in movies, for hackers or only available to police or something. You should search your own address it is kind of fun. However, I also learned that even if someone else’s post are inappropriate I must never answer them or I will be guilty of breaking the law just as they did. With all the ways to look up who I am, there are also laws that cover statements I make online. Especially if I don’t know the facts and post something not true or if my posts are in any way considered a defamation of someone’s character. Even if I believe it to be true at the time, if I post it and it hurts someone reputation there is a finger print on the web that can never be erased and there is a punishment for it.

In Government I learned, that while there are a ton of Federal laws that govern everyone in the United States, there are just as many state laws and how they very from state to state on so many topics. In Oklahoma I am regulated by the State law in just about everything I do. There are over 90 “titles” that address in depth everything you can imagine. I had no idea the list of things they regulate. Things I knew like crimes, farming, selling, buying and trading goods didn’t surprise me neither did home life or security. But did you know there is one title just for family and marriages, while another addresses Husbands and wives. There is one that deals with “Poor Persons”. There is even a title that deals, in great detail, everything there is to know or care about for Blind people … There are financial ones and banking ones too. Everything under the sun in the State of Oklahoma is regulated by the state government. The number of days I “attend” school and even the number of hours each day I “attend” is regulated by the State. Big business is regulated at the State level as well. There are corporate commissions and civil aspects. Each of the 90+ Titles is Hundreds of pages long and cover a ton of stuff. The state has a lot to do with how I live my life and how culture is in my area. Each state is as different and diverse as the people who live there. I learned that to be happy I need to pick a State that I agree with Most of the State Laws and lay down roots there. I learned that I only have to agree with Most of the laws because no one person will be happy with all the laws. However, we all know I have to FOLLOW all of the laws. LOL I also learned that once laws are put on the books they are some times lost or forgotten about and it leads to laws being in place that we would consider silly by today’s standards. I got a kick out of learning about some of them.

In Bible study I learned about forgiveness. I learned that I have a right to my feelings but it is how I handle myself with those feelings that makes me who I am. I also learned I am still learning to handle things in a Godly fashion.

In Ag class I learned more about the care of the animals on our farm. The daily feeding and care was a large part of today’s lesson. My lesson rounded out when I learned to band a merino lamb’s tail. It was the first Merino lamb that I have ever banded but it didn’t even belong to me.

In PE I practiced roping with a partner for my competition.

After my studies I helped around the house until it was time to do chores again. One of the things I did was that I picked the fabric for the sponsorship bags that are being made.


Well, it will never cease to amaze me how people can judge someone so differently from one thought to the next. I have had people tell me time and time again, and even have received awards for my maturity in my actions, while being told over and over again how I am a mature young man and a great person with a big heart. I have been called respectful, honest and just a plain old “good kid” Well, Here is a News flash that I guess some people don’t get, I was raised by my MOM.

I can not believe that people can say how great she raise me but then take my head off for posting about the way she babysat a close family friends child. Today I was sent a message that seemed to be threatening Mom for her actions and telling me “I would suggest that you either edit your post or take that particular post down” because of what I said about my Mom swatting a 2 year old on his diapered backside. It went on to say “in today’s world it is not politically correct to discipline that way. And the penalties can be great” So I am guessing that even though I had explained that this child has made it a habit of running out of the house without his mother’s knowledge, and into the road, in Town, where he can be hit by oncoming car, that My Mom should worry more about being politically correct then teaching the child to be safe and stay alive and follow the rules of the house. The sad truth is that if more people worried about correcting the child and not being politically correct, or attacking those that do just that the children of this world might just be a little safer, more respectful, more mature, ect … I guess in the eyes of the world, it would make my Mom a great person for letting the child think it is fine to leave the house without telling anyone and allow him to continue until he is hit by a car and possibly hurt right??? Then at his hospital bedside, should he be so lucky to survive, she will be able to stand up and say “at least I didn’t swat him for it”.

This way of thinking amazes me but what amazes me more is to think that here in Oklahoma corporal punishment with a paddle is totally legal and sanctioned by the state in the public school system. However, let My Mom swat a 2 year old with her hand on a padded diaper for something that can be and has been a very serious thing in the past and people want to judge her for it. For those that want to say more about how it can be seen as child abuse … Don’t go there. My Mom is a product of child abuse by her drunken father. She knows all about it, she has lived it and has vowed that any child that she thinks is abused will be protected by her. She knows how to correct a child without BEATING them, and for the record swatting is totally different.

With all that off my chest, as of now I will no longer write about anyone’s adventures here on the farm but my own. Even though I have permission, as did my Mom to swat the little Man, He (as well as any other visitors) will no longer be a part of the blog. I should not have to sensor my blog like this but I guess in order to keep people from attacking my Mom, I will. I am sorry if this leave the blog a little bland and without feeling but I will not have anyone coming after my Mom for doing the right thing and me blogging about it. I am sorry if that offends people but enough is enough. If my Mom did so well with me (and yes I took swats in public school for something I had nothing to do with and that is the reason I was removed from the system and am now home schooled) and she raised me the same as she is this young man, why would people decide it is open season on her? I guess I was clouded by the thought that people on the blog would like to see the farm and the way we live through the eyes of a two year old.

So while a lot happened here on the farm today all I can say is that Mom babysat and I got in some roping.

Yeller …

Today was another work day. Dad and I spent the morning running to town to get two tires fixed. The first was from his car and it had road side hazard on it so it was only $.25 to get replaced. The other one was for the flat bed trailer. It had to have a tube put in it. We then picked up a few things we needed for the house and got to the house in time of lunch.

After lunch I did a bit of roping and Dad headed out to get some fire wood cut. Mom did a bit of cleaning and spinning. Then we got the call to go get Yeller. Yeller, is a lab puppy that got stepped on my a really big horse. His front paw is a bit swollen and he is kind of sore but with Mom doctoring him and me loving on him I think he is going to be just fine. Check this Dude out!!!


When we got him to the house Moose thought he was his personal play toy … He wouldn’t even leave him alone in his own kennel … LOL


So I put him on the coach and gave him toys of his own …


He decided it was more fun to watch the fish …


That is until we figured out he was sound asleep… and I mean out cold…


And on one final note … Look what Mom got me for Valentines day …


Weird day

Yesterday I had a roping. It look the better part of a day. It was a three head roping so that means each person got three runs. In the end I won and my buddy that was with me did okay in the first round but not so great in the last two.

While we were gone Mom got the podcast up and you can find it HERE!

As for today, it was a bit different. First, Mom cooked lunch for us and invited Harry out to eat with us. Then Dad and Harry decided that they would head to the casino. So Mom and I put all the things away from the fiber booth. You can now get through the fiber room to the bathroom without doing any gymnastics … LOL

There is one other thing that looks like it might happen tomorrow. Remember the puppies that Mom babysat for in Dec? Well, today one got stepped on and has a hurt paw. We got called an it looks as though as of tomorrow the injured little pup will come to stay with us. We tried to get Harry to take a puppy but he wouldn’t … my Aunt told him that he didn’t need one. I am not sure I understand why because the way I see it that Puppy would give Harry something to take care of and something to make the house not so quiet.

There is good things to report on Coop today. Tonight when I went to feed she was Bucking! This is a good thing. It means she is feeling better and able to move freely without pain. She got her third shot today and we have 4 more to go but if she is feeling better after three that means that the antibiotics are working and that she must have just had an infection. I have to tell you I was worried about her but am very happy with her recovery so far.

When Dad got home him and Harry brought Tacos so he ate with us again … Not a bad thing … Just different I guess.

The last thing I will let you know is that Mom is going to start helping out one of our neighbors by babysitting her little one a couple of days a week. She was suppose to start tomorrow but now she doesn’t have to start until Tuesday. We will see how that works out … LOL

More Dirt …

This morning was not a good one. We started our day with the farrier. Coop, the mare I rope off of, is in trouble. We noticed her walking funny a while back and thought she had Bruised her foot. The Farrier came out and put shoes on her to help with the issue but what he found was that she was walking forward on her “toes” so much that she was wearing down the front of her hooves. We then got to looking her over because she didn’t want to stand for her shoes. What we found wasn’t good. It looks as if she has an infection … either a urinary or ovarian. We are unsure which at this time. However, the Vet has put her on 7 days of Antibiotic shots. She is out of the roping this weekend and we will see from there. By the Grace of God, that will fix Coop right up.

This afternoon Mom and I spent more time doing more Dirt work. We went to town and got the three sections of Pipe that we needed to put into place as a drainage ditch. Then I spent the next few hours getting some more dirt from the dirt pile to put over the pipe. We worked to level it but it isn’t done. Mom is getting sore as she has been the one doing most of the hand leveling. I have been driving the tractor and Dad has been at work so really everything that we have gotten done on the floor of the Barn is from her working on it. Once we have it leveled the area outside the front, it too will have rock put over it. Then that space will have our petting zoo pens in it.

I got Mail

Today I spent most of my day on the tractor that we barrowed from our Neighbor. It is the one that got a flat a few days back and we just got it running yesterday. I spent most of the day moving dirt from the piles by the pond to the new barn. The trip is about a quarter to a half a mile one way. When I got the dirt to the new barn Mom taught me how to use the bucket to not only drop the dirt but to level it out a bit as well.


Dad had worked on the barn for a day or so while we were gone and he just dumped the dirt and left it in piles. Then Mom had to come through with a pickax and shovel and hand level everything. As a matter of fact she was still working on that while I worked on another section today. I think we have all the dirt that we need in the barn now. After all my work I had a friend over and we roped a bit.

Tomorrow Mom and I are going to get some pipe to put in a drain in front of the barn. Then we are going to get the dirt in to cover it as well. When we get this all leveled … The Rock will be brought in. We are hoping that will be next week.

One last little thing that is huge in my book is that I do have some people to thank. First, I got a card from someone we are going to Call Ms. Deb. She will know who she is and I want to thank her so much. She sent me not just a card but a very nice note with a contribution to the Kickstarter. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the contribution. The fact is that I got the most mail today out of anyone in the house. You see there was another card for me from someone I don’t know. It just had another pledge and said it was from Some one who was “cheering me on in Michigan”. Both Cards had nice personal notes in them However, I want Both of these people to be Thanked and I am going to add them to the “Friends of the Farm” page as a public thank you!!

Well, I better get off to bed tomorrow is another day of dirt work and laying drainage pipe!!!

Small issues

Today was full of taking care of issues and computer work. Mom and I both still have our headaches but as soon as the weather breaks we know they will go away. Mom and I spent time putting together the start of our first event. We are going to try and have one even if it doesn’t turn out perfect we will never know until we try. The information can be found HERE.

Mom and I also got the web page for the backers of the Kickstarter. You can find it HERE. We also worked on the packets we need to get mailed out. We also seem to have an issue with our Etsy Shop so we are now in the middle of fixing that as well.

And then there is the issue of the tractor we barrowed to work the dirt getting a flat tire … okay two flat tires … yes, we had to take time to take care of that issue as well. Top all that with Mom and I both still having our headaches and you have our day in the bag!!!

The shop is open

Today didn’t go at all like I wanted it to. Mom and I both woke up with sinus headaches that were so bad we did chores and then went back to bed. We ended up sleeping until after noon. We then didn’t do much but take medication and boil water to fight the dry air. We did work on two things.

The first is the shop. The etsy shop is now back open with all the orphan skeins, fiber and bags that didn’t sell at Winter Woolfest. You can find it HERE!

The second thing that we were working on is a small event to take place here on the farm the first part of April. It was suppose to be small with only have about 10 venders. We have ideas for 4 different demos and thought we might try to do our shearing then as well. However, Mom put out feelers today asking what people thought and got some really negative feed back. I know there are such things as outdoor events but I am guessing we need to do some more research. I think we should try it even though one person remarked that if it rained they would have to sell stuff out of the truck of their car so it wouldn’t be a total loss.

If you have ever been to an outdoor event, or have any experience as a vendor at one, please let me know what you think. I did some online research and only found two events and both of them rain doesn’t cancel. They continue on with each vendor responsible for their own “booth” and “covering”. Please if you have any info you can email me at rj@barnontheweb.com if you don’t want to post it here. Thanks in advance

I’m Back

Sorry for not posting the last few nights but we have been kind of busy around here. The weather has been so nice but we have used this break in the weather to get things done around here. We got home late Saturday and we slept in a bit Sunday. Dad has been on nights so most of the day Mom and I had to be quiet. I found things to do outside like roping and Mom cleaned up a bit around the house.

We have started the dirt work on the new barn and moved the light to the corner of the building. We also got all the pens cleaned out. Oh and here is the link to Mom’s pod cast … http://www.farmontheprairie.com/pod-cast/episode-17-amazing

Lots of little things happened on the farm over the last few days … An Eagle came to visit, Egor got halter broke. Okay, he isn’t quite broke but he learned to walk while on the lead … LOL



The Christmas lights are now taken down we just have to get them up in the attic. I did find time to fit in a bit of roping with a friend of mine but we had to take time to get his keys out of his locked truck … LOL



Things are getting done but just a little at a time … Mom and I have been discussing what we will do as an opening event for the yarn farm. I think we are going to have a few vendors and have free demos … We will see what Mom and I work out.