Happy Holla at a Weinie Day!!

Today I have to admit was a little interesting. After my normal school work, chores and such Mom decided that we needed to take care of the sounds we hear in the evening coming from the attic. I spent the next two hours setting 8 different mouse traps and putting them in different parts of the attic.

The funny part is that I guess that after I got up there and disturbed everything I woke up something because I heard whatever it is that Mom has been hearing for the last few nights and I have to say … That ain’t no mouse!!! It was very loud and sounded like something was walking around upstairs and we don’t have an up stairs …LOL

Mom and I goofed off a bit playing around about what was in the attic, how it got there and how we were going to get it out of there. At one point Mom looked at me and said Happy Holla at a Weiner Day. I thought it was pretty funny. I did take a break from playing around to go help my Uncle winterize a horse stall. While I was gone, Mom went nuts!! I mean it she is in cleaning mode deluxe. She cleaned out her closet and dresser and got rid of 5 large trash bags full of stuff.

Anyway, after she got done she took me to a friend’s arena to run a few calves. Actually, It was Danny’s calves. Danny is Patty’s Husband. Patty is the lady that helped me a lot and passed away after a sickness. I went to her benefit roping and then donated half the winnings back to Danny to help pay the medical bills. Anyway, he called and I went to rope and help him break in his new set of calves.

I will say that tonight is suppose to be a cold one. We have a freeze warning for tonight and when I was leaving the arena I could tell it was going to be a cold one. The wind is colder and how so are the temps. I wish warm weather could last forever.

Club Halloween!!!

So for the last two days Mom and I have been very busy … We have been getting everything ready for the club shipments. We worked and got all the extras done for all three months. Then we got all the pieces for the bags cut and I even help cut some of them.





Remember that cookie material we bought? Well, Mom made me a cookie bag … check this out!


We also planned one simple thing for Halloween. Since I really don’t like Halloween Mom and I thought it would be a good time to Treat our Readers … So Between now and Nov. 1st Comment with your favorite Memory or Worst Halloween story and you will be entered to win this handmade horn shawl pin.


So Let’s hear it … Your best or worst Halloween …

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie all the time …

Today Mom was tired but for a good reason I guess. She stayed up until about 4 am working on stuff for a Benefit Auction and Dinner to help with some of the expenses that my cousin, Jessie, now has after being in the head on collision with a drunk driver. So far we are donating a couple of farm visits that include two hours of instruction on crochet, wool processing or spinning. Then Mom made three hats. She is now making a infinity type cowl to go with one of the hats. I think she is crazy …

I understand her making things but to not sleep so that she can do them is crazy. She has until the 16th of November. However, she says she want to also do a shawl but doesn’t know if she will have time. She hopes so and that is why she is pushing to get the little items all done and out of the way. That way if she gets done then the Shawl will just be an extra added bonus.

After she slept for like 2 hours Mom and up and at it to start her regular day. So we got chores done and then headed to Bartlesville to get the last of the Club stuff. I am working on the little extras that I think will make our shipment complete. I don’t want spoil anything but I think Mom and I both enjoy doing this club. Who knows Maybe it will lead to us doing another one.

While we were in Hobby lobby picking up the last of the stuff we needed I found something that Mom said she just had to have … It was so funny but then I have to admit I decided I want one too. You see, I found some Cookie material. It looks just like real cookies in print. Mom says she is going to make a project bag or two and I want one … LOL. Honestly, I kind of like it and Mom says she will make me one.

When we got home Mom and I cleaned up a bit before heading to a roping over at the college. I didn’t do great but I can honestly say that with the calves I had I made pretty good runs. Yes, things went wrong but not with me and the horse. We both did our jobs and then made the best of what we drew. All in all I might not have won but it was a good day.

Fat Joe!!

So today I did a bit of this and that to get ready for winter. The most fun however was had with Fat Joe. I have stepped up his training. Okay, it really isn’t training but I am working with him to get him not to chase things or act up. Check this out … He is growing so fast! We worked him on the lead at first and then when he calmed down and understood he was to be with me and just play we worked him off the lead. He did great both ways and he is understanding his place on the farm.









This picture is Mom’s favorite … she says it is my smile that tells all


Finals and a lazy day

So last night I had my finals and I didn’t get home until late. I spent most of the day practicing my roping. Then about 1 pm we all loaded in the truck and headed to the rented barn. We then loaded out the last of the hay that was reserved for our customers. We also visited with Gage and his wife and son. Trista is letting me borrow a few books and I am trading her a book that we picked up that fits more on her style of riding then mine. I am also very proud to say I think I am going to give their son his first truck and trailer along with his own horse, colt, dog and driver. Okay it is a little tikes set I have had for about 17 years but I think Henry will like it so it will go to him the next time we are in town.

As for finals I made a good run. And I got a 12 something. However it wasn’t good enough to bring home a pay check. That is fine because I know it was a tough competition. At first I was a little upset but in the end it turned out okay. Mom got to meet Quinton. He is a kid that rides Coop sometimes. She invited him to the roping clinic and said she would even pay his fees. We will probably go get him the night before and take him home the day after but we will see.

As for today, I fit in a bit more roping. Then Dad and I got some stuff out of the attic for Mom. She is going through the fall decorations and a few of the boxes. We took down 6 boxes and only two went back up. Mom says the fall d├ęcor will go in a tote when it goes back up. She also told us that we would be cleaning out the attic a few boxes at a time …

That Stinks

This week has been so off key. Mom or I have had meeting every night except for today. Then today we over slept, I ended up working cattle for my Uncle and then coming home after roping practice to find a skunk had sprayed something around the barn area. I don’t mind the working of the cattle … to be honest I kind of enjoy it. And I really didn’t mind over sleeping. (I mean really who wouldn’t mind that??)

The Skunk is a totally different story however. You see each night this week, on our way home from what ever meeting we had that day, Mom and I would see this one skunk in, around and near the road of our place. Yes, we know it is the same skunk as it has a very different marking. The stripe of white on this skunk takes up almost all of it’s back making it appear all white. Once it moves those short little legs however you can see the black. This mark makes him very distinguishable. Anyway, Tonight that stupid skunk went after the dogs and the chicken coop. He sprayed I don’t know what and the barnyard now smells awful.

I had promised Mom yesterday that I would try and take care of it tonight but then my roping practice ran long and I am getting ready for finals and I wasn’t here so …. The stupid thing got out of hand. Sad thing is that I am not going to be here at dusk tomorrow either because I have finals. Mom had agreed to go watch me but with this skunk on the loose I am not sure what will happen. None of us want the skunk to get the poultry so Mom might have to stay home to close it up on time to keep everything safe.

How can that Happen here??

So today was a lazy kind of day. I got chores done and my school work in an then did a few thing around the house. The trash had to be burned and I wanted time to rope and ride. There was one thing I had to take care of after the local kids got out of school. I took our 4-H donation box to be wrapped by our committee. Now, on any normal day that wouldn’t be an issue. However, today it was really weird.

Today the news broke that 4 students were expelled and the Police are now investigating to see if official charges will be filed for some pretty serious Hazing issues. They asked for the head coach to resign and another one quit. The 4 boys that were expelled are kids I know and I went to elementary school with. There is talk of charges of felonies and registering as sex offenders.

I think my head is about to explode! Just yesterday Mom was lighting up the extension Educators about the Moral issue of boys emailing younger girls and then today it is as if this is the prime example of how things can go so wrong. I know I didn’t like the way the whole issue yesterday unfolded but I understood the situation. Somehow though, I feel that God and the Universe are proving a point. This is crazy. I did get word that the boys were just being mean. If it had been kids making mistakes I probably would have supported them but since they were just being mean and cruel. Some times life in a small town sucks.

Weird Days

So yesterday got out of hand fast. First we over slept because the weather changed. Yup headaches all around. Then Mom took me to Tulsa to get my boots. These are the ones I got.


Mom took the time to water proof them for me so that they will last longer, but she didn’t do that until today. After the western store we headed over to JoAnn’s fabrics. There Mom and I got to work picking out the club fabrics. While we checked out all the beautiful fabrics, Mom found this one on sale …


Not only was it sheep, It was like $2.50 a yard … Mom was in Heaven. After that we made a stop at one of the local pet store chains to get Joe a real collar. Since Buddy’s passing I haven’t really paid attention to Joe because it kind of hurt and some how felt like I was betraying Buddy, but it is time to change that. Joe is a good dog two and he deserved to be a real dog as well. So I got him proper collar and a Joe size Bowl of his own. Mom on the other hand fell in love with Charlotte … Charlotte is a Syrian Hamster. When we stopped at Sam’s Mom took very little time so that she didn’t have to leave Charlotte in the truck for to long. Then she even took her into the feed store. The guys at the feed store were really cool about it and even posed for a picture that Mom posted on Facebook … LOL





After we got Charlotte settled in to her new home in the fiber room I had to head to my county 4-H meeting. Everything was going fine there until a parent started Yelling at me and banging the table. At that point Mom stepped in and stopped it. Mom was very angry that the extension agent didn’t do their job and stop it. At one point you could see in Mom’s face that she was losing her temper. She was cool though she gathered Me and the other child that rode with us into the car and we left.

It was weird to see the agent just sit there doing nothing and Mom get so mad. The thing that got under Mom’s skin is that she held her tongue about another issue as she felt is was an adult conversation she didn’t need to have with us kids and then he pulled his stunt. Mom always says there is a place and time for everything and I do think that wasn’t the place or the time.

Today we started our new project with the Boys and Girls Club … Art Class. Before we got there though we stopped by the Extension office. Mom not only talked to them about the actions of the other parent but she brought up the issue she felt wasn’t a kid topic. You see the extension agent told me and the county officers to email the other kids and get our ideas for the Christmas parade float lined out before the next meeting. Okay, So as Mom heard it … 17 year old boys can freely email 9-12 year old little girls with no adult supervision. She had tried to alert the agent last night that she didn’t allow that in our home but they didn’t get it so she when to them and told them flat out that in the world today she can find no reason a 17 year old young man would find it appropriate to email little girls. EVER! She says it is wrong on so many levels. When the Agent flat out asked Mom what she wanted to do then, Mom looked them right in the eyes and said that was their call … They needed to do what ever they felt was in the best interest of the 4-H program but that she would not change the house rules on this matter and that they needed to know I would NOT be taking part. She then told them a few things about setting kids up to fail and how she will never let me get in a position of being in trouble with a little girl. She said some stuff about it was her job to keep me inline and 4-H had no business encouraging teens to engage in anything that could get them in to trouble as the younger children don’t understand the full repercussions of their actions and how one wrong accusation on the young girls part and it could end my promising future. To say the least Mom gave them an ear full.

I will say this my Mom has no issue speaking out about moral issues and she will not give in if she thinks it is morally wrong. Yup, I have to agree, 17 year old boys should not mix with 12 year old little girls unless in a public manner. I do get it but sometimes Mom can get a little … You know!

Anyway, The Art Class was a hit and all the kids really got into it. In Mom’s words it was fun, controlled chaos. Everyone is excited about taking part and the fact that they would have a chance or two to sell their own art. After we got home I practiced my roping and tying as finals is this weekend. Mom spent all her time cutting bags. She is so excited about the bags so she was a happy camper …

slowin’ down

So yesterday I went another rodeo. I entered two events and won them both. Today however has slowed down a bit. We all slept in this morning but no one seemed to mind. There were a few things we had to work on today so we got down to work. On of the horse stalls had a roof brace break so Dad got after it and replaced it. Mom worked up her two garden beds, worked in her spinners garden and harvested some of her Cotton.

Mom did help me out with taking care of an issue with the shares today. I emailed those that held the QT yarn shares and I don’t have one of theirs email address so I am going to mail one shareholder a letter but the other two have agreed on a fix for their shares. Mom spoke with a mill and they are going to try and match the other yarns YPP and the twist. So we are hoping that it will come so close that the yarn would be able to be used in one project without anyone noticing the difference.

Anyway, There was on thing that Mom and I worked on and that was keeping the goats out of the duck pens. Ms. Sweetie and Ms. Holly have been breaking in and tearing up the floors of the duck pens to get at the ducks feed. So Here is what I came up with to keep them out …


Yup 20 bucks of Construction netting and we hope we have the issue fixed.

There was one other thing I worked on today. And that was a chick. NO NOT A GIRL!!! A Chick. You see one of the hens hid her nest on us again. This time it is five bales up in the barn. So we found that if we move a nest the hens won’t sit on it anymore. Soooo, I have been checking the nest all day to see if any others hatch. So far I found one and yes it survived the fall but it is now in our bathroom. When the other eggs hatch we are going to put them in the old show pen that we now use for a nursery for little ones. The Mom and the chicks will be put in there until the chicks are old enough to take care of themselves and not get eaten by the cats.

I have to tell you one other thing happened today and I think it was funny. You see, Dad’s dog Hank decided to get in a fight with one of Mom’s Turkeys. While Hank took out some tail feathers, that turkey had Hank under Mom’s truck and was ready to kill her. Dad and I had to save her but Mom says Hank had it coming. Turkey Vs. Dog and Turkey Wins !!! Funny if you ask me.

Rodeo on the Go

This weekend has been so busy with Rodeo. First, I got back from Youth in Action on Friday. I got unpacked and then headed to my last weekend of Rodeos with the Loose Rowel Circuit. The first night was Friday and Dad and I both got to rope. The horse however took it upon herself to act up so I Missed and Dad’s time was way to long to do any good.

Yesterday was the last rodeo before finals. Mom had us working to get the goat shed ready for the winter so we spent part of the day helping her get the back on it. Then the farrier showed up and trimmed all the horses except Ice who was done before we went to Dallas. Then Dad and I headed back to the rodeo. This time it was just Me roping and I placed 6th. It wasn’t enough to get me a pay check but it was enough to keep me in the finals.

Today, there is another rodeo in Kellyville but it isn’t for points or anything it is just because I want to go. We over slept a bit because Mom’s headache got out of hand In the night and I was just plan tired. Anyway, I will be leaving here in just a bit after I eat something to get to the rodeo on time so I thought I would fill you in. If everything holds on coarse Next week should bring some good news and some time to breath.