Massive 4-H Time!!

So for the last week 4-H has taken over Mine and Mom’s lives. No, I am not kidding. You see Monday Morning we found out that things for the Banquet were not going as planned and we spent half the day at the Office taking care of stuff. Then Tuesday, the actual day of the Banquet … yesterday … Mom and I spent all day at the office and banquet getting everything under control. Let me say … Mom and Ms. Jenny Rocked it! Our Banquet went just fine.

Ms. Jenny and Mom cooked up enough Brisket for 100 people. That is over 72 pounds of meat. Let me break it down … that is 9 brisket weighing on average between 5-7 pounds a piece. Yup, It was a lot. Then they also prepared a side dish or two to go with it. Then we had 9 double tables with decorations and the front Honors table and the Awards table and the dessert table and …. You get the point. Mom was able to pop this one photo and it is only about half the room and it wasn’t even done. (as you can see there are no chairs set up yet)


Since Mom was cooking and serving the meal she didn’t get a chance to take but that one picture and she was kind of bummed about that. She got out of the kitchen to do her volunteer leader stuff and that was about it. She did take pictures today of most of my winnings. I got a certificate for my horse project and my fiber project and I won the Leadership award and I got a gift Certificate for that and I will be getting a new 4-H Vest in about a month but Mom has to get them my size.


I also got a new stall fork for my Horse project ….


But I just made jokes about it being the worlds biggest nose picker … LOL … I will be taking it to Dallas with my the first part of Oct.


One really awesome thing just happened as I was Blogging though. You see we have had Phinny for 2 years going on his third breeding season and we have only had one baby. So for some time Mom and I have been talking about getting a different Buck. While Mom was on her pc she saw a post that just happened to post at a perfect moment. (God Wink there huh??) Anyway, Check this out …

And this is the picture that posted to Facebook …

This is the Buck with his Mom

Yup, there is a 7 month old buck from a Grey Doe. That means he could breed with our colored does and maybe we would have some colored kids … the big factor is that the price is just about in my affordable range … they are shearing this weekend and we will be starting ours the first of the month … it sure sounds like a God Wink to me as both farms are on the same time line and everything is shaping up at this point. I will keep everyone informed as to how it all turns out!

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