Day of recovery

So Yesterday we finished the haying and we have to much hay. Trouble is that means we hauled hay more then normal. When you have Asthma and Allergies one extra day can seem like a life time. Today was one of the hottest around here. I got everything from a bloody nose and a headache to being drained today. I just don’t seem to have any energy and feel drained.

While I was feeling off, most the day I worked with Mom to get the final touches put on the 4-H banquet. It seems that if it isn’t one thing it was another. First, the meat was not thawed out that we planned on smoking. Then it turned out to be the wrong stuff as it was already pre-cooked. We don’t have a way to bake 9 – 7 pound briskets for 2 hours each … Well, we finally got things figured out. There is some borrowing of church warmer pans and such that will take place but we will have a meal.

I finished up the Banquet programs and Mom got the certificates printed. Tomorrow is for cooking and decorating but I think everything will go off without a hitch. And when it is over I will be County President of the 4-H. I then will make a few changes that will help build our 4-H program up and make it better.

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