Better Get Busy

Today I started out early to get things done. I had big plans but in the end didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. At 6:30am I was in the fiber room creating … I sat and weighted out fleece and little batts to make some thing I thought was cool.


They turned out like this …


I was going to use them to introduce our QT Sheep Cross fleece but when I put them on Plurk and told everyone to check out what I was working on, they turned it into a big debate about if I should wash the fleece I said was raw. I have to admit it killed my excitement. I can’t wait for the day that everyone doesn’t think of me as a kid. Most people tell me that I “need to do this” … HELLO … I don’t NEED to do anything but what my parents say. Anyway, Moving on … Enough griping … I have some made up and I will be selling them in our fiber booth in about 2 weeks. (I am just not putting them online so that way the Negative debate stops as it is a mute point)

After I got them all made I got chores done and Mom and I headed to town. We went three places. First was Hobby Lobby. Mom got a great deal on the stuff she needed to make a new door wreath. She ended up with a 30 value for under 10 and if she was to get it made by someone else who knows what it would cost… Check this out…


After that we went across the parking lot to Atwoods and we got a even better deal on the new decorations for outside… Mom likes them so much that she is talking to a guy about how to fix them to the house all year round… We will see how it goes … All together they should have been $210.00 but Mom cashed out for $52.50


From there we went to Tractor supply but didn’t really find any great deals. We did however, pick up the parts we need to fix the water valve that broke yesterday. When I got home and rode the horses before giving in to Mom’s request to get on my fiber stuff. Turns out I have like over 50 skeins of yarn to reskein and stitchmarkers to make. I guess I didn’t realize Jan 11th was coming so fast.


Yup, that sure is alot and that doesn’t include the skeins I have for the Jan. Promotion that I have to reskein as well. So I got to work and did 9 skeins tonight and made 10 packs of stitchmarkers. I will be doing a few of each, each night while Mom gets on her sewing …



No matter what we will have a booth even if we are ready or not!!

2 thoughts on “Better Get Busy

  1. That would be 400 or 450 yards of our 70% mohair and 30% wool. It is super soft and I hope you get to come see me and feel it for yourself … Once people feel it they never go back. I have felt some Merino coarser then our yarn … Okay that was a brag couldn’t help it … LOL

    RJ Straw AKA Young Shepherd

    On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 11:11 AM, Happening Now – The Winter of Knits Contest


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