The end

So today is the end. The End of Haying season as well as the end of summer for me. You see, We put the last of the hay up today. Dad baled way to much again and this year we had to use the stall that Ice normally uses. With in a Month we will have it cleared out so it isn’t to big a deal but it sure made the hay hauling season last way to long. And it makes Mom and my allergies act up. When you have asthma and allergies there is just so much haying you can take.

As for the End of Summer … Well, tomorrow I will be up at 5 am and Mom and I will both be studying in the morning hours. This year I have Algebra II and Chemistry! I am praying I can just keep my grades to A’s and B’s. Last year it was a struggle to keep Biology and Algebra to B’s and at the end of the year I had low B’s but I did have them at B’s.

Oh and coming up on Tuesday is the 4-H banquet. That means it is the end of the old officers and in with the new. Yes, this time I am the New President. Not just of our club but of the county! Well, I am pooped. I am off to shower and head to bed.

About young shepherd

When I was six years old my parents moved from the small town we lived in to the house my Dad grew up in. This move has had its ups and downs. For the most part I like it. I am home educated because sometimes I have to keep very weird hours but I get to do things that other kids don't. My parents have turned the farm into a bottle baby farm and a place for rescue animals to come while on the road to recovery. We nurse anything that people bring us. Hurt, injured or just rejected by their Moms. We have done goats, sheep, calves, pigs, kittens and puppies. We raise whatever anybody brings us. I like it when we get new little ones in and I want to be in the action. I have spent the night in the barn many times. To me, it is kind of fun. We are now taking on having our own babies. This year we had our first live birth on the farm. In the early months of 2011 I entered a contest that was held by Juniper Moon Farms and won the First ever Juniper Moon Farm Young Shepherd Award. Along with the award I won a small flock of Angora Goats. Since then we have started a Fiber farm and added sheep and alpacas to our mix too. Not to mention the rescue animals that now call this farm home. In my spare time I like to calf rope and ride my horse, go hunting, fishing, or camp out at our pond. I am active in the local 4-H Program. I started a 4-H Poultry Club and with them I built a Community Chicken Coop. I have had my horse since Christmas of 2009 and I have broke him and trained him to Calf Rope, team rope and Goat tie in the rodeos. You can see all of his awards on My horse page but his true job is here on the farm as a working horse.
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One Response to The end

  1. Melissa Savoy says:

    This time of year is always a little bittersweet. One season ending, the next beginning. Glad you got the hay up. Good luck in school. Two subjects I absolutely do not enjoy! I’m sure you’ll keep your grades where you need! And congratulations on being 4-H president! Hoping it’s the experience you want it to be!

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