Gate failure

Today Mom had an inspection here on the farm so Dad and I used out time wisely … we went to Harry’s to build a new chute gate. I started by measuring it all out and getting the pieces cut. Then we layed them out and got ready to weld …


So we got it all done and put together and came back home. This is where it is suppose to go. It is the very back of the chutes. It is the gate that will keep the cattle in place before you release them and rope them.


The only thing was that when we tried to put the gate down in the rims … It didn’t fit. I guess when Dad and Harry built these chutes they didn’t think it would matter if it was square or not.


Well, I am here to tell you it mattered. It started to go in and then it got stuck. Emily was coming to practice so Dad and I had to use a sledge Hammer to remove it. We will be taking it back to Harry’s to cut it down to a crooked size so it will work….

2 thoughts on “Gate failure

  1. We have this problem all the time! I don’t know if stuff on our farm was originally built crooked or just got that way over time, but now when we try to fix things or add on to things that already exist we can’t just assume that angles will be 90 degree or that one end of the wall will be the same level as the other!


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