Happy All Hallows Eve

Today Mom and I spent most of the day online. We turned on Season 1 of Perry Mason and set out to make sure everything was perfect for tomorrow. The Ads on Ravelry will start running and we are hoping that we will have enough orders from here on out to make the farm into a real business. Right now it is growing my college fund but not very much. So We are hoping to change all that. Not to mention we have the Winter of Knits starting tomorrow. I have already wrote the blog for that and it is set to post tomorrow.

Other then that Mom and I are just watching Perry Mason (Mom loves Raymond Burr) And working online. I got a bit of riding in after it stopped raining and it was just to bring the cattle out of the pasture and check them. I couldn’t really even do much more then that because the ground is to slick and Mom won’t let us chance hurting the horses due to rain. Tonight we should have a few kids that come each year because they know us but we aren’t even really going to have a bunch of Tricker Treaters.

Oh well, tomorrow is our big day and I can’t wait …

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