No calves yet

Today Mom and I headed to another calf Sale. We tried to get some calves bought but it just didn’t happen. We got out bid everytime. While we were there we ate a really good lunch at the sale barn cafe’ I have to tell you Pup is doing great about going with us and he hasn’t had even one accident as we travel.

When we got home Mom got on dinner and I hit the roping pen. By the time Dad got home it was time for chores. Ms. Karen joined us for dinner and after that Mom made all of us clean out the coat closet and the two coat racks in the front room. As of right now everyone has all their coats put in their own closets and the coat closet is being used for feed.

I think we have every kind of feed there is in that closet. Dog, Cat, bird, Puppy, sheep, Calf milk and sheep milk … Yup it is all in there. I have a headache so I will be heading to bed now but don’t forget to vote on last night’s blog ….

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