A Harry Day

So last night I went and stayed with Harry. He isn’t depressed or anything he is Bored!! He used to have to care for Bet day in and day out 24/7 and now he doesn’t have to do any of that. Well, I got up and Harry and I went out to find Breakfast. We ate and then headed home. When I got home I found Mom soaking wet.

It had started to rain and B’Day didn’t put her baby under the stall so Mom had to go make her and Tonka get in their stall. It is never as easy as that with B’Day but when I got home Mom had her up but chores weren’t done and Mom had been out in the rain for awhile and I went and finished everything up. Some how while I was out doing chores Mom showered and I came in to find that Harry had babysat Moose and then he was taking us to do our shopping for Jessie’s family for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Anyway, Harry took us everywhere today as we did our running. We even ate lunch with him. Then Mom took me home and Her and Harry went to get His glasses. Somehow they didn’t get his glasses because the lab had issues but they ended up at the casino. Harry had a blast and when he brought Mom home I made us all taco.

Tomorrow is the opening of Deer season and Please remember that we only hunt for food and we waste as little as we can. While Dad and I are hunting Mom is going to a craft show and then she is coming home to have a cookie day. She will be baking a ton of cookies for the people around our area. You know the post office, fire department … The list goes on and on …

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