Poison and infection

Today was going pretty good. I cleaned up part of my room this morning and even washed the sheets and blankets on my bed. While Mom helped me a bit in my room we had the two milk goats and Phinny out in the other side of the yard doing a bit of mowing for Mom. To bad they got into the small azalea plant that our Neighbor gave Dad when his Mom died so Mom put them up. When Dad got up He took the trailer back to his cousin. Then him and I went to check out the calves again and we did a bit of roping. Not a bad start to the day … to bad it didn’t stay that pleasant.

While checking the calves we found one that needed to be given a shot of medication. We actually have a system to tell who gets what and when. You see, out of the 20 calves, only two can be told apart from the others. They are black holsteins and the rest are Jersey Cross Bred Calves…. Look …


This is them all eating … See what I mean. Anyway, we mark them with cattle chalk of a different color for different things. Then we tag them with a large ear tag so we can use a number and make sure we have the right calf each time we doctor it. The last thing we do is write the treatment in a notebook to keep track of what shots each one gets.

Anyway, It sounds complicated but it really is simple… Okay we ran into a snag on that plan right from the start. You see, Mom was ready for the calves to need a bit of help getting well from their long trip and she even stopped and picked up a new bottle of medication for them yesterday. When we pulled it out to use it today Mom noticed that the bottle she bought just yesterday was 9 months expired. She got on the phone and got it all straightened out and the store that was 30 plus miles away delivered a new bottle to Mom and picked up the other one and took it back. Mom was really happy with that solution and all she had to do was go to town and make the switch.

We were headed to town anyway so it was no big deal. In town we donated two bikes to the church, went to the extention office, stopped by Harry’s (who forgot we were coming so we didn’t get anything done there) and picked up a couple of Pizzas for dinner at the Grocery store.

When we got home we went back to the calf pen. We doctored the one calf and then took a good look at the calves again. We were going to just use the ear tags the calves had in their ears but when Mom saw what was going on she got mad. The ear tags that are used by Texas Dairies are a state tag but Mom HATES them. Not the idea of tagging but the actual tags. They are metal tags that folds over the outside edge of the ear and then goes through the ear and hook closed. Well, as the ears grow the clip doesn’t move and we find all kinds of problems when they are used.

Just like today. We found some infected. One was put in wrong and it had folded the calf’s ear in half piercing the ear twice and pinching the ear in half. Another one had grown into the ear. And several were making notches in the ears as the ears grew around the tag. This type of Tag rubs the ear raw in different places making sores and blisters. With all that going on you can imagine Mom’s reaction when she found the condition of some of the ear tags. (please remember it is the law that this kind of Dairy tag be used and they only had one put in wrong … The rest is just the way it is in the industry)

How did Mom handle it??? Well, She got the tin snips out and had me help her hold each calf down and all the metal clip ear tags were manually removed. Except one. It is infected the worst and Dad will have to help me get it out of the little guys ear tomorrow. Mom cut most of it away but it looks as though even after boiling it with hydrogine peroxide that it will take a little bit of cleaning up to get the actual clip out of his ear. So tomorrow Dad will help us and we will finish getting that one out … As for the rest Mom made quick work of those tags and they are all gone.

When we were finished with that Mom and I finished the orchard. We just had to trim the grass from around the trees. We got it done in no time really. I used the push mower and Mom weeded around the trunks by hand. Then Mom set to mowing the front yard. By this time it was time for chores but when Mom went to feed the goats she found that Holly didn’t eat all her dinner. Worried she started questioning why …

The AZALEA Plant was remembered … and the book and internet consulting began. Turns out Azaleas are poisonous to Goats. It is the one plant that Goats are drawn to even though it is poisonous to them. Most the time an animal won’t eat things that are bad for them unless it is all they have. That isn’t so with Azaleas. So now Mom is upset with herself and the Goats are on watch for the next two days as well as Holly’s milk being tossed out. Did you know that Azaleas are poisonous to humans too???

Texas X twenty

Today was all about Dad’s calves. We left at 6am but in route got a call that the calves wouldn’t be to the meeting spot until 11:30am. So we took our time and even went to wal-mart while waiting for them to arrive. When we did get them we headed straight back home. The trouble is that it took all day. We left at 6am and didn’t get the calves feed watered and settled in until 6pm. By then I did chores, ate and watched a bit of TV and the entire day is now gone.

So just for the fun of it here are a few pictures I took with my phone … First we stalled them with some hay and water


Then Mom and I set up a feeding area just outside the pen to train them to return to the pen at night.


Then I feed them and slowly they all came around. Except for two that didn’t eat until after we gave them each half a bottle with some protein in them.



Aren’t they just awesome?? Mom says she is picking out one and keeping it and naming it Fawn …

Another Dentist Appointment

Today I ended up having a 4 hour dentist appointment. I know you all have heard it before. If you have been reading the blog for any length of time you know my teeth and my eyes are lasting effects from my health issues as a child.

After my appointment though I didn’t do anything but lay on the couch and watch tv. At one point I had a deer corn pack on my face but it didn’t help and just made my jaw bone throb. I managed to do chores but all I could eat was a grilled cheese sandwich. One other thing that I got done is that I called in to enter my first Steer Roping. That means Friday I will be going to try my hand with the big boys as Mom calls it …

Anyway, Tomorrow is a new day and as stated before Dad is bring in 20 calves. That means I need to get some sleep. But first I do want to post for those that remember … I have an Aunt and Uncle and one Cousin in Vilonia Ar. If you remember 2 years ago when they were hit by a tornado that just about took out the town, Mom and I took a truck load of supplies and got them through to Vilonia before the Government did. This time I just couldn’t do it. Mom said we could do it again if I was up for it but my heart is tired of hurting right now. I know my family is safe and I made the choice to stay home this time. Mom isn’t going either. It was really hard on both of us and it isn’t something we will repeat soon. The images from last time are still burned in our minds and they say this time is 10 times worse. With everything that has happened I just don’t feel like our family can handle taking on a mission trip at this time.

Rain, Rain come and stay

Today was interesting. We all over slept again. I think it is because of being on the Dad’s night shift. Anyway, After chores Dad and I went to get chores done and then ended up in the roping pen … To bad that ended with a flash down pour. Okay, so we were under thunderstorm warning at the time but we had let Mom sleep so there wasn’t anyone to tell us that it was stupid or dangerous, so we did it anyway. LOL

This afternoon, in between showers we worked the arena and Dad brush hogged Mom’s orchard. I found two turkey eggs that Mom and I later took to a friend to put in his incubator so we can get some Babies we hope. It will all depend on if the eggs are fertile or not. We will know in 10 to 14 days from now. At that point we will candle the eggs and if fertile we will have babies. If not well, We will have the babies Mom ordered then anyway so I guess either way we will have babies. LOL

We ended out night with what I like to call the little mouse episode. You see Toby is the old shelter cat that caught Mice at the shelter Mom used to work at. He was very good at his job. Here on the farm we like that he still does his job but now-a-days he does it in the barn or outside just for fun. Okay, so tonight didn’t work out that way. You see he caught a mouse sure enough. Then he brought it IN the house. Mom had just come in from milking and had to “pee” as she said and so the story began!!

Mom came in and filtered her milk. Then she turn to make a b-line for the bathroom only to find three cats, Toby, Sonny and Sabastin, all fighting over something. She couldn’t leave them fighting so she broke it up to find a mouse. The only thing close to the center of the action was the pot we use to put water on the wood burning stove. So she grabbed the pot, turned it upside down and covered the still very much alive mouse. The mouse was jumping around the hitting the pot so hard the cats wouldn’t let it be. So Dad and I came in to find Mom with her legs crossed and one foot on the pot keeping the cats from it.

So I took over with the pot so Mom could go potty. To bad I missed when I picked up the pot and I turned the mouse loose in the house again. Mom got back from the bathroom grabbed her pot and got the mouse again. This time I didn’t miss I got that little guy by the tail and took it outside with the cats in tow. When I got outside I gave the mouse back to Toby as we know he is the catcher in the house. Mom closed the door so that he couldn’t take it back in the house. LOL

All in all I would say it was fun … What do you think??

Well, Blow me away

Okay so today was suppose to be a perfect little cowboy adventure here on the farm. I personally think things went well. We only had two issues … First, The wind … 25 mph winds don’t make the prairie a great place to play. Don’t get me wrong everyone still had fun but what was suppose to be a picnic out under the wide open skies ended up in our Kitchen … LOL. I think they were happy we let them use the kitchen at all since they were suppose to be in the screened in tent out back by the picnic table.

Anyway, the other little issue was Sedan. With all that wind he sure was stirred. And let me just say I didn’t know you had to tell kids not to act like you were riding a bronc while on a real horse … Needless to say I had no idea what a few well placed kicks could do for Sedan. I really didn’t even know he had that much buck in him. For the record the Parents laughed and the child was fine. Remember Sedan is only 35 inches tall so getting bucked off isn’t really that big a deal when you are 5 and aren’t even falling 3 foot.

The funny part is that B’day, the cow let the little kid even stand on her and didn’t do a thing. I think I need to get to workin’ me a few horses around this here place. We are in a sorry state when the horses have more buck then the cattle do … LOL

After everyone left Mom went in to make their Memory Movie and Dad and I hit the roping pen. Tomorrow Mom is hoping to start on the stuff she wants done for the Inspection with I will be looking real hard a the horses on this place and getting them … Tuned up shall we say!!!

A whole lot of Nothing

Today we didn’t do a whole lot. Mom picked up a bit and did a few last minute things before the party tomorrow. For some reason with Dad on Nights Mom hasn’t been sleeping well. This morning we all slept in. After chores Dad and I fit in some Roping. Then we had lunch and he went off to work.

Mom and I headed to town to pick up the Brush hog from Gage so it is back home and Mom says she is going to get her orchard and Garden under control. After that we did the weekly Wather troth Cleanings. We set up the screen tent and put out two roping dumbies for the kids to play cowboys on …

Other then that there wasn’t a whole lot going on. I did help Mom and Dad work on their web page today for the Agritourism thing but that was nothing … Well, just to keep everyone happy I guess I will throw in a bit of sheepie cuteness….






What a day

Today was the first day of Dad having to sleep late because he is on nights for the next few weeks. This morning it was raining and that was a good thing. Mom and I took the time to get the house cleaned up. We have so much we are trying to do and get ready for around here we kind of needed the time.

Saturday we have a birthday party coming. Then on May 19th we are going for our Agritourism Qualification. I don’t know if any of you know what Agritourism is but it will help us make our farm a welcoming place to others. We will be able to advertise to our target customers and get our name out all over the state in Welcome centers across Oklahoma.

Anyway, the Lady from the State will come and do our inspection and tell us what changes we have to make to qualify. They have rules like No Cement or concrete Paths. We have that one covered. There are a whole list of things she will go over with us. After that we will see if Qualifying is even a possibility. We still have the Garden to get back in shape and the orchard to brush hog before then but other then that Mom wants everything perfect. LOL

Anyway, Our Extention Agent barrowed our Brush hog so Mom took the flatbed trailer to town to drop off so that when he comes to work tomorrow we can go pick it up. He lives on one end of the county and we live on the other so this works out for everyone. While we were in town I picked up my Glasses … I have to say I am not really liking them. I thought when I put them on I would be able to see perfect. That isn’t the case. With my eyes they have to adjust to the glasses. They said I have to wear them for 14 days and let my bad eye adjust as much as possible to the new glasses then if I can’t see much better or they are giving me headaches I have to go back in for another exam. I am hoping my eyes adjust fast …

So you want to see me in them??? Okay Here I am …


One thing I do like about my new glasses is that they are transitions … so they turn into my sun glasses all themselves. And of course Mom made sure they have UV protection too.


After that we headed to pick up the washer. We got it home will no issues at all. Mom hooked it up and started to wash everything … LOL

The last thing that happened today was we got the call. If everything goes as planned we will have 20 calves coming in Tuesday Morning. These calves will help us in our Agritourism, as we will be putting on Roping Demos and teaching ground work.

Well, I am off to bed. Tomorrow we will set up the screen tent and get everything looking partyish around here … LOL