Errand Day

Thank goodness we DIDN’T have any babies born today … if we had we wouldn’t have been here to deal with it. Mom got tired of all the errands she had been running over the past week. That means she made us do all the running today! You got it … We ran errands all day.

We did get groceries for both human and animals … My best buy of the day … Not only for me but the sheepies will love me too…


Mom has a different best buy though. She is very happy with her new Bucket, Mop and Broom … She can’t wait until tomorrow when she can do the kitchen floor without Pup’s help …



With our prizes for the day Mom and I plan on staying home and getting some babies born over the next 5 days. We will only be leaving the house to go to the sale Saturday and see if we can get our Milk Goats bought…

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