Dear Cookies …

Today was the first day of Deer season here. Dad and I got up did chores and hit the road to try and fill our freezer and Jessie’s with Deer meat to last another year. We saw some this morning but nothing I could get a shot off at. I want to say up front … We only Hunt for Food. I enjoy deer meat so much more then beef just because it has a gamier taste … (okay I don’t know that gamier is even a real word but I am using it for lack of any other word that would fit there … LOL)

When we got back from the mornings hunt, Mom went to town and got to go to a craft show. She said it wasn’t a very large one as only like 8 little booth style tables. She did find me a cute brick count down to christmas “thing” I will have to post a picture of it tomorrow. It is kind of cool and I am going to use it. While she was in town Mom also picked up everything she needed for Cookie Day.

Mom has learned that to make cookies last through out the holidays, She takes one day and make a batch of dough for each kind of cookie she is going to offer this year. Then we start off the “Cookie Season” making half a dozen of each kind of cookie to start with and then putting the dough in containers in the Frig. That way each day we can make what we need to keep a variety available for our guests.

Anyway, this year we have Chocolate Chip, Raisin Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Banana, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Lebkuchen, Orange and Ginger Snaps. I like most of them so I am okay with the selection. While Mom worked on Baking up the cookies Dad and I went hunting again. Harry came by and ate cookies and drank coffee until Dinner. After we all ate Dad, Harry and I all ran the car to the mechanic’s and picked up Harry’s old truck so that while we are getting the car checked out Mom and I can get to town if we need to when Dad is at work.

Tomorrow I have a roping and it will give Mom a chance to get her school work done and the house cleaned up. Harry is going to come watch me rope and then go to the Casino …

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