Fishin’ and Carrie Clothes

Today I slept in … Only to find out that Dad now agrees with me it takes long to do chores then he thought … Funny how I have been telling him that and he never believe me. Then he also found out that taking care of the weaker ones every 2 hours keeps you from getting much done. I tried to warn him that his calves take up most of mine and Mom’s time but he said we just fussed to much. Then the rain came and well, He now knows that we were telling the truth. He isn’t happy about it but I am kind of glad that he had to work as hard as Mom and I do everyday.

While Dad learned a hard but much needed lesson on caring for his own calves, Mom and I set out to get a few thing done since we would have more time today then any other … First, we cleaned out Mom’s boat. Dad and I have taken to putting things in it that we shouldn’t so Mom wanted it cleaned out. She says she is going to tarp it so that we can’t put our “junk” in it. To be honest, if I could find one of those rebuilding shows that do boats I would submit Mom’s Boat. She is very protective of it but she doesn’t know how to get it running again.

It was her Grandfather’s Boat and it saw many a day on the lake water skiing. It even has an original Evinrude motor. And the Boat it’s self was made right here in Oklahoma … In the 50’s!! To be honest I do think it would be just to cool to get it running again.

Anyway, After we cleaned it out I took time to move the hay pile from the East pen. Tomorrow I plan on working all the sheep and penning the babies. Yes, it is weaning time folks. And I have news for Van the Goat … He is going in that pen too. Mom is so tires of him getting under her feet. Also I took time to catch the little ducks again. They keep getting out on the road and Mom and I are forever going to get them. I am afraid they might get hit by a car like Donald did.

After that Mom went in to make lunch. I took the time to fix the orchard fence that the county tore up. It really isn’t a fence we use to keep anything in or out with but Mom did want it put back up so that no one would stop on the road and harvest her fruits from the fruit trees without asking. After Lunch … I went fishing. Dad tried to go with me and then found out that you really can’t get much done in two hours before he had to get back to his calves … LOL … Man it was a hard lesson for Dad to learn. By the end of the day he was so mad that he hadn’t gotten much done but Mom and I were giggling…

This evening after I got back from fishing the pond … Where I caught a very nice beauty … That I can’t get the picture to upload of … Figures huh?? Nope not a fishy story … LOL and after I fit in a bit of Roping … I got my Carrie Clothes and Mohair blend roving Shares all done and they will be sent out Monday!!

I finally got it to upload … LOL

I ended my day with another beautiful Rainbow. I don’t think I have seen so many rainbows as I have lately … We must be doing something right! Check it out …


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