WIP Wednesday …

So today I have decided to try and get back on track. Starting today I will be getting back to Work in Progress Wednesday. Let’s get started …

First up Mom is working on her Phat sample project. Remember this??


Mom made it into a magic ball and then made it into a center pull ball. It now looks like this.


She says she is going to make it into a Bandana Cowl. She has it started but hasn’t gotten very far …


Then Mom also has what she calls a pinwheel table cloth started. However, it is a thread crochet project. So far she has this much done.


This week Mom also made her first batt. So how do you think it turned out??


There are two other things I wanted to pop in here on this post and that is that today we got this in the mail…


These are the scrapies tags for the babies that are to come in the Spring…

Also to add just a bit of cute … I have found the best seat in the house when it is cold out… Check this out …




So where is your favorite spot to let the winter blow on by???

Calves are Here…

It has been an iteresting day today. First, Mom and I picked up three calves. One has a swollen leg but it isn’t really that bad. Mom thinks when the swelling goes down the little guy will be just fine. The other two we think are just wormy so they will all get medication and we will give them a few days and go from there.

When we got back in the house from dealing with the calves, Mom found that the bathroom hot water had thawed out so we stopped everything and took showers. Mom was afraid that in the night it would freeze off again and trust me when I say working on the farm means showering everyday … LOL … We have insulated the pipes but there is one spot in the hot water line that runs through a cinderblock footer for a wall under the house and we can’t get to where it is so it can’t be insulated. It is okay though because when we first moved here the water froze off all the time. Then Mom made Dad insulate the pipes under the house and it is much better.

Anyway, following our nice hot showers Mom and I worked on two fleece. First is the fleece of Pickles. Pickles is a Shetland Ram that was born to Momma Shetland and he is grey in color. We aren’t sure if his fleece will turn out very good but Mom is washing it up and we will see. The second fleece is that of a cotswold. We don’t remember if it is Twix, Skittles or Snickers but it is from their first shearing.

Mom has decided that she will be watching and processing the fleece that we have and getting things in the shop to sell but while we were working on the ones she is starting with she got a rather rude call from a 4-H parent.

I don’t know what it was all about but I could hear the lady on the other end of the phone yelling at Mom from half way across the room. The sad part is that the lady had no business even taking issue with Mom because she had nothing to do with the issue at hand. I will tell you I feel bad for Mom because I know she is only being the leader because of me.

To top that off when Dad got home he was in a mood. He wasn’t so happy about the calves and he started taking Mom’s head off. Mom had had it with the other lady at this point and told Dad that she wasn’t going to take it from him. I went outside to rope… LOL. Tomorrow I am sure will be a better day. For the record I love the three new calves!

A whole lot of Nothing

I have to say that today I didn’t get a whole lot done. Mom and I got up on time but at 7am I started watching the big cattle sale online. It is a really big sale and it went on from 7am to after 6pm.

Mom and I took time to clean out two cabinets but I have to be honest. That didn’t really take all that long. Each of the two we did were only one shelf each. I did the shelf that houses the winter mittens, hats and scarfs. While Mom did the cookbook shelf over the stove.

Mom did make me try her endeavors from yesterday though. On her menu was oregano – basil farmer’s cheese and apple jelly…


First came the cheese and I have to say I was not impressed. It just wasn’t my thing… Mom liked it but I will have to pass on that one from now on.


After that I wasn’t holding out for great results for the apple juice jelly she made. However, I was surprised … It was really good.


In other news Mom spun up all her samples from her Phat Box. She put them In some kind of order that works in her mind and she is going to make something like a hat or scarf but I am not sure which. It will depend on how much yardage she has …


Roping day

Today started out kind of weird. Wonder had scours really bad. He didn’t have them yesterday so I had Mom make his a bottle. It was a bottle that will help him have all the nutients he needs as the scours pass. He perked up and took it just fine so I am sure by tomorrow he will be just fine.

I didn’t do much other then that but I did go to a roping. I caught all three of my calves but the first one I roped kicked me right between the eyes. I now have a headache and will attempt to sleep it off … However, I wanted to take time to let everyone know that the poll is now closed for this years naming convection. And the results are as follows:

  • Cookies 17
  • Scientists/Mathematicians 16
  • Ice Cream flavors 7
  • Birds 4
  • Colors of the rainbow 3
  • Snacks 2
  • Food Brand names 1
  • So be thinking of names of Cookies that you want to use for names of the babies this year…

    I am the Champion!!!

    So today Mom was having a fit. She was cleaning out the frig and found that Dad is only eating things with a ton of Sugar in it. He ates oatmeal for breakfast each morning… That is good right?? Not when he puts a cup of Brown sugar in it. He won’t drink water but koolaide and Mt. Dew are the first thing he grabs to quench his thirst.

    Mom also makes sure that he has chili and stew type things for his lunches as well as meat and cheese for sandwiches. To bad he take Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches for lunch. Mom does take time to make cookies each day but she doesn’t expect them to be all eaten in a day … but guess what Dad takes to go with those Sandwiches. Yup, Cookies.

    Anyway, Mom was getting on to Dad about it and has decided to take sugar out of Dad and Her’s Diet. She said if she didn’t do something he was going to end up being Diabetic. So Mom says sugar is out. She will no longer buy Pop and sweets. She did tell me that if I keep my snacks in my own frig I can keep getting the snacks I am used to But the rest of it is out….

    After the Big Frig raid and the Sugary snacks were gone I hit the roping pen. I took time to practice on my new roping dumbie. I was getting ready for the Goat roping tonight and a roping tomorrow.

    At the Goat Roping tonight I won first place making me and my partner the Goat Roping Champion of the night… Now I am off to bed so that I can go get feed tomorrow before I head out to my roping.

    Phat Box Day

    Today was Phat Fiber Box day … What is Phat Fiber Boxes? Well, they are a way we have started advertising. You can learn all about them HERE And in true Phat Fiber tradition we did our own little video so that you all can enjoy it as we explore our box … Enjoy!!! And make sure you watch the end to see my first rejection …

    No calves yet

    Today Mom and I headed to another calf Sale. We tried to get some calves bought but it just didn’t happen. We got out bid everytime. While we were there we ate a really good lunch at the sale barn cafe’ I have to tell you Pup is doing great about going with us and he hasn’t had even one accident as we travel.

    When we got home Mom got on dinner and I hit the roping pen. By the time Dad got home it was time for chores. Ms. Karen joined us for dinner and after that Mom made all of us clean out the coat closet and the two coat racks in the front room. As of right now everyone has all their coats put in their own closets and the coat closet is being used for feed.

    I think we have every kind of feed there is in that closet. Dog, Cat, bird, Puppy, sheep, Calf milk and sheep milk … Yup it is all in there. I have a headache so I will be heading to bed now but don’t forget to vote on last night’s blog ….