Pasture and Lamb check days

Today it was cold again. Mom and I worried about the lambs being on the pasture at night and the cold so I had one heat lamp going all night. We have two in the stalls where the jugs are but I only had one on as so far no one else has gone into labor.

That also means that I have been on pasture checks and lamb checks most of the day. Every few hours I made my rounds … I did take some time to take a few cute Pictures for you now that Macaroon and Meringue are all cleaned up. Check them out…


They are so sweet ….


And Snickers is never very far away …


But she doesn’t take them very far from the Stall yet … Mom says that is a good thing.


In honor of Lambing season I have also put in place a discount in the shop… For 15% off everything but dyes products use the coupon SPRING15 at checkout … You can find the shop at Oh and don’t forget to wrap up the winter of knits projects and get them posted the last months prizes will be posted tomorrow and the big prize announced. Then March 8th it all comes to an end …

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