RIP Jazzie

Right now all I can say is that we are definitely having our own issues on the farm. Last night was great I won the benefit roping and donated half my winnings back to Pattie’s Family! I was honored to have won and been able to do that. As they say what goes around comes around. And so it goes for Pattie. When I got home I dealt with Mom who was pretty much a mess.

I guess I need to back up and I might even get a bit of griping at for telling all and how not everything needs to go on the blog but without the back info you can’t even imagine how hard a time Mom is having right now. You see for the last 8 years Mom has not just “helped out” at the fair but she was superintendent of the poultry. This year someone told the fair board that Mom resigned. She did not but they took someone else’s word for it. She had planned on resigning AFTER this year so that she can be free for activities for my senior year of High school. Anyway, they replaced her without telling her.

Mom had sponsors she had to go to and let know that they couldn’t sponsor this year. Mom was embarrassed but what could she do? She just kept saying it was fine or that it didn’t matter because she was resigning anyway. I know she was hurt and that it did hurt her feelings. Mom wanted to say goodbye on her own terms but that didn’t happen. And like a champ Mom was at the fair and helped out with whatever they needed and she did it with a smile. I know, however, it wasn’t easy for her.

Now fast forward to yesterday (just a few days later from the whole fair drama). I left Dimples and Jazzie in her care, as she calls it and things got worse. Dimples didn’t make it and then today, while I was again away at work with my Uncle, Jazzie lost her fight. Mom is blaming herself in full force. She has cried and cried and told me how sorry she was. In the end Mom decided that she is going to replace them for me. (I told her that she didn’t have to and that things would be okay) but Mom always feels better if she is doing something to fix things.

Mom got on the internet and started looking to see what she could find. She figured spring babies are coming of age and might be for sale. She found a farm here in Oklahoma and called them. Well, Let me just say that we have worked with the vet and we have done everything that he would have done. If we have done something wrong it is just because we didn’t know it was wrong. So, this lady, a nice well meaning lady, starts out asking how many angoras we have and Mom tells her 8. She then explains that we lost two and they seem to be having some issues so we were looking to replace the ones we lost. The lady then asks where we got them and so Mom tells the lady a short version of how I won the first ones and then how we got the two colored ones. The lady then announces to Mom that we have a “Management Problem” and made Mom feel horrible because now she thinks outsiders are blaming her as well. This well meaning lady said that “it doesn’t mean I won’t sell to you but you need to make some changes on your farm.”

She went on to tell Mom how We need to rotate our pastures and we need Electric fence to do so. Our Vet, who has been here, says we don’t have enough animals on the set area for pasture rotation to be needed. The lady also said that all our goats need to be dry lotted. Meaning they need to be pulled off the pasture and fed hay and grain, until we get them all healthy. (Okay, Dimples and Jazzie were the only ones that were sick and they passed … And Cinnamon has her own set of issues that has nothing to do with any of the issues going on) She went on to tell us that we need to build new feeders and she had an opinion about How we should have never taken Cinnamon in the first place since we didn’t know what we were doing. ?????? Really???? Cinnamon got better care with us then she got with the lady who had been in the business for many, many years … How is that a bad thing?

Needless to say Mom now feels more horrible (if that is even possible) then before she tried to replace the goats we lost. I can see tears in her eyes off and on today. She isn’t taking calls or even talking to anyone. I had Emily over to practice roping tonight and Mom didn’t even come out of the house. If you know my Mom at all, you will know that she is feeling very bad right now and all I know to do is give her a hug every time I go past her.

I really don’t feel like we have a management problem. We work with a vet that does all he can for our animals. We have done everything he has told us. We have changed medications and nothing has worked. How is it a management problem if only two are sick and not responding to our treatment program? Doesn’t the healthy ones attest to the fact that we do a decent job of Managing the herd??? I just can’t believe that to an outsider it would look like we are not doing everything we can for all our animals?? Out of Eleven angora goats, over the course of 3 years, we have only lost 3. How does that add up to a management problem???

RIP Dimples

This is Mom. I have no idea what to even say at this point. Dimples has passed away. I called the Vet again and he is also stumped. He said that if Dimples and Jazzie had a large worm load everything we have been doing should have showed improvement by now. If they were going to go toxic that should have happened 2 days ago when we wormed them. At this point Jazzie is not looking well either and she can no longer stand. The Vet says it could be anything. They could have gotten into a weed on the pasture (although I don’t think so) as they were on the pasture as all this started. However, Doc did give us a different Medication to give so we are now trying that.

All I can say is that RJ is at a Rodeo and he is upset and I am trying my best to deal with everything here. We are doing all we can but we would ask for all prayers, mojo and happy thoughts to be sent this way ….

Tid bits

Today I wanted to take a few minutes to catch you up on the little things going on around here. First, I ended the fair with 12 first Places, 3 second places and 1 fourth Place. I put in some yarn but it only got second, which is kind of funny because I also entered stitch markers and they got second as well. I also entered my video that I did for the home school competition and it got first but they judged it on the poster of it and never watched the video. Oh well, I helped my club achieve it’s goal of growing the fair entries and that is all that matters. A couple of wins was nice too though.

As of yesterday Jazzie started to show the same signs that Dimples did. So we put Jazzie in with Dimps and as of last night they both can stand to eat but just for a short time. They have the whole milk pen to them selves and we are feeding them morning and night as well as both being on Electrilytes. Gracie hasn’t left her Mom’s side but at least she can graze the goat pen and still be with her. I have wormed them both and am not sure why they aren’t doing as well as I would like. One day they were grazing and the next they are down.

So here is the plan of action. First, we have them penned. They are fed twice a day and get Electrilytes to boost them up twice a day. We called the vet today to see what he said and he thinks it is most likely caused by our late worming. He said we are on the right track and to keep at it and track them very closely so that we know if there is any change. He said since we wormed the worm issue should be under control now we just need to get them stronger. That will start with building up their blood. The vet said that as soon as we get their blood built back up they won’t feel so drained and weak. Anyway, we will take control of their blood by giving them a horse supplement that has been found to help anemia in goats.

With use doing all we can for Dimples and Jazzie we have learned another lesson. When you worm on a schedule do it on time don’t put it off just because it doesn’t fit into the plan you originally had. We have only put off working the sheep and goats just because we normally do it when the shearer comes. From here on out we will do it the first of the month no exceptions.

As for my rodeos this weekend, I didn’t get anything done on Friday or Saturday but today is a very special rodeo. Danny, the owner of the Loose Rowel Rodeo Company lost his wife just a month or so ago after a long illness. The truth is that Patty was in and out of the hospital and they never really found out what was causing her to be sick. Today, however, I will go and rope for Patty in a benefit to help her family. Why does this mean so much to me??? That is easy. Remember when the stockyards just told me and Dad not to come to work anymore?? Well, I was running out of roping Money and I had attended the Loose Rowel most of the season and at some point in talking to Patti, Danny’s wife, it came up that I wouldn’t be coming if I couldn’t find a job as it was about the same time Mom resigned her position. Upon hearing my story, Ms. Patty took pity on me and made a deal with me to help me finish out the season. She would pay my entry fees each week if I would work untying calves at the Loose Rowel Rodeos for the rest of the season. Ms. Patti was just like that. She would help us kids out just for the joy of watching us grow our rodeo experience. She was there for me when I needed a break so I will be there for her when her family needs one.

Dimples Concerns

Today not much happened. I worked and Mom went to a fiber festival with Ms. Karen. Dad was at home to hold down the fort. Everything was fine except for one thing. It is fall and fall is the time we shear and worm and trim hooves. Well, the shearer hasn’t come so I haven’t wormed. Today I am guessing Dimples is wormy as we found her on the fence line with Gracie and she can’t or won’t stand up.

We have her in the goat pen in a stall with Gracie. They have both been wormed, given electilytes and fed. I will be working all the sheep and goats tomorrow and with a bit of God’s Good Grace Dimples will be okay. Please say a prayer for her. She is still eating and drinking so we are in High hopes that she will get stronger and pull through.

Fair time!

For the last two days we have been at the fair. I got up early today just to get a few things done … Like the blog. Anyway, We took care of Jack the calf for a few days and then something happened. Well, it isn’t bad I don’t think but it isn’t really good either. You see, we were at the fair when the owner came to pick Jack up. In the country we do things a bit different then in the city. Normally if we aren’t home it isn’t a big deal and Mom lets people do that all the time, However this time was different.

You see the calf pen is where we are holding the men until breeding season. (Which will start after everything is sheared) Well, we don’t know exactally how it happened but somehow the owner let Lester out of the man pen. He was out in the pasture from about 1:30pm until we got home, which was after 7:30pm! So for all you sheep people how likely am I to have cross breed sheep this year??? We know he was trying to mount Reba when we got home but we didn’t see him make contact. And most of the other sheep were not standing still and taking it.

I know that doesn’t mean anything but I can pray can’t I. We aren’t mad at the calf owner … things happen but now we have no idea what a shetland/southdown will look like … and we are hoping not to have to find out … LOL

The Bugs have it!

Today has been kind of funny. Well, actually it started last night. First, there was this ugly bug that tried to drop on Mom out the back door. So she caught it and froze it for a 4-Her that is doing a bug collection. Then last night a huge Dragonfly came in the back door and tried to dive bomb Mom. So I caught it and added it to the ugly bug in the freezer. This morning There was a Huge, Huge, huge spider in the shower when Mom went to clean up for the day and then when she got out of the shower she took a drink of coffee only to end up with a live moth in her mouth. It was funny Mom spit coffee everywhere and the Moth was still alive when it hit the floor. Mom really isn’t liking these bug issues right now … LOL

Now back to our regular scheduled Post. This morning the Fall calving season began for us. We got our first orphan calf of this falls calving season. He is cute… spunky but cute. Mom is calling him Jack and he will be here until Thursday. I did fit in some roping this morning and then when Dad went to work Mom and I ate lunch before heading to the fair grounds to help people check in their fair exhibits.

I got home in time to practice roping with a few friends and then get my chores done and head to bed. Tomorrow I will be at the fair most of the day. But I don’t think I will have to be there any other times … Long story but it looks like it will be a short fair for me and Mom!

Late nights!

The last few days have been long with even longer, late nights. Friday and Saturday I Roped and those ropings took me until after 1am to get home from. Then Last night I was out in our Roping pen teaching and getting others ready for the Dallas 4 X 4 Chute out. I also have been fitting in as much work as I can to get money together to get to Dallas.

So On Friday Night I missed and messed up my run. Saturday after the horse show and everything I roped and got a 12.8 second run. It wasn’t a great run but it kept me in the top 5 and that means I got points for it. I am just trying to hold on to my spot in the top 15 in the circuit so that I can make finals. If I make finals there is Scholarship money added to that rodeo. So I did fine and I think I am in 12th place and that is fine with me.

Sunday, I started out going to get some steers that I can practice team roping on until Dallas. In order to be able to barrow them I had to worm them so it took a bit longer then I thought. When I got home with them I then left to work for Ms. Karen. She had some weed eating that needed to be done so I did it to make some extra cash for Dallas. After that she took me out for Tacos so I couldn’t have had a better afternoon. Ms. Karen is tooo Kind!! She is just that cool.

When we got home from Ms. Karen’s house I did a bit of roping. The only difference is that I had someone over that is working on learning roping so that she can take part in the Dallas Competition. Her and I have decided that we are going to take part in all 4 events and we are going to try our best in all 4. By the Grace of God and our practice we are praying that we do well this time.

The only thing is that we roped until after 11pm. When we got done with the arena work we came to the house and roped the dumbies to improve the basics of her roping. It was great but it made for a late night. That means I over slept again today. Honestly, that was okay for today. Dad’s on nights and it is suppose to rain. So I got up and did chores and got my roping practice in. That way if it does start to rain I can work on my school work if I am inside while it is raining.

That is where I am at right now. It isn’t raining yet but I am working on my school work while Dad is going to get a new tire for his car. Mom is working on her school work and making lunch. This after noon the farrier will be coming to make sure Ice’s hooves are ready for Dallas. Other then that I am finishing up my fair entries.