Catching up is hard to do

Today to get caught up I have to back up. While I was breaking in the calves Friday Mike hired me to untie calves at his roping the next day. I did chores and then Dad and I hit the road for some Quality time together. I untied calves while Dad watched and then on breaks we hung out and chatted away about it. While Dad and I were enjoying the fun of the roping, Mom was surviving. You see while we were at the roping the storm hit. It caused no issues for Dad and I because the roads were clear when we left home and when we came back the state had them cleared of the ice that had come while we were away.

As for the farm, Mom was holding down the fort. She was without power for about 3 hours and the worst thing was that she thought we were prepared only to find out the wick in one of the lamps wasn’t any good anymore. It isn’t something you find out unless you need them though so Mom was short on lamps. We only have two and with one out of commission it left Mom in the Dark shall we say. She had one flash light but no extra batteries … So what did she do?

Well, First let me say I have trained her well and she did think to get a few pictures for you. Check this out… First, she stole the candles from her Grandmother’s Christmas advent “thing”. They were the only candles in the house and now I owe her some more.


Then she had these in the kitchen window just because she likes a few glass, older looking jars around. No real value or reason she just likes the look of them. This time they came in handy though.


Then she found this bee’s waxed chips left over from another project and used it to bring her candle holders all together.


She ended up with these that got her through. When we got home we found her in the kitchen with the wood burning stove going and she was spinning away by the new lights she had created…. Even though the electric came back on about 15 minutes before we got home… she said she kind of liked it.


Since we got home late we did chores, ate the chili Mom had waiting for us and then headed to bed.

Sunday was the day of my Big roping. I did okay and Coop and I caught all 5 calves and placed 6th but was out of the money. I honestly didn’t do to bad as the calves weren’t all that good and it was the first time Coop and I Caught more then two head in a row. So I am happy to say I took 5 head and came out will all 5 under my belt. Then I headed over to Mikes Roping and untied calves again because he was short a few guys. He gave me a cool shirt and I got paid to boot. Not bad for a days wages.

Today I slept in … Merry Christmas to me … Mom started her day taking the truck to the mechanic because in the ice and cold it didn’t want to stay running or idle right. Josh out Mechanic had it fixed by noon and the snow started to come down again. It wasn’t what he thought was wrong with it so it costs a little bit more but Mom says pay now and it won’t cost you more later.

By this afternoon Dad and I got some more wood cut up, the trash burned and just had a general lazy kind of do nothing day. This evening we did take a bit of time to go deer hunting and see if we could get us a bit more meet for the freezer but we only saw four but couldn’t get a shot off and Dad ended up getting the truck stuck so when we got it unstuck we came home for the evening. While we were gone Mom baked Pumpkin and banana bread and tomorrow she will work on the pies… Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I can’t wait….

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