Deer, Oh Deer!!

So Dad got called into work today so My older cousin Andy took me hunting. I have to say it is always cool to get to go with him. I was up and did all the chores so Mom could sleep in as Moose had accident in her bed and she was up cleaning it up for awhile late last night.

We got to my spot right as the sun was coming up. We didn’t have sit long and we got the first of two deer that I took today. I even gutted it myself. I will say that Andy is better about teaching me that kind of stuff then Dad is. Dad will start and then tell me I am so slow and he will take over and tell me to sit in the truck. Andy doesn’t mind if I am slow and when he asked if I had ever gut one myself I explained I was slow and he laughed and said Yup sounds just like your Dad. Then he took the time to show me everything and even give me some pointers.

After we got that deer checked in we went to check Andy’s spot and watch it for a bit. There I took my Second Deer of the day. After that I didn’t get any other shots. If Dad can fill one of his tags and I can fill my last tag we will have enough meat to get us and my Cousin Jessie through the winter … We are half way there.

During my short break between the two deer hunting spots and checking in our Deer two other things happened. First, the Shetlands broke out again. I have no idea who is rubbing the gate latch but I tied it with rope today and it better stay. We have just a week left in breeding season and I really would like to keep everything separate. The second thing that happened is that our Cloverbud leader changed counties and didn’t tell Mom. Today was Penny’s last day and she had some obligations that she had promised to the 4-Hers. All those now fall to Mom and if she doesn’t want our projects to fail she will be stepping up and doing the work of both her and Penny until the middle of December when we get done with our community service projects.

To say that Mom is a bit stressed is an under statement. At least she took her last test and passed her class today. That means no school for her until Jan. 1st 2015. I have to say that I knew kids would just drop the ball on things but I really didn’t think that adults did. I mean I knew they did but I didn’t think they would just not tell someone that they wouldn’t be able to take care of things like that. Being the leader was part of her job and she didn’t tell Mom anything. As a matter of fact she still hasn’t Mom was told by someone else and she had to call the office to get it confirmed. And you know Mom, she says it is her responsibility and hers alone, as she is the one in charge, to make sure us kids don’t fail. With or without Penny!

Anyway, When Dad got home he went and got the car. The mechanic can’t find a single thing wrong with it. Mom says that is normal. No car acts up for the Mechanic. Our mechanic is a good guy though he checked everything just in case and said if it did it again to call him. When the evening chores were done Mom and I made the last run to Wal-Mart go get the last of the items we need for Thanksgiving Dinner.

The last thing I am going to do in this post is call our online auction to a close. Ms. Karen is the proud owner of the three items for the wonderful price of 30 bucks!!! Thank you to both our bidders …

One thought on “Deer, Oh Deer!!

  1. Congratulations on taking the two deer and also getting a chance to do the gutting – a heavy job and I can understand why you are slow, especially the first few times!


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