Pasture and Lamb check days

Today it was cold again. Mom and I worried about the lambs being on the pasture at night and the cold so I had one heat lamp going all night. We have two in the stalls where the jugs are but I only had one on as so far no one else has gone into labor.

That also means that I have been on pasture checks and lamb checks most of the day. Every few hours I made my rounds … I did take some time to take a few cute Pictures for you now that Macaroon and Meringue are all cleaned up. Check them out…


They are so sweet ….


And Snickers is never very far away …


But she doesn’t take them very far from the Stall yet … Mom says that is a good thing.


In honor of Lambing season I have also put in place a discount in the shop… For 15% off everything but dyes products use the coupon SPRING15 at checkout … You can find the shop at Oh and don’t forget to wrap up the winter of knits projects and get them posted the last months prizes will be posted tomorrow and the big prize announced. Then March 8th it all comes to an end …

Errand Day

Thank goodness we DIDN’T have any babies born today … if we had we wouldn’t have been here to deal with it. Mom got tired of all the errands she had been running over the past week. That means she made us do all the running today! You got it … We ran errands all day.

We did get groceries for both human and animals … My best buy of the day … Not only for me but the sheepies will love me too…


Mom has a different best buy though. She is very happy with her new Bucket, Mop and Broom … She can’t wait until tomorrow when she can do the kitchen floor without Pup’s help …



With our prizes for the day Mom and I plan on staying home and getting some babies born over the next 5 days. We will only be leaving the house to go to the sale Saturday and see if we can get our Milk Goats bought…

WIP Wednesday

Okay so no new lambs today but we suspect that we will have some tomorrow … In the mean time I stole some pictures of what Mom is working on.

First, we have a friend that is going to have a baby the first part of April so Mom has been working on Baby things. First she made a pair of booties that were suppose to look like cowboy boots. Truth is that even though he did the pattern stitch for stitch, they didn’t come out looking like cowboy boots at all. She decided that she is going to put some ribbon in the tops about where the ankles are and give them to the baby anyway.


Mom is now writing her own pattern and remaking booties she likes and the baby will have two sets…


To top it off Mom dyed up some wool yarn …


She is making a baby blanket she has it started and so far she had this much done…


So Excited … Finally!!!

It is official … Lambing season has begun. I don’t know if I mentioned it but a few months ago Mom took an online webinar about how lambing operations are run up north. That lead her to learn about how much more sanitary it is to let the ewes birth in the pasture and only jug them for 24 hours. She learned about when to keep them jugged longer and many different ways of taking care of water and feed needs.

With all that she learned we are trying a new approach to lambing this year. The big change this year is that the ewes will be lambing in the pasture. Then we will move them into the jug for the first 24 hours with their babies. This is why we are making regular pasture checks not just at morning and night like last year. If you remember last year we kept them all in a pen until they gave birth. They all had access to a shed and extra heat at all times. Extra heat will be provided to the jugs this year with red heat lamps but once turned out to the pasture they will have less access to the heat lamps.

Another change is that their first bucket of water will be a warm one with vitamins and electrolytes added. They said warm water encourages the ewes to drink more and with the extra goodies in the water it will help boost their bodies to recover from giving birth much faster. Mom also learned when a ewe should stay in the jug a bit longer and what to watch for before turning them out. For example Snickers gave birth today in the late afternoon but she will not be turned out when she hits 24 hours. You never turn them out in the evening. It is better to turn them out at the start of the day that way the lambs can see Mom as well as their surrounding and Mom can get them calmed down in plenty of time to bed them down for the night. That means in reality Snickers with be jugged an extra night but it will be fine.

Mom also learned that she doesn’t need to worry so much. Her instructor said to remember Animals have been having babies for thousands of years before we even learned to help them. Yes, our help makes it a bit easier sometimes but we really aren’t needed. As most of you can imagine that didn’t stop Mom from worrying. When the wind came up and turned cold Mom stuck to our plan but put up a large blanket on the jug to break the wind for the babies. (I am not sure I like it because all of you can’t see on the cam now … I know better safe for the babies then sorry)

With our new birthing system being tried out I am sure it will succeed. And if we run into any trouble we always have plan B… Do it the way we did last year… LOL So are you ready to see the new additions and the start of our lambing season??? Well, here they are …



We are calling the littlest one, who is a little girl, Meringue. The largest lamb is a boy and I am calling him Macaroon! So what do you think??? The next Ewes to give birth is suppose to be Fudgie, Hersey, Yuchi, Turtle and then Twix!

Guess What ???

Okay I have nothing to blog today. First, Nothing has been born yet so we are still waiting. Then I tried to go to a roping and Guess What … They didn’t have enough people to rope so we all just practiced.

I know that isn’t much news but you have to understand that while we are a farm it doesn’t mean that we have exciting things to report everyday. We have been cleaning up water troths and cleaning out stalls but that is every day work that I don’t blog much about because it too would be mighty boring. Tomorrow Mom has an appointment with the tax man and I will once again be on baby watch.

Dogs and pasture checks.

Today we did get a bit of Awesome News from a “friend and follower” from Australia … Congratulations Ms. Heidi on your wonderful win. She took some cotswold roving and worked her magic with blending, spinning and crochet. In the end she added this to her entries and came out on top …

As for our day, we are still on pasture watch. The trouble is that we have noticed we aren’t the only ones watching our flock in the pasture. We found that there are some dogs also on the “watch” around our pasture. That means that Jethro and Hank will be keeping watch for the dogs as well. At one point today Dad and I had to go get the guns and run the dogs off the old fashioned way … By shooting at them.

Where was Jethro and Hank??? Well, Jethro was in the old dog pen because last night he got into a standoff with a skunk … That means to eat he will be put in the old pen until his lovely aroma wears off. (Our Dogs eat in the house so that coons and other critters don’t get in the habit of eating our Dogs food) This morning I put him up and feed him and then he fell asleep in the corner of the old pen and I forgot to let him out. So when these dogs approached the pasture Hank had no back up and being a bit smaller and weighing in at about 45 lbs she was no match for the pitbull, Shepherd and mix that seemed huge compaired to her in size.

Hank alerted us and Dad and I got to the guns to ward off the danger. In the middle of it happening I just didn’t have time to think about letting Jethro out. So from here on out we will be making sure he is on the loose at all time except to eat … And I do mean that they will be on guard at all times from here on out.

As for pasture checks I made a little video yesterday that I wanted to share and since we STILL don’t have any lambs to brag about it will have to keep everyone happy until the lambs decide to show their pretty little heads (and bodies … lol)

Pup Goes Green

Have you ever seen those chicks that they used to dye different colors for Easter?? Remember how cute they were. Okay, This is not that kind of story. First let me say that we didn’t do this on purpose and Pup was not harmed in anyway …LOL Other then the bath he had to take (which he hates)!! You see it all started when I got the munchies. Mom decided that she would make me some homemade candy to suck on. She hadn’t made any in quite awhile so I was game…

I picked out my flavor and color while Mom Started the candy. I like to mix and match color and flavors that don’t go together. Today I went with Green Watermelon. Mom brought the candy to a boil and then added Food Coloring for the Green and set the little bottle on the counter. From That point she added Flavor and started putting the candy in the molds we had prepared.

Everything went great!! Mom put the pan in the sink and left the dye on the counter but put everything else away. Then we went to look something up on the computer while the Candy cooled and hardened. That is where our plan went wrong. The cats in our house are not allowed on the counters. We all try to inforce this rule but whe we leave the kitchen Sonny, the kitten that was left at our home while we were on vacation this summer, He is into everything.

Today he found a great toy in batting around the little jug of green food coloring until it fell on the floor. There Pup was all over it and thought he had found a new toy as well. Pup Played and chewed on the little jug until I came back to check on our Candy. OH THE SITE!!! Mom just started laughing until her eyes watered and her sides hurt. Pup was confused because we had never laughed at his being in trouble before. So Today Pup went Green and looked like this…

2-21-2014 00001 02

It seems that he played with the jug on my rope can giving it this wonderful Green and purple look… Good thing Mom knows how to clean up food coloring or I would be using a rope can that would look like this …

2-21-2014 00001

After Mom stopped laughing and got herself under control she helped me bath Pup. Using Dawn dish soap Pup is now back to normal … With the exception of a very green tongue…

2-21-2014 00001 02 05 07

Before all that happened I had taken the time to show you how I spend most of my days. I took video of a pasture check and even talked about what we look for and who we are watching and why. I guess that will wait for tomorrow so that you all will have something to look forward to tomorrow.

Still Waiting…

Well, today was more of the same … Waiting. I will say that I am determined to see a birth this year. Mom went and worked the 4-H Pop Booth for me just so that if Snickers went into labor I would be home. If you remember last year everytime I left the house, turned my back or just ran to the house to get something … I missed every single birth. Mom on the other hand saw just about all of them and delivered more lambs then I can count. Not This year.

I plan on sticking close to home and getting to see babies being born and Ewes bonding with them. I want the be the first to touch them and help clean them up. I want to be able to say “I helped deliver that one” I know it makes for a very boring blog though but when the babies do start coming It will get exciting really fast. Snickers was the first marked and her actual due date is the 24th so I am sure she will have them by then.

Until that happens I will be staying close to home….

Jethro is in trouble

So Today Jethro was in big trouble… you see in the night the wind came up and remember the birthing pens we set up? Well??? They now look like this …

2-19-2014 00000

We don’t know if he thought it was a danger to the flock or if he thought “cool big bubble” and jumped in the middle to protect or play. Either way the cover is trashed. So with babies coming any day now Mom and I moved the birthing pens. We aren’t really happy with where we had to put them but we did what we had to do to get through this birthing season. Mom on the other hand will be looking into another way to cover our pens next year. For now They are in the shed in the pasture and look like this…

2-19-2014 00000 03

We are even working to get the cam in place in the shed so that you all can watch all the action this year.

Phat and Merino

Man can I just say that I hate waiting. We have been checking the ewes everyday and so far a few have bags forming and some even seem to be getting a bit puffy in the backside. All that means though is that we will have lambs born soon. I am a 16 year old Kid!! I want to know when SOON IS!! LOL

Okay so you want cute anyway … Well, I can do cute. Check out Pup … He gets cuter everyday…

2-18-2014 00000

The only other thing that happened that is of interest is that Mom is working on getting a Merino Ram. We are told He is a tricolor and that he is only 6 weeks old and would be on the bottle when we get him. We are waiting to hear a cost and nail down the details as well as get a picture if it is possible.

Anyway, Everyone keep thinking COOKIES and maybe we will have some super cuteness real soon. OH … I almost forgot … Mom and I got the Phat Samples done tonight and they will go in the mail tomorrow and be in the March box … And did I mention that we might be giving a Phat box away on our blog in March as well???