Pup Goes Green

Have you ever seen those chicks that they used to dye different colors for Easter?? Remember how cute they were. Okay, This is not that kind of story. First let me say that we didn’t do this on purpose and Pup was not harmed in anyway …LOL Other then the bath he had to take (which he hates)!! You see it all started when I got the munchies. Mom decided that she would make me some homemade candy to suck on. She hadn’t made any in quite awhile so I was game…

I picked out my flavor and color while Mom Started the candy. I like to mix and match color and flavors that don’t go together. Today I went with Green Watermelon. Mom brought the candy to a boil and then added Food Coloring for the Green and set the little bottle on the counter. From That point she added Flavor and started putting the candy in the molds we had prepared.

Everything went great!! Mom put the pan in the sink and left the dye on the counter but put everything else away. Then we went to look something up on the computer while the Candy cooled and hardened. That is where our plan went wrong. The cats in our house are not allowed on the counters. We all try to inforce this rule but whe we leave the kitchen Sonny, the kitten that was left at our home while we were on vacation this summer, He is into everything.

Today he found a great toy in batting around the little jug of green food coloring until it fell on the floor. There Pup was all over it and thought he had found a new toy as well. Pup Played and chewed on the little jug until I came back to check on our Candy. OH THE SITE!!! Mom just started laughing until her eyes watered and her sides hurt. Pup was confused because we had never laughed at his being in trouble before. So Today Pup went Green and looked like this…

2-21-2014 00001 02

It seems that he played with the jug on my rope can giving it this wonderful Green and purple look… Good thing Mom knows how to clean up food coloring or I would be using a rope can that would look like this …

2-21-2014 00001

After Mom stopped laughing and got herself under control she helped me bath Pup. Using Dawn dish soap Pup is now back to normal … With the exception of a very green tongue…

2-21-2014 00001 02 05 07

Before all that happened I had taken the time to show you how I spend most of my days. I took video of a pasture check and even talked about what we look for and who we are watching and why. I guess that will wait for tomorrow so that you all will have something to look forward to tomorrow.

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