Storm is passing

It was kind of a rough Monday. Mom stayed up all night keeping the fire going and staying with Milano. She had taken a turn for the worst and we were tube feeding her to see if she improved. Mom stayed up all through the night until Dad got up to get ready for work. When he left for work he got me up and I stayed up until about 4:30am. At that time everything was unchanged so I went off to get a nap. When Mom got up at 6am she found that Milano had passed.

We spent the rest of the day making sure that The calf was doing okay. Feeding and Watering took most of my time. By the time I would get the calf done it would be time to feed and water Twix and the babies … then it was time for pasture checks.

About half way through the after noon, while I was on one of my many pasture checks, I came in and found Mom with a death grip on twix with her pinned to the side panel of the stall with the Biscotti and Spritz nursing happily. I started to say something but Mom looked up and said “Not a word, we are having a come to Jesus Meeting. I am tired and she will let them nurse!” After the babies were done. Mom took them out of the pen and gave Twix a treat. She fussed a bit but was happy with her snack. This happened a couple more times through out the day. Each time after the lambs would suck on Twix Mom would top their bellies off with a bottle if they needed it.

After Dad got home He helped me take Twix out for a bit and get the calf up.


After we got him up we moved him back out to the barn and he is now in a section of the man pen with plenty of food, hay and water. He is going to be just fine and I am very happy about that.

This evening brought some more great news in the form of Twix … We Moved her out to clean the pen. When we brought her back in Mom got ready to do her wrestling match with her. She put the babies in the pen and tried to get a hold of Twix but Twix stood perfectly still and let the babies nurse all by herself. Then the babies stayed with her. She didn’t hit them or push or pull away.



Mom is going to take the babies out of the pen and keep them seperate for the night so that we all can get a good nights sleep. Then tomorrow we will work on getting them to be able to safely stay with Twix forever …


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