Little life Changes

Today I worked with Mom all day getting things together for A party. Not the good kind of Party though. Our 4-H Educator and Extension Agent has taken a new job. He has really been the only 4-H Educator I have ever known. He has been here 8 years. I have traveled with him 3-4 times a year for different Events and My family calls him a friend.

We didn’t do anything but the decorations but we didn’t know they needed any until about noon so Mom set out to get it done. And I have to say I was kind of proud of her … These pictures are on less then 25 bucks and a couple of hours … I told her she should be a wedding planner or something … She can throw something together for almost nothing and make it look good … (these aren’t great pictures but it looked great)




When we were done decorating and setting up we came home showered and then returned for the party … I am sure going to miss Gage!

Cleaning things up

Today the rain started in a gentle drizzle and have stayed that way most of the day with only a few bursts of anything more. Mom and I spend the day getting everything back under control here in the house. Mom cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom while I worked on my room. Dishes are finally finished and caught up as well.

Mom and I also worked to get the stuff put back into the fiber room. While we were in there Mom started working on one of the merino yarn shares … She is now prepping it for spinning.

Anyway, there really isn’t to much going on right now … Other then waiting for the rain to pass so that we can get back to haying season … LOL

What about them Clubs??

Today Mom and I did a little of this and that. We worked on getting the dishes caught up. Mom is the one that always does them and with us gone this weekend it was out of control. My Dad didn’t so anything to the house so Mom says it is a PIT!!

One other thing is that Fat Joe went to the Vet today … You know he got his Rabies shot and snip, snip. He did great but it is hard to keep him calm. By this evening he was acting as if nothing happened. In the truck on the way home though it was a different story … It was funny to me. Mom would try to pet him and comfort him and he would move away from her and give her a very dirty look. I think he knew she made me take him in. LOL

Another thing that I really think is cool that happened today is that we picked up a free frig from the well house. We use it to put our animal medications in. I have to say that they just don’t make refrigerators like they used to … First, this bad boy is all medal. Then it has features I wish came in them today. Like …
A Juice and Ice Cream holder in the front door of the freezer …
There are two Milk jar holders in the side on the top shelf of the frig…


Butter and Cheese compartments in the frig door …


And best of all …. The two bottom racks spin out … So that you can get to everything. They Click into place but you just spin them and they move… it is really cool …


There are two things I am not to crazy about though and that is the fact that it is kind of dirty and that the inside of the frig is pink??? Really, it is pink, look at the pictures … a Light pink!

The last thing that went on around here is that Mom and I are talking about doing a short 3 month Bag and yarn Club. If we do we have a lady that makes some awesome bags that would be in on it with us. We looked at all our options and would really like your input. There are two options we are thinking on… First would people prefer to get the same bag each month in different sizes or would they want three different bags that would match each month. We were thinking a Magnetic pattern keeper, a project bad and a notions bag. The three different bags would all be made of the same material or would match each other.

The other question is would people like natural colors that go with anything or Bright colors and patterned material? And no matter what a skein of matching yarn would come with it. As well as a few Extra treats. My final question would be, would you want to see the items before you buy or is it part of the fun of a club to be surprised???

Community??? Oh Boy

Today was one of the worst days I have had in a long time. I have to admit I love my community and I have hometown pride, but sometimes it is hard to walk the walk. Today was one of those days. Let me start at the beginning. Our Letter Carrier (I know most call them postman but we are in the country so the post office contracts the work out so they aren’t postman … they are letter carriers … Crazy I know but the way it is around here.) So Our Letter Carrier lives just up the road from us. This morning we saw her go by and she honked and Mom waved. Less then 15 minutes later the Letter carrier called Mom. She was crying and upset. It seems that her dog hadn’t come home yesterday. She said she had called for him last night and this morning but he didn’t come. While she was driving her route she took a section of the highway and found her dog dead in the middle of the highway. She couldn’t do anything about it because she was under contract to finish her route.

Mom finished her call and then she told me to get a shovel and a trash bag. For the first time in my life I REALLY DIDN”T WANT TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR! Mom told me I didn’t have to go with her but “Putt” was a big dog. He probably weighed a good 75 lbs. So I went. I knew at the least Mom would need someone to keep watch as she got the dog off the highway in roaring traffic. I NEVER want to do that again. Mom had to shovel him into a trash bag and then into a bucket to get him in the truck. I almost lost my lunch twice.

It didn’t end there either. Mom and I then took him to her house and found a spot we thought she would like and then we buried him. The ground was so hard and it was so hot out. It took about 2 hours to dig that hole and bury Putt. Mom did most of it. I am not ashamed to admit that my Mom, a 45 year old woman, has more upper body strength then I, a 16 year old guy does. Not to mention she has a stronger stomach them me too. When the hole was done Mom put Putt in and we quietly buried him.

I have no words for what it took for me to help Mom do the deed that I did today. I can say I am a community supporter and I can say I think everyone should have hometown pride. However, I have to admit it was Mom who stepped up and showed me what it really takes to be a part of a community with hometown pride. She really did this gruesome thing just to help out a neighbor. I don’t know if I would have gone that far to do what Mom did if it wasn’t for her doing it. I know they say that to judge the character of a man you look at what he does when no one is looking. Well, Mom acts the same if people are looking or not. However, this time I probably would have called that person back and told them I just couldn’t do it.

I know you are thinking that you wouldn’t have blamed me. That if I had a weak stomach then that was asking to much of me. Well, you would be wrong. Mom has a weaker stomach then I do and she wasn’t about to give up. She said that there was no way our mail carrier could see her dog like that up close and (God Forbid) that if the rolls were reversed, that no one would want her to see her animal like that either. SO … What is the worst thing you have ever done for a neighbor in the name of home town pride and community?

For the record the Letter Carrier did offered to pay us but when she asked what she owed us … We told her cookies would be nice … Or even a pie of some sort would do!

Long Fiber Christmas Days …

Man, what a weekend. We left friday morning early and got to Fiber Christmas in July with plenty of time to get the booth together before Mom had to teach her class. She said she had a good time and she worked with two people that already knew how to crochet so she just had to teach them her tricks to keeping the thread under control.

We opened to the public at Noon and I met alot of really cool people. For this Fiber show I unveiled the Roving that I finally got right. If you remember I have done roving shares in the past but I didn’t like the way the roving came out. I wanted something that spun as smooth as butter and yet I wanted to blend our Mohair with the wool from the sheep on our farm so we started with one breed and then moved to the next and the next until I got it right.

I had several of my Fiber Friends feel the new roving and see if they could tell me what it was. These ladies have been doing this along time and I respect their opinions. For one they know breeds and they know micron counts. So after hearing that one thought it was Baby alpaca and another thought it was angora Rabbit I let the cat out of the bag that it was Mohair and Shetland. One lady told my Mom that what ever we were doing we were doing it right because that was the softest blend of those two fibers she had ever felt. She then talked to my Mom about letting me start a breeding program. One for the shetlands anyway. Mom said that our first step would be to get a micron count so it seems that is what we are going to do.

I am going to use the micron count to see where the super soft fiber is coming from. If it is the shetland I will have two small but different flocks. If it is from the Mohair we will be looking into breeding four of our five girls and we will Cull the babies very hard so that we only keep the softest of the soft. I think that it is all good. Okay, the only bad thing is that I sold out of our new roving. That means all the batts Mom made with the fiber and the roving it’s self are gone. I will be working on getting some more done but until then I am sorry to say it won’t be available in the Etsy shop. I am kind of glad though. I know that once people feel my products they are very pleased with them and will purchase them. However, It makes internet sales harder.

The other cool thing that happened was a local TV Reporter came to the Festival and interviewed me. If and when it airs I will post it here so that you all can see it too. In the mean time … Check her out HERE!

I did make some contacts at the Fiber festival though that I think you might be interested in. First, I met a really cool bag maker. Her and I are looking at maybe doing a short yarn and bag club. Then their was Nancy that might write us a pattern for a knit along. She was the lady with the sweater she made out of my Thistle color way. (I know Mom was secretly hoping she would forget to come back and take that sweater home … and that if it did get left that it would fit her … LOL)

I am kind of proud of Mom and I. Mom only bought a book. It is pretty cool to be honest. It is called “The book of forgotten crafts” The only thing I bought was a new basket that I am going to use in my booth. It is round and I am going to put it on my lazy susan and make it turn so people can see all the things I plan on putting on it. After the festival we got everything packed and Dad took me to a rodeo while Mom took the booth stuff home. I Roped really well Saturday night and won my age Calf Roping. It was really cool. I was very happy with my time and how the horse worked.

Today was another story. You see Dad isn’t really an independent starter or very good with time management. He doesn’t seem to get much done when Mom is telling him what to do here on the farm. I know everyone is laughing but it is true. We left Dad for two days and he was suppose to bale and haul about 200 bales of hay. The cutting and raking was done so it wasn’t as if we left him to do it all and before you think that is alot it isn’t … we do almost 1200 bales in any given year and that is just the ones here on our farm. We then bale and haul for others that contract with us. 200 bales is only like 3 loads on our little flat bed trailer.

So, when Mom was gone Dad didn’t even get the baling done. Let alone the hauling. You have to bale it before you can haul it. So Mom and I got up this morning and did Chores then Mom took over as Boss. I was glad. I had another Rodeo I wanted to attend and it started at noon. Dad had a plan but Mom’s plan was so much better as we got twice as much done in the same amount of time.

Dad went to town to return Harry’s truck that we used to go to the rodeo yesterday and to pick up the fixed tire he blew yesterday. While Mom and I hauled in all the bales that were done. Then Mom and I set up the last of the hay in the field so that Dad would be able to make one pass and bale everything and be done. Even with Dad’s Flat tire on the baler, a sheer bolt breaking and Mom getting stuck in a soft spot we got all of it done but the last 30 or so bales put in the barn before I had to leave for my Rodeo at 10:30am. While Dad and I went to have our fun Mom put the last of the hay up and stacked it all nicely in the corner of the barn. (Yes, by herself … I told you a couple hundred isn’t a big deal so 30 is really nothing) Each Bale weights about 66 lbs. so they aren’t really any heavier then the sacks of feed we use.

Anyway, at the Rodeo my Good Graces with God was still blessing me. First, it was a three head roping. I won the first round and placed second in the second round. Then even missing my last calf I won third in the average. That gave me another nice pay check. The funny part is that I have been trying for over a week to get my new boots but everytime I am in Bartlesville the store that carries them has been closed … I passed through Bartlesville twice today and that store was closed both times. Mom says that tomorrow no matter what she is taking me to get my new boots so that my good boots can become my work boots and my work boots can go in the trash … They are shot.

Fiber Chirstmas in July

Today is the first day of the Fiber festival and I want to tell you something very awesome that happened. A very nice lady came by our booth and she brought a beautiful sweater with her. Check this out!!!

001 (2)

I only brought my phone with me so the picture doesn’t show the color very well. It is a pink or Mauve looking color. As I said before it is Beautiful and it is a very special sweater. You see this sweater was made by one of the very talented teachers here at Fiber Christmas. Her name is Nancy Gould of Mommy Made – Handmade toys, knits, ect. from Windcrest Tx. You will never guess why it is special … You see, she bought the yarn at our Fiber Booth last year and this year she brought the sweater back for us to show off.

I can’t say enough about it. Our Yarn never looked so good … Okay, it looks good all the time but today That sweater is in the shot light.

Check out Nancy on Facebook at

Getting better

This morning I started out by going to see Nathan. The first thing he said to me what that his calf “did not have two tails” LOL He was actually up and around and eating a good breakfast. He has been having nightmares so I took both him and his brother rope crosses. They are going to hang the crosses over their beds to catch the bad dreams before they happen. I just hung out with him for a few minutes and let him know that we care about him and that we are very happy he is alright. Mom also let them know that our doors are always open to them for a place for the kids to go if the two of them have to work.

The other thing that happened today was Mom got a wild hair. Okay, so it really wasn’t all that wild but YUCK!! A friend gave us some okra and Mom had never had any so she fried it up for us all to try today at lunch. Her and Dad ate it up … Me? I can’t stand the taste of lettuce and to me that is what it tasted like. So, no I didn’t like it.

Tomorrow we leave for Fiber Christmas so the rest of the day was spent getting things like laundry done. The hay wasn’t ready so it will be baled tomorrow and Dad will haul it in. We do it in sections so we only dropped enought to make about 200 bales. That Means Dad can handle it.

I hope that tomorrow I will blog from the hotel … See ya’ll at Fiber Christmas in July!!

Best Feeling in the world!!

Today I got to ride and work with the horses. I got Mom to come out and take a few pictures of me and I used them to create a new page on my web page. I also challenged some of my Facebook Friends to attempt a challenge on their own horse. You can check out the new page HERE! You will have to let me know what you think….

As for the hay … It got rained on so we will be waiting a bit longer for it to dry. We raked the outside rounds in an effort to help it along but if we get no more rain it should be ready to bale up sometime tomorrow. That means I haul hay the day before I leave for the fiber festival. I hope Mom and I aren’t so sore.

While it rained Mom and I worked on fiber stuff for the booth. All we have left to do is package some cotswold locks and we are ready. Before it rained I did get Eddie’s chores done… then about 4pm I got a text that Nathan was headed home from the hospital. I Hope that tomorrow I can go up and see him but I will wait and see how he is feeling first. I have something I need to give him and something I need to tell him.

Mom’s Calling

I started today like any other day. I worked the horses and did chores while Dad got the mower ready to lay down the hay on the Right-a-way! While I was doing the chores however, Mom noticed Cinnamon trying to get to the horse feed (you know the one that sends her skin into fits of itching until it bleeds??) So we caught her and put her in with Dimples and Grace. That got Mom and Dad to talking and me to wondering how many of you know things that we take for granted that people know about farm life.

It all started with Mom Calling. Let me just say, that I like to think I just have really smart animals but Mom can sort certian livestock out of the pasture with just a call. No Dogs, No fussing … She just calls a certain way and they come. I know you think It is crazy don’t you but even our preacher did a sermon on how shepherds called their sheep in the old days a few Sundays ago. I thought everyone knew it but as it turns out I guess not many people really do.

Mom has three very different calls on our farm. Let me point out that I can call and clear a pasture but then I have to sort out what I want. Mom on the other hand can call out what she wants and there is no sorting …. I hope everyone understands the difference even though I don’t think I am doing a very good job of explaining it. Let’s see if this helps….

I can go out and yell and almost all the livestock run to me and I can then put them as a flock where I want them. Mom can step out of the back door, yell “Holly, Sweety” and then do a whistle and nothing comes to her but her milk goats. Then She can yell “Wendi, Charlie” and clap a certain way and the Alpaca come running (Albert doesn’t come right away he kind of lags but he hasn’t been here very long so I am sure he will get it in time) Then Mom can yell “HOOOOOO, Let’s Go, Come on!” And everything comes to her.

I know that some will say it is because the milk goats are coming to get milked or the Alpaca are coming to be penned for the night or that it is just routine. The thing is that it isn’t just routine. Mom will see Holly getting into things by the barn and she will step out the back door and call her back to the house. Anytime of day! Now that I think about it … Maybe it is kind of cool! If you own livestock I would love to hear if you can “call” your stock out like Mom does or if you do it like I do.

Anyway, Today after I did Eddie’s chores again, we dropped the front of the Right-a-way to cure. It is drying very nicely I might add. Tomorrow we will rack it and bale it …. Then we will haul it … Fun, Fun, Fun… As for what I did while it was drying … Well, I sacked my dyed locks in one ounce packets for the fiber booth and reskeined all the yarn I had to get done and I packed everything. I only have the samplers left to put together…

Another busy one

Today was another busy one. Right after chores I went to town with Dad to get my paycheck cashed from this weekend and put it in the bank. I got home in time to get to the 4-H workshop. After the workshop I headed to a friends house to do his chores. I guess I haven’t mentioned much about that but Now is as good a time as any. You know that guy in your community that works odd jobs for everyone? No job to big or to small. Sometimes he doesn’t even charge you for the job. Well, we have a guy like that. He helps out at a Cowboy Church and has two small boys. Everyone knows him and he takes calls at all hours as most odd jobs in the country involve livestock and not being able to get ahold of the Vet.

On Thursday, Eddie (that is his name) was helping out at one of the local sale barns. His oldest son was with him and in the Vet shack as he Dad worked the cattle with the Vet. The Vet Shack is right next to the chutes but considered a safe place as the cattle run through the chutes and would have two gates to go through before they can get into the shack. Well, The Son was in the Shack and it happened. A Younger Bull Broke through both gates and pinned the son to one of the Gates or the fence (I am not sure which). Another guy reached in and pulled the child out by the back of his neck as the Bull tore the shack apart. Well, his little body was crushed in a way that he had internal bleeding. He was rushed to a huge hospital over 60 miles away. He has had two surgeries since Thursday. One to repair a blood vessal in his back and one to put in a drain to keep the wound cleared out. He has also had two blood transfusions as well.

This is a 6 yr old little boy that I rope with at those Dumbie Goat ropings. He is my little buddy and all I can do to help him is do his parents chores. As of tonight his blood count was low and he got the second transfusion but he is eating on his own and can get up and around just a bit but he also gets worn out pretty quick. Today I did take a picture of his and his brother’s bucket calves and text it to him and asked him if it was normal for it to have two tails. I just wanted him to have something to laugh about. Something that would make him smile. His Dad said seeing his calf made his day. And he thought my joke about it having two tails was funny. It was kind of weird because Eddie’s wife was worried because everyone she talked to said that no one had seen the horses or two bucket calves on the pasture since the accident. I let them know all was well, Fed and watered everything from the calves, to the dog, to the cats, to the horses!

Anyway, after Eddie’s chores I headed back to the house to teach a fellow 4-H’er how to do his record book (Okay Mom did most of the teaching). It took some time (about two hours) But he has got it under control. After that Mom and I headed out to pick up a cube type shelf unit for her fiber room. We brought home dinner with us (TACOS!!!), did chores and then I got a shower and watched a bit of TV before Blogging. Now I am heading off to bed.

If you have nothing better to do after reading this … Could I ask that you say a little prayer of healing for my Buddy? His name is Nathan. Thanks I know Nathan and his family would appreciate it.