Work, work, work

Man, I feel like I am getting behind but I know I am making Progress. Today we worked on The Fiber Booth for Woolfest. I have skeined and skeined and reskeined. I think from now on I am not going to get behind on the skeining when Mom is dying. At this point I started with about 50 skeins to reskein and I am down to just under 30.

Another thing I did was I hopped online and ordered some more moo cards. I use them to give away at the booth instead of my business cards. If you have ever been to a fiber festival you know that you get a business card at every booth. You also know that you get home and may or may not remember why you took the card in the first place. You will look online and then not find what it was that tickled your fancy at the show because you can’t remember what it was in the first place. Then one of two things happen. You will put the card in your stash of fiber business cards never to be heard from again or you will throw it away after bookmarking the webpage.

So I have found a way that I THINK makes my cards stand out. First, I use the Mini Moo cards and I use mini skeins of Mom’s hand spun yarns. Then I combine them to be this…


Do I think it makes me stand out … To tell the truth who knows but at least I do try. Another thing that I am working on is something you all might already know about but it is new to me and I am going to give it a try.

What am I talking about?? Phat Fiber. We will be taking part in the January boxes of samples. I did all the samples and mailed them off but now I have the large versions to get reskeined so that they can be in the shop and for sale when the video samples are revealed. If you are interested in finding out more about them you can check them out HERE They also have a blog that does give aways quite often.

When Dad got home I took time to rope but other then that I was a skeinin’ little sucker …

Happy Turkey Day!!!

So today isn’t really Turkey Day as you know it but it is a Turkey Day of Sorts. You see it started out like any normal day. With Chores and Breakfast. From there Dad and I moved the Cinnamon out to an outside pen at the Vet’s suggestion. She kept getting a hold of dog food in the house and even one piece made her act like a crazy girl.

Doc says he is sure it is a food allergy of sorts. We fixed her up a pen out away from all feed. Cat, Dog and even some goat/sheep pellets do it to her. So she is in a stall in the East pen where Wendie and Charlie eat. The men are around in that pen but can’t get into her stall. Phinney likes to hang out in the shed now but we are being really careful that he doesn’t breed with her as she is still to young to be a Mom.

When Cinnamon was settled Dad and I went to cut wood. Dad took the truck and I logged on Coop. She drug out dead wood while Dad cut it up and loaded the trailer. We were home by noon and ate a nice hot lunch that Mom cooked up. After we ate we got back at it but this time we had the trailer here and we cut it to size and split it with the wood splitter that Dad got from Christmas.

Dad and I ended our day with one last crack at getting another deer. Today was the last day of hunting season until next fall. We saw three deer but never even got a shot off. Oh well, I got two already and that meat is in the freezer.

When it came time for evening chores we did the normal stuff with one extra bit of work. You see now that Cinnamon is outside, the inside pen was empty. To make any sense of this I have to back up to the last Ice storm.

Easter, one of Mom’s Turkeys hurt her foot on the ice. We don’t know how but we think she slipped trying to perch on the fence. Her foot has been swollen for days and she won’t put any weight on it. We have been keeping her food and water where she can get to it but the other healthy turkeys help themselves and we don’t know just how much she is really getting.

Anyway, The inside pen was now free and we decided to bring Easter in so that she can get heat and maybe let some of the swelling go down and she can get food and water without competition from the others. She will stay in until she can get around and then out she goes. We tried to get some pictures of Sonny the kitten trying to figure her out but the lighting isn’t that great in that corner of the kitchen and you can’t really tell what is going on. So you will just have to imagine the kitten and the turkey meeting each other.

Mom spent the day finishing all the Christmas Dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher so Mom does them bit by bit) and getting the bags made for the booth. You know tomorrow that Mom will have me working on the booth as well. I still have reskeining to get done and everything labeled … but we are getting closer and I do have until the 9th to get it all done.

Christmas is Gone

Okay, so this morning Dad and I took time to clean out the big stalls in the pasture that the sheep, goats and alpaca use at night. After that we took time to eat lunch. While I ate I worked to get Plurk on Mom’s phone. I have come up with a plan to alert everyone as to when to watch the cam to see births. You see my Plurk is linked to my twitter. And my Twitter posts on the Wedgit on my blog page. There for if I plurk for everyone to watch the cam to see a birth it will post three places. Maybe then people will get to watch what is going on as it happens and not just read about it later. Anyway, my first try bombed as everything posted in something other then english when I typed english on the phone… The second try seems to be working so when we finished eating Dad and I headed out. We went to a ropin’ and we both did okay. We just didn’t do good enough to place.

When we got home we found Mom had gone crazy and that this …


Was now back to this….


And this


Was now This


And this too

Became this once again…

It happened all over the house … Even the veggie Tray became this … In case you are unsure what “THIS” is … we use the old veggies from the Christmas Veggie tray as sheep and goat treats … (and horses) but we cut them up small so that they don’t get to much at once and all the flock/herd gets some.


It’s Here and It’s Time!!

So as it turns out Today is the Day. The wait is over and the great reveal is here. What in the world am I talking about?? Well, the mail came.


For months now you have seen Mom start to make really pretty colors with the new to us dyes. Guess what came in the mail today. Yup, you got it … our retail stuff. So Here it is in a nutshell. We now use Greener Shades Dyes.


So what is so great about these new dyes? Well first, they are considered metal free making them Environmentally Friendlier then other dyes. Second, is the fact that because of their special formula the dye sets at lower temps. Third, these dyes don’t mess with organic statis of the fiber. To the farmer that means they are consided a form of organic dyes. And last we have found that the cost of start up is much less. There are only 9 colors you maintain to acheive over 225 colors including standard color wheel colors, Primary colors, Jewel tones, pastels and earthtones just to name a few. The ones right out of the jars rock too if you ask me.


I will also let you know that this company does live Dye alongs in their ravelry group that everyone can attend. Check out their schedule of live broadcast/chats.

Greener Shades Dyes 2014 Live Dye Along Schedule

January 13th: Dye Stocks / Solid Color Yarn
January 20th: Dyeing Roving (Solid Color)
January 27th: Designing a Colorway / Hand paint yarn
February 4th: Alternate Heating Methods
February 11th: Dyeing Feathers (Hat/Jewelry Makers Special)
February 18th: Hand Paint Roving / Using Darker Fibers

For those who haven’t noticed with the coming of the New Year we have changed things up on the web page again. That also means while you can find out more about the new dyes and where to purchase them HERE If you are very observent you will notice two, big to me, changes. First, Mom and Dad have their own web page that can be found HERE And last, but not least, you will see that I have a baby cam on the page. Mom worked hard to get it all done, tested and up and running for me for Christmas. It was one of the nicest gifts I got. That also means you get to enjoy this gift as well because we will be broadcasting during lambing season and if you watch it you might get to see someone be born…

Better Get Busy

Today I started out early to get things done. I had big plans but in the end didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. At 6:30am I was in the fiber room creating … I sat and weighted out fleece and little batts to make some thing I thought was cool.


They turned out like this …


I was going to use them to introduce our QT Sheep Cross fleece but when I put them on Plurk and told everyone to check out what I was working on, they turned it into a big debate about if I should wash the fleece I said was raw. I have to admit it killed my excitement. I can’t wait for the day that everyone doesn’t think of me as a kid. Most people tell me that I “need to do this” … HELLO … I don’t NEED to do anything but what my parents say. Anyway, Moving on … Enough griping … I have some made up and I will be selling them in our fiber booth in about 2 weeks. (I am just not putting them online so that way the Negative debate stops as it is a mute point)

After I got them all made I got chores done and Mom and I headed to town. We went three places. First was Hobby Lobby. Mom got a great deal on the stuff she needed to make a new door wreath. She ended up with a 30 value for under 10 and if she was to get it made by someone else who knows what it would cost… Check this out…


After that we went across the parking lot to Atwoods and we got a even better deal on the new decorations for outside… Mom likes them so much that she is talking to a guy about how to fix them to the house all year round… We will see how it goes … All together they should have been $210.00 but Mom cashed out for $52.50


From there we went to Tractor supply but didn’t really find any great deals. We did however, pick up the parts we need to fix the water valve that broke yesterday. When I got home and rode the horses before giving in to Mom’s request to get on my fiber stuff. Turns out I have like over 50 skeins of yarn to reskein and stitchmarkers to make. I guess I didn’t realize Jan 11th was coming so fast.


Yup, that sure is alot and that doesn’t include the skeins I have for the Jan. Promotion that I have to reskein as well. So I got to work and did 9 skeins tonight and made 10 packs of stitchmarkers. I will be doing a few of each, each night while Mom gets on her sewing …



No matter what we will have a booth even if we are ready or not!!

Catching up is hard to do

Today to get caught up I have to back up. While I was breaking in the calves Friday Mike hired me to untie calves at his roping the next day. I did chores and then Dad and I hit the road for some Quality time together. I untied calves while Dad watched and then on breaks we hung out and chatted away about it. While Dad and I were enjoying the fun of the roping, Mom was surviving. You see while we were at the roping the storm hit. It caused no issues for Dad and I because the roads were clear when we left home and when we came back the state had them cleared of the ice that had come while we were away.

As for the farm, Mom was holding down the fort. She was without power for about 3 hours and the worst thing was that she thought we were prepared only to find out the wick in one of the lamps wasn’t any good anymore. It isn’t something you find out unless you need them though so Mom was short on lamps. We only have two and with one out of commission it left Mom in the Dark shall we say. She had one flash light but no extra batteries … So what did she do?

Well, First let me say I have trained her well and she did think to get a few pictures for you. Check this out… First, she stole the candles from her Grandmother’s Christmas advent “thing”. They were the only candles in the house and now I owe her some more.


Then she had these in the kitchen window just because she likes a few glass, older looking jars around. No real value or reason she just likes the look of them. This time they came in handy though.


Then she found this bee’s waxed chips left over from another project and used it to bring her candle holders all together.


She ended up with these that got her through. When we got home we found her in the kitchen with the wood burning stove going and she was spinning away by the new lights she had created…. Even though the electric came back on about 15 minutes before we got home… she said she kind of liked it.


Since we got home late we did chores, ate the chili Mom had waiting for us and then headed to bed.

Sunday was the day of my Big roping. I did okay and Coop and I caught all 5 calves and placed 6th but was out of the money. I honestly didn’t do to bad as the calves weren’t all that good and it was the first time Coop and I Caught more then two head in a row. So I am happy to say I took 5 head and came out will all 5 under my belt. Then I headed over to Mikes Roping and untied calves again because he was short a few guys. He gave me a cool shirt and I got paid to boot. Not bad for a days wages.

Today I slept in … Merry Christmas to me … Mom started her day taking the truck to the mechanic because in the ice and cold it didn’t want to stay running or idle right. Josh out Mechanic had it fixed by noon and the snow started to come down again. It wasn’t what he thought was wrong with it so it costs a little bit more but Mom says pay now and it won’t cost you more later.

By this afternoon Dad and I got some more wood cut up, the trash burned and just had a general lazy kind of do nothing day. This evening we did take a bit of time to go deer hunting and see if we could get us a bit more meet for the freezer but we only saw four but couldn’t get a shot off and Dad ended up getting the truck stuck so when we got it unstuck we came home for the evening. While we were gone Mom baked Pumpkin and banana bread and tomorrow she will work on the pies… Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I can’t wait….

Good times

Today I think we all had a good time. Mom started her day by going to finish the Christmas shopping and get groceries. By the time she was done and got back home Dad and I had done chores and were on our way to an ultimate Calf roping. There we meet up with Mike Johnson. Who is Mike Johnson? Well, he is a 23 x National Finals Qualifier, 2003 National Finals Champion, 2005 Pace Picante Finals Champion, 2004 Calgary Stampede $50,000 Winner, 2003 Cheyenne Frontier Days Champion, 2000 San Francisco “Cow Palace” Champion, “Million Dollar Cowboy”, 2010 Columbia River Circuit Finals Qualifier and the man who puts on the World’s Richest Calf Roping each year.

No, I can’t rope good enough to compete with the likes of him but I can help him break in the calves they will be using for it. And tomorrow I will be untying calves in World’s Richest Calf Roping for him as well. I am trying to get all the practice I can for my Roping on Sunday so I don’t mind and I get in free to watch cause I will be working it.

We made it home in time to do chores and eat a big pot of stew Mom had made. Mom and I also came to an agreement. For the first time I have a bill. You see, I have this frig in my room and I always want it full of pop and snacks. Today Mom made it look like this …


I have pop, kickstart, string cheese, Cheese twists, Cheese sticks, packages of meat, lunchables and a few candy bars. The deal is that if I am going to snack all day on that stuff, Mom says that since I have a job I need to match her dollar for dollar to stock my frig. The big frig is open to me all the time but it is just my little frig I am now splitting with Mom. That is cool. I can take my 10 bucks a week and with Mom’s match I can stock it plenty. Oh no, I am growning … LOL

Getting better …

Today didn’t start off very well at all. Mom had a headache because she cried herself to sleep last night. Letting go is hard to do and Mom didn’t do it so well this time. I think it was because Angel was with us for so much longer then any other rescue we have done.

By the time the mail came … Things were looking better. I got this in the mail today …


What is that? Well, it is Cinnamon’s Papers. There was a note in with them that said Sierra’s papers had a mistake on them and they will come as soon as they are corrected and I am okay with that. After that Dad and I went to Granny’s to cover her A/C and move a few tv’s around for her. We made a stop at Wal-mart to pick up a few things we needed. Nothing fancy stuff like labels for the printer and paper and ink… the normal stuff you need when getting ready for a fiber show.

When we got home I caught Mom making this for me… it was suppose to be a Christmas gift but …



Mom said I could have it now since she got caught … LOL After that Dad and I went to the roping pen while Mom waited for the new Frig to arrive. Check this out …


There is one issue …


It is empty … We could only save what would fit in the little frig in my room … Tomorrow Mom has promised to take care of the issue!


While Mom waited for the Frig she did a bit of cleaning and called to check on Angel. Angel is doing great. Mom was please that she has bonded with her new owner’s Wife and was nickering for her this morning when she saw her. After that Mom got a call of a different kind.

This call I am happy about. I know everyone is wondering about the “new” dyes we are using. Mom did try the whole natural dyes but the color fades and it takes so much work just to make the stock and get the yarn prepped that we looked for an easier way. One that would be considered as Natural as you can get without being all the work of gathering flowers and plants, boiling them and straining and ECT! Well, Not only did we find dyes that will actually keep our products organic if we wanted to but we are now approved to be a distributor of those dyes.

The only close dealer is down in Texas. We are the only one it Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri or Arkansas to deal them. Mom says she can’t wait to get the product in our booth at the fiber festival and show everyone what they can do… With that and the new look we have planned for the web page we are about ready for the first of the year!!

Angel Moves On

We all knew this day would come. Two years ago when Angel came to us in very poor condition after her pasture mate died of starvation we knew this day would come. However, Nothing can prepare you for the whole in your heart when it does. As of Today Mom’s Angel Bean as she called her has gone to her new Forever home. Honestly, It is an awesome home. She has a big stall in a huge barn for the winter and all the pampering she can get. Not only is her new home a good one but she is now living with a trainer.

Yup, a horse trainer adopted her for his grand kids. Oh and not just any trainer. This guy used to train race horses for people such as Roy Clark and Rodney Lay. (They are older famous country and western singers) Angel’s new owner still breeds, raises and trains race horses but Angel will be his wife and grandkids Pet.

She will be living the high life from now on. She will be pampered and taken better care of then she way here and that is saying something. Her new owner also promised Mom a first option buy back. That means if for any reason he sells Angel, Mom gets first pick if she wants her back. Angel will live forever in our hearts and knowing she will live a charmed life from here on out didn’t stop the tears for Mom though. It is hard to explain. We are so sad to see her go but know she is so much better off with him then with us. We take care of the animals here but we don’t have a fancy barn or anything like that. It is kind of the differences that Money can buy her and from where she has come she deserves better then we can offer … So tonight she sleeps in her new huge stall in her big fancy barn. Nice and warm, well feed with clean water and all the hay she can eat.

Good Bye Angel Bean, We love you and will miss you Big Girl!!!

Lester is home …

So today I started out by going with Mom to pick up the deer and some horse feed. When I got home from that I found an awesome Mail day. First, My christmas present from Mom came but she won’t let me have it. I know it is a book and if it is the one I asked for it will be awesome. It is the book about Fred Whitfield, an 8 time champion calf roper. It is called Gold Buckles don’t lie. Anyway, I am so hoping that is the one she got me. The second thing that was in the mail was some stitch markers by Luvin’ Ewe. Oh my, they are too cool. I can’t wait for winners to see these. They are for the Winter of Knits contest.

After that I got the weithers together and loaded them and some Hay in the trailer for a short ride to town. You see, the lady that got Quapaw and Commanche has decided that since Mom is no longer willing to house and care for them for free that she wanted to sell them. Since they had to move out of the city Mom has let her keep them on the farm free of charge. That took place in late Sept. That means that they have been here for right at 3 months now and The lady hasn’t paid for anything. Not even the feed or hay that the two need to survive. She hasn’t even taken care of the bill to get Quapaw fixed.

Anyway, She told me to sell them but since they are now not cute and it is the middle of the winter they didn’t bring very much. That means through this whole thing I am left in the hole. However, One good thing did become of selling them. I was able to use the sale of them, a small load of hay and one other weither to obtain Lester.

Lester is awesome. He is about 8 months old, Chocolate in color and has a smushed muppet face … Yup, He is our new Southdown Babydoll Ram… Check this guy out!


He isn’t as sweet as Chief but I think that he is just scared and once he settles in and calms down he will fit right in and be just as loving as Chief!