The same old thing

Today was more of the same old thing. I have to tell you, somedays there just isn’t much to report on the farm. We clean and clean and clean. From the house to the stall we clean it all… oh look there … That rhymed … LOL

The truth is that farm life isn’t all glamorous and fun. Some days are just days to get things done. There are troths to clean, Stalls to clean, Compost to spread, weeds to spray, fence to fix and much, much more. The problem is that while I worked all day … There isn’t anything fun to really report. It is Wednesday and like every other Wednesday, we check on Granny, Mow the yard and clean stalls and troths. Yup, we have a schedule and some days nothing exciting happens and it is just chores … I know it is kind of boring on days like this but Mom and I plan to record some more of the stories about when we first moved here but we just haven’t had time. So for now I guess boring will have to do …

2 thoughts on “The same old thing

  1. Welcome to real life. For most of us, life is pretty boring. You clean the stalls, clean the troughs, spread the compost, work the cattle, nurse the sick, etc. I get up, fix three meals, wash clothes, clean house, work in garden, pay the bills, visit my father-in-law in the nursing home. Part of becoming an adult is realizing that most of life is boring, but understanding that that is okay. To have the ability and health to do those boring things is to be grateful for.

    But it is fun to hear how your day is going. As the previous blog stated. Boring is good! Generally, I have found, much of what constitutes exciting, is generally exciting in a negative way.


  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    Boring is good. Boring, is in fact wonderful. I would much rather read about a boring day than about a good Newsday which would include such things as school shootings, wars, insane weather disasters, or really any other exciting news item.

    I hope you have a really boring rest of the week.



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