Dogs and pasture checks.

Today we did get a bit of Awesome News from a “friend and follower” from Australia … Congratulations Ms. Heidi on your wonderful win. She took some cotswold roving and worked her magic with blending, spinning and crochet. In the end she added this to her entries and came out on top …

As for our day, we are still on pasture watch. The trouble is that we have noticed we aren’t the only ones watching our flock in the pasture. We found that there are some dogs also on the “watch” around our pasture. That means that Jethro and Hank will be keeping watch for the dogs as well. At one point today Dad and I had to go get the guns and run the dogs off the old fashioned way … By shooting at them.

Where was Jethro and Hank??? Well, Jethro was in the old dog pen because last night he got into a standoff with a skunk … That means to eat he will be put in the old pen until his lovely aroma wears off. (Our Dogs eat in the house so that coons and other critters don’t get in the habit of eating our Dogs food) This morning I put him up and feed him and then he fell asleep in the corner of the old pen and I forgot to let him out. So when these dogs approached the pasture Hank had no back up and being a bit smaller and weighing in at about 45 lbs she was no match for the pitbull, Shepherd and mix that seemed huge compaired to her in size.

Hank alerted us and Dad and I got to the guns to ward off the danger. In the middle of it happening I just didn’t have time to think about letting Jethro out. So from here on out we will be making sure he is on the loose at all time except to eat … And I do mean that they will be on guard at all times from here on out.

As for pasture checks I made a little video yesterday that I wanted to share and since we STILL don’t have any lambs to brag about it will have to keep everyone happy until the lambs decide to show their pretty little heads (and bodies … lol)

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