How we do it …

So some of you have been interested in how we handle the haying season. First, we cut it down, rake it and then we bale it up into small square 66 lb. bales. Okay, so all of that is just driving the tractor. We own one tractor that does it all. It is a Masey Fergenson 165. It runs a 9 foot sickle to mow the hay, a Vicon 4 wheel rake that windrows the hay and a International 440 Square wire tie baler that bales it. All this equipment is older then I am but it is what Mom knows so it is what we use.

The only other thing we use is a truck, 12 foot flatbed trailer and a pop up loader. Up until last year we didn’t have the pop up loader so we loaded everything by hand. I love that loader because it makes it so much easier to load hay with just me and Mom. I took the time today to put together a video that shows just how it all works. Check it out …


One thought on “How we do it …

  1. Great video. I figured there was at least one other person there — though there’s enough work for three or four, I suspect. Thanks for all the work to share the process.


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