What a day …

Okay so Mom has a couple of things that she really wants everyone to know about last nights post. First, she says that it is more about how people perceive her right now then it is what was said or done. She used the example of the Fair board. They actually took someone else’s word for it that she resigned. That means that the fair board and the people on it (people that know my Mom) think that she would walk away and leave the kids high and dry for the County Fair. Then the lady on the phone pretty much implied (okay, she flat out said it) That Mom couldn’t manage our small flock. So Mom is having a rough time seeing what other people see in her. She says that she is only upset because that isn’t the way she wants anyone to see her but she doesn’t know how to change it.

I can tell you that Mom she isn’t the kind of person that would walk away and leave things unfinished or do the job poorly. Anyway, She just can’t seem to get past “I can’t believe that people would think that of me. or Is that really how the world sees me?” With that said she also wanted everyone to know that she appreciates the kind words of comfort and encouragement that everyone gave her. She says a little “sugar” does make the tough reality of what others see in her a bit easier to take. She also says don’t worry She will come to terms with everything in her own time.

For me, it just hurts to see Mom so down. I have to tell you Mom is always laughing. I bet there isn’t a day that goes by when normally Mom laughs at least 50% of the day (and that is on a bad day) But for the last two days Mom hasn’t laughed. The house is just to quiet. And when I try to make stupid jokes she sometimes walks away without saying anything at all. I guess I will know when things are back to normal when Mom’s laugh comes back.

As for today, I worked this morning and then when I came home Mom got to practice shearing … She sheared two wethers that will be sold this weekend. I have to say she does an okay job. She worries about second cuts a lot but I think she will get better in time. The more she shears the better she will get. Our regular shearer will come take care of the normal herd as Mom says she won’t “Practice” on anything that would be or product because she says that would cost me profit. I got Mom to take one silly picture for me … Check this out…


Mom was nervous about the head area so she would take her time doing it. It sure was funny to see when she would let them stand and take a break before she would do it though … LOL

I finished out my day by taking part in a sheep webinar online. It had a lot of good info in it but I don’t think we will ever have an accelerated program because they say that the Ewes have to be culled at around a rate of 22% a year due to how hard it is on the sheep’s bodies. Mastitis and prolaps are real issues with an accelerated program and that is something Mom won’t do. The animals come first here not profit!

2 thoughts on “What a day …

  1. well said in previous comment! i think the very thing – only someone very shallow or jealous would do such things. from my reading of the blog, it is so clear ya’ll meet all of your commitments and follow through. anyone that knows ya’ll should have questioned.


  2. People project what THEY want people to see and think NOT what is really happening..Everyone knows she wouldn’t do it but if they can tell a good story just maybe she would do it and make it work for them…Evey and jealous people seem to be at the bottom of the problem….Don’t give them the benefit of a doubt …Continue doing what you do and proof them wrong…That is what she did and they ended up with “egg” on their faces not your Mom …She was there and she helped and did her commitment …As long as you can lay your head down on your pillow at night knowing that you did the best that you can do and all is right with you maker then life is okay…Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing that they hurt you in any way…The real world knows who and what you stand for…So do these people cause they are trying to destroy it so they might look like you…You finished the job by being there and no child suffered..That is the bottom line….


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