Working away…

Today we did more waiting. I know I won’t hear anything until Monday but I so wish I would get the call about Wendy. Mom and I kept busy today working on the shop. We have some ideas for Christmas that I think are great. You can check them out tomorrow HERE

I did fit in some roping and some more hunting but this time I was hunting with my Grandfather. We saw about 8 deer but none that were big enough to shoot. We don’t take young ones as that is the future generations. We only take older bucks and does. The meat might be tougher but it insures the survival of the species.

Tonight we all watched two movies. Except for the very fowl Language I liked them. It was Beverly Hills Cop part one and two. I am starting to think the 80’s made some really cool movies … the language wasn’t good in them but they were pretty funny with alot of action.

And guess who watched them with us??


I have been working on leash training Cinnamon. She really is turning into a house rat. The minute she gets back in she puts herself up in her pen.




Oh and I did get some good Mail today. Not only is the Dorset Flock now Registered but I am a legal Lifetime Member of the Club.



Oh and another tid bit of news I no longer have to go buy tags for the sheep and goats. I am now a part of the National Sheep and Goat ID Program. I know it seems like here lately I have been getting things lined out all at once but it has been work and I am getting things done for the flock a little at a time. They just all seem to be coming through all at once … LOL


Making a Memory

With Thanksgiving gone once more Mom and I turned to clean up and a quiet day at home. We finished up the dishes and cleaned up the last of the kitchen. While we cleaned we chatted away. There is one thing that we talked about that I will try to carry with me the rest of my life. What is it? Well, it comes with a story so settle in and have a read …

Each year my Mom makes fruit salad for my Sister. All it consists of is homemade whipping cream, whipped up with fruit cocktail folded in. When my Sister was little she loved that stuff. No one else in the family eats it. We just don’t care for it but Mom makes it for every holiday and some times it was all my Sister would eat. As she has grown up she has taken to eating less and less of it but Mom still makes it and sends it home with my Sister.

This year my Sister didn’t eat any. She didn’t even remove the plastic wrap Mom had on it. When My Sister got ready to leave my Mom scolded my Sister playfully about how she made it for her and she didn’t even eat any of it and made her take it with her just like always.

Today Mom and I got to talking about that fruit salad. I asked “If no one eats it, why would she continue to make it?” Mom laughed and said without even a hesitation … Because your Sister and I are making a Memory. Okay, so she lost me there. I told my Mom that I didn’t think my Sister would eat it at her house either so why make it and send it? Most people that knew something was made for someone and that that person fed it to others or passed it on to someone else would be offended? Right??

Mom said “Maybe, but I take comfort in the big picture.” I still didn’t get it. Mom stopped what she was doing and gave me all her attention. She said I needed to understand and that if more people in the world would look at it her way and spend less time getting offended the world would be a better place.

So I stopped what I was doing and paid attention. You see the way Mom sees it, it doesn’t matter if my Sister likes or dislikes that fruit salad. It doesn’t make Mom one bit of difference if my Sister gives away the fruit salad to others even though it was made with all the love in the world by my Mother. You See, Mom wanted my Sister to have the memory of it always being there and the same discussion taking place each year.

She wants it to be something that my Sister can share with her family and grandkids when she is old and Mom is gone. She wants her to remember the fruit salad and tell the story about how her Mom always made it for her every holiday. Then she wants my Sister to be able to tell how she would get rid of the Fruit Salad each year because for whatever reason she didn’t eat it herself. Mom said the jokes that My Sister would have with her grandchildren about how she could write a book about 101 ways to get rid of fruit salad were worth more to my Mom then the worry about who really ate the fruit salad, even if my Mom wouldn’t live long enough to hear them.

I finally understood. My Mom wasn’t making a memory for herself. She was making Good Memories for generations to come. I don’t think I have ever thought about taking care of two generations down the road that haven’t even been thought of or born yet … Have you. Have you thought of what little things you can do to make a memory that will last generations down the road? Would you have been offended at my Sister’s actions or would you be like Mom and “Make a memory”? I pray I always take time to Make a Memory …

Happy Thanksgiving Deer!

Just a short note to let everyone know that I had a great Thanksgiving. Mom and I were in the kitchen cooking, setting the table and just chatting away. When Dad got home and Sister got here, we ate a huge meal. Mom cooked way to much food for 5 of us.

After that Dad and I hit the roping pen. We followed that up by going hunting. Dad didn’t see a thing but on the other hand I got two within like 15 minutes. First one I shot was a buck. He was only about a 100lbs and had 6 pointes and while I was getting to the Buck, a Doe came out of no where. So I dropped her too.

Sorry there isn’t a big story about how I had to track either one of them but I have to admit that as I get older my aim gets better and the feeling I got to drop them where they stood was one of Pride. No suffering for the deer and no extra ammo wasted. It was quick and simple and we have meat for the winter. Dad will continue to hunt with my Grandfather and see if they can get anything.

I have to say that for the last two months we have had to purchase meat and Deer meat and corn feed beef are just not the same. We love deer meat. It just seems to have a wilder meatier taste to it. And we like the fact that we know where our meat comes from. It is as natural as meat can get.

WIP Wednesday and Thanksgiving Eve

I didn’t get a blog post done yesterday but that was mostly because Mom and I spent the day cleaning, cooking and waiting. Yes, we are still waiting for a call from the Vet to see what Wendy’s Blood work showed. I am guessing with time being what it is we won’t hear anything until Friday.

Anyway, Today is WIP Wednesday and to get things back on track I will show you all the things going on around here. First, I put my braiding aside for a little bit of spinning. I don’t spin very often but when I do I make more of an art yarn then anything. Nope, I am not that great but it is usable.


I did these three bobbins


I made a three ply until one ran out then I two plied the last two and ended up with this… Okay it might be a bit over spun….



In the end after I soaked it, I came out with this …


I also took some time to help Mom plant the two Cacti that we obtained while at a rest area in South western Texas this past week. I never want to have to plant cactus again. There isn’t anything to hold on to that doesn’t prick you to death.


As for Mom she hit the dying this week as well. She is working on a new color way. We are calling it “Go-li”. If you remember our first solid colors are the colorway Go-gi which is Cherokee for Summer. Go-li pronounced Go-lee is Cherokee for Winter. The Go-li Color way will be our Shades color line. They are the same colors as the Go-gi line but they fade from light to dark. They are all hand painted by my Mom so no two skeins are perfectly alike. Here is the Red and Green … Check them out …



Mom also got the material for our Christmas Bags. She has a plan for a draw string project bag with a yarn holder inside. She got some great ones this time…


I also got the material for two large bags … I think these are so cool. I know it has nothing to do with Christmas but I like it so check it out … There are two of them …



So what are you working on?? Make sure you get entered into the Winter of Knits contest by Noon on Dec 1st to get in the first monthly drawing.

A Post by Mom

Hello, This is Mom. When we took Wendy to the vet today she got back a clean fecal so they had to draw blood. They will send the Blood to the State lab and we should know something in a day or two. However with the Holiday it will probably be friday before we know anything. As we struggle to figure out what is going on in the Alpaca herd each of us tried to find ways to pass the time. RJ kept busy with little jobs and roping. Then Him and his Dad went hunting.

As for me, I don’t like busy work. I always want to feel productive while I wait. If I can’t be productive in the problem at hand, I try to find other things to get done. Today, I took it upon myself to learn to make pumpkin pie from the Pumpkin. Normally I buy canned pumpkin because I have never known how to do it myself.

Anyway, I had this pile in the living room … They came from the ones that we got for the Sheep and Goats. I took one of the normal pumpkins to start with.


I found some instructions on the internet that seemed easy. All the sites said just to cut it up and bake it. So here is what I did. First I cut the pumpkin open …


Then I took time to clean out all the pulp.


Then I cut it up into reasonable peices.


And finally I baked it at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. It might have been a bit longer but I just baked until they were soft enough that a fork went through them easily.


After that I just let it cool and then removed the skin and pureed it. I froze it in ziplock bags with about 2 cups in each one. I ended up with about 24 cups of pumpkin. That is over a gallon. If I was to have learned one thing from this little learning experience it would be that when you are learning … start small. Those huge pumpkins will make alot of puree. That also means that we will have pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, Pumpkin muffins … the list goes on and on.

I still have four more pumpkins in the living room. One belongs to a friend of mine but the other three I will be working on in the near future.

Help Save Wendy, RIP Sweet Hope

If you have been following this blog for any time you know that we have had an issue with our Alpacas that started with the herd we got them from. If you need to catch up you can read the post HERE. We did the treatments and everyone seemed to be getting better for the most part. Then today when we went out to get things done and put out our daily Pumpkins and hay, we found that Sweet Hope wasn’t looking good. We put her in a stall and called the Vet. I stayed with her while his service paged him. Mom ran to the house to get stuff we needed. However, it was all in vane. Sweet Hope passed away before the Vet could even return our call.

I have to say that it happened so fast. We thought she wasn’t looking good so we penned her. She walked into the stall, Ate some of the feed we used to lure her in. Drank some from the fresh bucket of water we put in the stall and then she lay down in the fresh bedding. Everything seemed normal. Then 10 minutes later She was gone.

We are now turning our attention to Wendy. She is still nursing Sorghum and she is the last one that is looking thin. I Called the Farm that we got them from and they asked a bunch of questions trying to figure out what was going on. At this point They don’t have a clue either. They gave us a few names of some blood tests to have run on Wendy. We called the Vet back and got an appointment for tomorrow morning. Since Hope and Wendy were penned together we are all hoping that we will be able to figure this out. We are going to do all we can to save our herd but at this point I am considering sending the Alpacas back to the Farm we got them from. They are so loving and when anything like this happens it really, really hurts. The bad part is that the two that have passed are Mom’s “babies”

The truth is we have to figure this out because when it strikes, It strikes so fast we don’t have time to save them. That means alot of tests and that costs Money. So we are having a sale in the shop. No coupon needed. We are however going to “sweeten the Pot” Mom worked really hard yesterday and made our first varigated type yarns. We were going to put them together with a bag and call them our “Shades of Color” line. Well, we are adding them to the shop now and we will be matching them with bags we already have since Mom doesn’t have time to get the new ones done before we need them listed. For the cost of $25.00 you can get a skein of yarn and a bag. We are calling this our “Save Wendy Sale.”

Why do we need a sale to help with the cost? Well, If any one remembers Dad’s Car broke down and it cost us quiet a bit to get it repaired and we just picked it up Friday. So I am off the Blog and on to the shop. At 3pm we will have the special posted so if you were going to pick up a package for a fiber friend for Christmas, we ask that you consider our site … Your purchase really will make a big difference in the lives of our Alpacas … And Yes It really will save their lives … We Pray.

Post Not for Children … Graphic photos

    The Photoes at the end of this post is not for Children to see. The photos at the end of this post are graphic. The photos are also not suggested for those with a weak stomach

Okay, so as most of my readers know I was in Texas yesterday getting two Colored Angora Does. Over 22 hours round trip. Yes, I wanted Colored Angoras but now I think Mom is more in love with them then I am. It isn’t that I don’t love them it is just that I love how friendly mine are and I, for some reason, probably thought that these new ones would be just as friendly.

In the back of my mind I am probably a little disappointed that they are not as perfect a fit as I wanted them to be. When you are getting something new you always want it to be perfect and you build it up in your mind to be this big, perfect, event and then when reality hits it isn’t quiet the same and you get let down even though the event was actually great but just not your vision of how it should be. (I hope everyone can follow that) I think that is what happened here. So why am I let down about getting my new goats?

Well, I better start at the beginning. We got up at Midnight Thursday Morning or would it be Wednesday night? Anyway, We headed out for Texas and the trip down was okay. I learned that Bazooka no longer puts cartoons in their gum but now they have these little challenges or corny games printed in with it. I can’t believe Bazooka Joe is no more … It isn’t the same and I have vowed never to buy that gum again. I bought a box to take on the trip but we all know that the flavor doesn’t last and with out the comics it just isn’t worth it for a kid … LOL … anyone want a piece of gum?

We got into the state of Texas before daybreak. But even after day break there wasn’t much to see. We were headed to the south western part of the state and out there only two things can be seen everywhere you look. Cacti and Yucca Plants. Oh, you will see farm land here and there but even then the fence lines had cactus and yucca plants growing along them. I made jokes about Cactus being whole flocks of Cacti. Along with jokes about Bazooka Joe’s Death and will gum bounce, Mom and I saw some big ranches for sale and her and I dreamed up living down there and how our lives would be if we did. Mom could so become a hermit!

When we got to where we were going to pick up the Does we met up with Ms. Polly again. She is the nice lady we met at the Dallas State Fair. We have been on the phone to her a number of times and we knew we were going after two does. One, Healthy but young and the other we were told was having an issue and she was said to have a “spot” on her backside where something got her. (It was thought that one of the other goats was horning her because she was the smallest in the flock) You know Mom, that didn’t mean a thing to her. Mom was happy to take her, as healing and helping is what she does.

When we got to the farm to get the goats we found that everything we were told was true. The part that I am a bit dissappointed about is that I thought they would all run up to us and be friendly. That didn’t happen. No, it isn’t a big deal but I am sure you understand that it was just the way I had it imagined in my mind. I know I can handle her down and in no time she will come right up to me and be loving and taking treats … Blah, blah, blah … But I want all that now! Okay, moving on.

The other thing I wasn’t quiet ready for was that they are Papered! That means I needed names to put on the papers. That means I had told everyone to get those names in and I am glad I did. I am sorry though no one gets to vote or anything. She needed the names while we were there so she could mail off the papers. So I just spit two out from what I could remember and that were colors. So first, I give to you … Sianna.



I know I spelled it wrong but Sienna, Sianna who will know how it is spelled if we say it the same? Besides isn’t she cute anyway? The only thing is that she is very scared and shy. I have gotten to pet on her twice now and she is really sweet and I know she will come around and get to where she is coming right up to us and eating out of our hands. For now, however, we will take it slow.

Next up is Cinnamon. And this is where it gets a bit sticky and I better do some explaining before you see her. As it turns out Nothing “got” her. She is actually doing it to herself. “Doing what?” you ask? Well, she is scratching herself with her own horn and chewing on herself but it isn’t as bad as it looks. Let me assure everyone that the first call we made when we got signal was to our vet. We explained the situation and he gave us instructions on what to do and what we needed.

We had to stop at 4 vet clinics before we found one that was open. (No Joke – a Thursday afternoon and most Vets were closed??) The nice people at the Anson Veterinary Hospital in Anson Texas stepped up and when we explained what was going on and that we wouldn’t be home until early morning hours and that we wouldn’t be doctoring her until then to help keep the stress down and that we needed a few things but our vet would be closed at those hours, They got us what we needed. They were so nice and just a pleasure to deal with. Mom says she is going to send them a little thank you.

After that our journey home was underway. It took a bit longer because we had to stop and check the goats, feed and water them and so on. We stopped at a few Historical Markers like this one.


And I even got Mom a part or two of those cacti that we saw. She says if it takes root she is going to plant them in the two planters out side the front door so she doesn’t have to plant annuals in them anymore… Check this out.


On the way home Mom and I also did alot of talking … We talked about how Ms. Polly did an awesome job of raising her goats. This little one just has an issue Ms. Polly isn’t used to dealing with so it looks worse then it is. When you are in a new situation that you are unsure of it is always hard. You see, Cinnamon has an EXTERNAL parasite. When Ms. Polly was told that the goat had parasites by her vet she did what she knew to do for parasites. She wormed her. The problem is that in the Southwestern part of Texas EXTERNAL parasites are very uncommon and not the same as INTERNAL parasites, which is what Ms. Polly treated for. So as the parasite made Cinnamon itch and bite at her skin she ended up eating her self up. She has two open wounds on her backside that have kind of run together and one long one down her leg. And all the while Ms. Polly thought she was treating it.

When we got home the first thing I did was to settle them both into the inside pen and delouce Cinnamon. That will kill the parasite and help stop the itching. Then we tryed to treat her. Trouble was that it was going to take all three of us to get it done and Dad was in bed because he had to get up in a few hours to go to work. Mom and I decided to go get some rest and get up in an hour or so with Dad and treat her then. At this point we figured out that the one thing Mom left behind at the shelter when she quit was her dog cone. So we made a temporary one out of a sign some company left in our yard without asking. It looks ugly but it worked until we got to town today and got her a new one.


When we got back up we trimmed all the fleece from around the wounds. We cleaned them up, flushed them and treated them. We treat them by packing them with Baking Soda so when you see the white crusty stuff in the photo please know it isn’t infected but actually looks terrible because it is packed with soda.

The last thing we did is something only my Mom would think of and do. She put a collar on her with a dog cone so that she can’t get her head or horns back to the wounds. Cinnamon will now be forced to leave them alone and let them heal. With us doctoring them and her leaving them be in a week to 10 days she will be well on the road to recovery. Now that you know the issue are you ready to see our little one? Meet Cinnamon … Weak stomachs stop here after the first picture. You can see her face in this one but after that it gets graphic.


I wanted to show you what we are dealing with but I didn’t want it to show to much so here is just a bit for those interested.