The things we say …

I have to let everyone know that I am so sorry for not blogging the past few days. Nothing has been wrong but then again there really hasn’t been a whole lot of news to report either. Some times it is just normal days on the farm. Chores, school and roping. I have been checking everything as with the colder weather I like to keep a good watch for any of our older ewes having problems keeping warm and making it through the winter. I have heat lamps in place if we need them but so far everything is going fine.

Tonight however, I am going to stay with my Grandpa Harry. I will be back in time to do chores tomorrow. Why?? you ask??? Well, it is kind of a long story but the short of it is that my Aunt doesn’t listen to Harry. I mean she hears him talking but she doesn’t really listen to what he is saying. Then she over reacts and then calls my Dad to have him Deal with whatever she thinks is the issue when half the time their really isn’t one. Did any of that make any sense???

Okay, I have no idea how to even begin to fix that last statement so that is makes sense but I will give you the short of it. Harry went with Jeannie to the eye doctor. Harry told them, he would “rather die then wear glasses.” Jeannie calls my Dad telling him that Harry is suicidal because the Doctor prescribed Glasses. She now wants my Dad to call Harry’s Doctor and get antidepressants for Harry.

Okay, so how many of us have said these same words about something?? I tell me Mom that I would just rather die then lose a rodeo. And Mom says she would rather die then make mincemeat pie for Thanksgiving. I promise you that when I lose a Rodeo I don’t become suicidal and Mom will make mincemeat pie for Thanksgiving if anyone really wants it but it won’t lead her into a great depression. Harry says it as a joke here all the time. He would rather die as to help us spread rock too … LOL

When Jeannie called Dad, Dad tells her he will call the Doctor tomorrow. Then he tells Mom what is going on. Mom can’t believe it. Mom asks if anyone has talked to Harry about this. Dad asks why they would do that. Mom is mortified. Yes, I really mean Mortified. She has dealt with her grandparents and has had to help take care of them at different times in her life and she has learned that elderly parents and grandparents don’t need someone to do things for them and try and take over their lives. So Mom decided to go talk to Harry. We are going to go get ice cream at Sonic, talk to Harry a bit and then I will stay the night with him.

Mom says that when she talked to Harry she will make sure he knows that he can get to feeling down and that it happens to a lot of people especially around the holidays. She also says she will talk to him about how it kids are seeing things and how they feel and she will let him know that if he needs to go to the Doctor for these issues she will be happy to take him.

She says it is a much better way to handle the situation. She says she will make Harry understand that we all love him and that Dad and Jeannie are concerned out of love. I just have to say I can see Harry mouthing off …this is the same man that tried to marry me off to a waitress at a restaurant too … but I can also see Jeannie over reacting to his jokes as well.

Sometimes I wonder why Dad and Jeannie don’t see that they should try talking to Harry first, before they try taking over his life like a child.

3 thoughts on “The things we say …

  1. Not listening to the innuendo of statements goes across all communications. My grandson is often facetious with his comments…I get it, his mom often does not.


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