Guess What ???

Okay I have nothing to blog today. First, Nothing has been born yet so we are still waiting. Then I tried to go to a roping and Guess What … They didn’t have enough people to rope so we all just practiced.

I know that isn’t much news but you have to understand that while we are a farm it doesn’t mean that we have exciting things to report everyday. We have been cleaning up water troths and cleaning out stalls but that is every day work that I don’t blog much about because it too would be mighty boring. Tomorrow Mom has an appointment with the tax man and I will once again be on baby watch.

One thought on “Guess What ???

  1. RJ,

    While you and I and others might think that mucking stalls and cleaning water troughs is exciting, and it isn’t, in reality, it is an important part of running a farm and having animals. I think that it is important that you share all the duties as a farmer/rancher. Too many people have no idea what it takes to raise an animal. The only experience they have with farm animals is when they go to the grocery store to purchase meat or when they want to order wool.

    Good luck with the lambing season!

    Dee S


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