12 Days #6

It is noon once again but today Mom did our drawing … The winner of yesterday’s prize is #6 Julee. Please email me your address to rj@barnontheweb.com and I will get that right out to you … For the record The answer is Felt.

Today’s 6th day of Christmas Fiber is a braid of BFL from Friends in Fiber in the Navajo Treasure color way. There is no listing as to weight on this braid. However, there is an extra card so that you can keep track of Yardage, wpi and such.


And today’s Question is:

What is something a Christmas Smurf would be holding?

Today I am at the Mike Johnson’s World Richest Calf Roping and I compete in the Junior Division Tomorrow so the Drawing for Tomorrow might be a bit late. I will try my best to get it done. Maybe I will just postpone listing the winner and post the Fiber early. Anyway, I will work it out the best I can. Remember it doesn’t matter if you get the answer right or wrong just make an attempt to be entered. And Just because we haven’t had any Facebook or Plurk winners doesn’t mean they aren’t in the drawing. I list Blog posts, Plurk and then Facebook in that order and then number them all … Keep trying …

12 Days #5

It is noon once again and We did our drawing … The winner of yesterday’s prize is #9 Lorinda. Please email me your address to rj@barnontheweb.com and I will get that right out to you … For the record it was the Janine the doll was buried in a time capsule.

Today’s 5th day of Christmas Fiber is a 4.1oz braid of Cheviot in the Crystallized Violets Colorway from Tale & Tendril.


And today’s Question is:

In Our home we use many different Advent calendars. One of which is made by my Aunt and One made by My Mom. Both of those advent calendars are made of the same material … What are they made of??

Have fun and I am off to pick up some calves … Remember it doesn’t matter if you get the answer right or wrong just make an attempt to be entered.

12 Days #4

It is noon once again and We did our drawing … The winner of yesterday’s prize is #7 Knittingdancer Please email me your address to rj@barnontheweb.com and I will get that right out to you … For the record when Ginger got her second chance she went and bought the 50$ stove and the man had the money he needed and therefore he never robbed the bank!!

Today’s 4th day of Christmas Fiber is a 120g braid of Suffolk in the Winter Rose Colorway also from Hill Top Cloud. colorway.


And today’s Question is:

In “Coming Home for Christmas”, Who Got buried?

Have fun and I am late going to a friend’s to roping … Remember it doesn’t matter if you get the answer right or wrong just make an attempt to be entered.

12 Days #3

It is noon once again and We did our drawing … The winner of yesterday’s prize is #1 KateJonze Please email me your address to rj@barnontheweb.com and I will get that right out to you … For the record it was Down on his luck, Luther the Electrician!!

Today’s 3nd day of Christmas Fiber is a 2.3 Oz batt of Merino, BFL, Silk, Bamboo and Angelina from Heavenly Fiber in the Snow Shadows colorway.


And today’s Question is:

In “One Magic Christmas”, How does Ginger stop the Bank Robbery??

Have fun and I am off to my Roping … Remember it doesn’t matter if you get the answer right or wrong just make an attempt to be entered.

12 Days #2

So it is noon and We did our drawing … Yesterday’s winner was #3 Ms. Heidi … Please email me your address to rj@barnontheweb.com and I will get that right out to you … For the record Julee got the right answer to the Question! (If you are a Dukes of Hazzard fan you really need to see this movie it is pretty cool)

Today’s 2nd day of Christmas Fiber is 150 grams of Horned Dorset from Hill Top Cloud in the Morning Sky Color way. 001

And your Question is:

In “Christmas on Salvation Street”, What was the profession of the man who holds up the preacher??

Have fun and Happy Hunting … LOL

12 Days of Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas and I spent the day with family and we had a pretty good day. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Dad and I did fit in a bit of hunting though. We also had a huge meal, a lot of laughs and good times. I did some roping too and Harry and Sister came over and ate with us. It was just a nice Quiet day … We except for the Snowball fight Sister and I had in the house … LOL

Okay, it wasn’t a real snowball fight. Mom found these pompom like snowballs that light up when you throw them,. She got 4 one for each of us and she decided as a new tradition that we will have a snowball fight every Christmas Day from now on. She even said she was going to buy some more so that we will each have more then one at a time. Honestly, at first I thought it was kind of Dorky. Once we got going it was so much fun!!!

As for today Mom and I didn’t do a whole lot. We had to go check on Granny as we couldn’t get her on the phone yesterday. Turns out her phone was messed up but I got it working. While we were in Bartlesville Mom and I made a stop at Hobby Lobby. Mom found some really cool material and I found Christmas ornaments on sale!!

My Favorite sale item I got was a set of Three light up flamingos with Santa hats on. I have no idea why but I love them. Mom even let me put them out when we got home. They will come down Jan. 1st when we take down the rest of the Christmas Decorations.


Anyway, When we got home Mom switched out her tree so that she could say she used the new one and then I put on all the great new ornaments that we got today on sale.


The rest of my day was spent with some awesome Company. Ms. Karen came by. She came to see the new baby and the new barn but what is so great about her coming by is that she came bearing gifts. Due to the season that sounded so materialistic doesn’t it??? BUT, BUT, BUT the gifts are for you … Yup, you heard me. The gifts are for you.

You see, Ms. Karen is destashing fiber. And Thanks to her we have 12 packages of wonderful, yummy, Fibery Fun to give away to you!!!! What are we going to do with it?? Well, we are going to have a 12 days of Christmas contest. I know it was suppose to start Yesterday but we will do it starting today for the next 12 days. So how will you enter and what will you win? Well, each day we will post a Christmas Question and a picture of that days prize. All you have to do is try to answer the question. It doesn’t matter if you get it right or wrong you just have to take a guess. Then we will draw randomly from all the entries each day at noon with the entries that are on the post at that time.

I do want to be clear on one thing and that is NONE of these fibers come from our farm. They are from Ms. Karen’s stash and we will give all the known information on the prize that we have. (Thank you Ms. Karen for so much fun)

So Here is todays post fiber and Question:

Up for grabs is a 4oz braid of Columbia wool from Wooliebullie in the Maple leaf rag color way.


Your Question —

In “Christmas Comes to Willow Creek” Jessie goes into Labor in a blizzard. Who delivers her Baby?

Have fun and I will draw at noon and post the winner tomorrow with the next fiber and question!!!

Christmas Eve on the Farm

So this morning Mom and I got to work getting ready for Christmas. First, we got Egor’s milk and picked up the fuse for the Christmas lights. When we got home we got to work. We made dipped pretzels, cookies, Pies …. the works. In between the baking we watched more Christmas Cartoons.

One very important thing took place here on the farm today … Bell got to go with Hershey out into the yard pen. Hershey did great with her. At first I thought she was going to take off without her but she came back to make sure she came with her and after that I haven’t seen them apart. It really was great to see.




After Dad got off work, Harry came out and we ate pizza, opened the few gifts we had for each other and then we decorated Cookies for Santa. Harry had a blast! I got the cinch for my saddle, a new bit for my horse, a new rope and a hay bale bag for when we travel.

Dad got a new set of reins and a couple pair of jeans. As for Mom, she got a …. New Christmas Tree! Due to mine and Mom’s allergies we can never have a real tree. And the tree that she has in 26 years old. It was purchased when My sister was just One Year old. The tree it’s self isn’t bad it is just kind of thin. It is probably the only artificial tree in history that is losing it’s needles. LOL It was the perfect gift because Mom had been shopping for a new tree but she doesn’t want a huge one. A big one won’t really fit our home so when Dad and I came across a smaller pre-light that was perfect. We also got her a new toaster oven with a built in toaster on top. That was actually something she had on her list. And Mom didn’t guess it and she was surprised. The only thing is that she didn’t get to use it this year.

I hear Bells!!

So yesterday was a bit interesting. First we continued Lamb watch to make sure Hersey was taking the little darling. Then it is what is called Doe days, so Dad and I went Hunting but it was really to foggy to get any clear shots. Bob, the big Black Mexican goat, went to the vet to be banded and get his shots. While Mom and I did that, Dad finally got the Tractor going again. He only did it after Mom threw a fit and made him get it done. She is tired of having a tractor that won’t start and I can see her point.

Anyway, when we all got back home Mom heard a Hissing in the bathroom… yup water leak. Dad spent time going to get parts to fix it and in the end we had to fix it just temporary. This summer it looks as though we will have to replace the entire section of plumbing. After that we noticed that half the Christmas lights were out. Turns out we blew a fuse. While Mom and Dad worked to fix that I did something really stupid … I go the truck stuck in the driveway. Good thing Dad got the tractor going because we had to use it to pull the Truck out!

The only other thing that happened yesterday and that Uncle Chris told Mom that they didn’t have anything to give his only Grandson, so Mom being Mom stayed up all night and made two hand puppets for him. She had to have them done by the time she had to go to town today so she could drop them off with the food basket for them. And Mom had a 9am appointment at the USDA office so there was a bit of a time crunch. However, in one night Mom made two hand puppets complete with ears and embroidery faces!

Today she was really tired but she made her appointment and the delivery of the basket and stuff for Uncle Chris and his family. She picked up the last few things we needed in town for the Christmas Holiday. After that we came home and watched a few more Christmas Cartoons. Then we figured out that we forgot Milk for Egor and when we turned on the Christmas lights tonight we figured out we blew another fuse.

That means tomorrow we will go back to town and get the last of the last of the stuff we forgot … LOL Mom did get a nap in between cartoons and stuff. Tomorrow however we will be ready for Christmas. We will make our pies and cookies and make our last run to town. Then when Dad gets off work we will start our celebration.

There was one other order of business for me to take care of. I closed the poll for the naming convention. And the Winner is …. by one vote Walt Disney Characters!!! I gave it some thought and with the convention we got and the Christmas Season I was thinking “Bell” would be the perfect name for the newest addition to the farm. So any other ideas?? If nothing better can be found She will be Bell. Although I am thinking Little Darling would be the perfect name if it was a Walt Disney Character!


Today has been crazy and it isn’t even over yet. Just after Noon Mom noticed the pasture flock acting really weird. She always has a knack for sensing when things are off. So I popped on my denim jacket and just went to see if Mom was crazy. As I got to the Pasture stall I couldn’t figure out what I was seeing. There was a lamb … Lucy was licking on it and Hersey had “stuff” hanging out her backside. I have to admit when it isn’t Lambing season Nothing but confusion sets in when you find a lamb in the pasture stall.

I called Mom and told her about Hersey and to get blankets and any birthing stuff we had and head out to the pasture. When I hung up from the call I noticed that the little one was up and walking and shivering very badly. I think noticed that I was shivering and was cold. If I was cold … the lamb was cold. So In an istant I realized the little thing needed help and it needed it now. I took off my jacket wrapping the little thing up and started running for the house. I know in my mind that trip from the house to the stall is only about 350 feet or so, but when something that small is shivering and you know warmth is waiting in the house It seems so long.

I was so cold when we got to the house. Mom met us at the door with, I don’t know how many blankets and when she saw the shivering lamb she jumped into action. She got it rubbed and wrapped in a blanket in no time. While she worked I set out to get the Momma. Hersey is a first time Mom and we never let first time Mommas birth anywhere but a birthing jug.

The reason we do that is because first time Mommas can have some issues that we try to avoid. The biggest being them not understanding what is going on and rejecting the baby. When I found Hersey another Ewe was cleaning it up. This is not good. It is good in the sense that it is the reason the Baby survived, but it is bad in a sense that Hersey’s baby now has a different Ewe’s smell on it. That means Not only doesn’t Hersey understand but now she thinks the mystery object that just came out of her belongs to someone else.

Well, I got Hersey put in a Jug in the Goat pen and Mom warmed baby. Without that new barn we once again put blankets around the panels that made her stall. Then we hung two red lights in it so that the little one could stay warm no matter where it bed down. Once we got everything set up and the baby warm and dry we needed to get the baby to it’s Momma.

Hersey, confused and dazed was having none of it. She did everything from headbutt the poor thing to step on it as she went in circles. Hersey is Mom’s baby so Mom can handle her easy. Mom calmed Her and I held the baby to a teet and we worked for awhile to get the little one a drink of warm milk. After about 30 minutes we gave both baby and Momma a rest and went in the house to warm up. Baby checks started and went on all afternoon about every 15 to 30 minutes.

With Mom out of the pictures Hersey now seems to allow the little thing to nurse if we are out there. All I have to do is stand at Hersey’s head and she lets it suck. If Mom goes out Hersey works herself into a frenzey. So tonight at chores I stayed with them and made sure the little one had a full belly for the night. The little darling weighed in at 5.8 lbs. And we are pretty sure it is a SHE!!

Now, we did take time to figure out when Hersey got pregnant. According to our calculations are correct (and the internet gestation calendar) Hersey got pregnant the end of July. If anyone remembers Lance came to live with us on July 3rd and we paired Him with Hersey when we got him. They stayed in the goat pen for a bit and We didn’t put them out on the pasture until we finished the Haying season and that was in Aug. So if the math is right This little Girl is Sir Lancalot’s Daughter. If for some reason we are off with the dates we moved things around this could be a Chief Baby.

Okay so Here is as clear a picture as we could get of her as she is a mover and a shaker. She doesn’t stand still for much I tell you … LOL …

And this is a southdown on the left and a Merino on the right. I took these photos off the internet when I did an image search so they are not mine

With faces like those to compare to I have to say I think Lance got the job done. (Although I didn’t think he would get on it that fast … LOL)

Just in case it is Chief and for some reason he got all the open ewes on the pasture the day of the escape, we are clearing out the house pen. The four that Chief could have gotten are Turtle, Fudgie, Carrie and Reba. If anyone remembers last year Turtle had issues so the indoor pen would most likely be used for her if she tries to reject her baby. The others are Second year Mommas that didn’t have any issues so they should be fine. Well, except for Carrie and she had an issue of no milk but that isn’t a rejection issue. If for any reason we do have to bottle feed one we will use the kitchen pen.


Dad and I kind of made a mess cleaning it out though … And lastly the Kickstarter … We are only at 28% and we only have 23 days to go. And as you can tell we need to get it done for the babies sake… Please, Please share, tweet and Plurk it to everyone You know for me … Who knows there might be someone willing to fund it all … Here is the link again in case you need it … http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/277088254/the-qt-yarn-farm-a-sheep-to-yarn-experience

Oh My I almost forgot … We need a convention for the naming of the new Lambing season. Any idea?? We need to get it voted on and in place and quick so we can name the new little girl …