FMM – Farm Mayhem Monday

Today is FMM so this morning I did a short story about how our first Christmas card picture taking event went. (Yes I said event, Nothing is ever easy around here) After that Mom and I hit the chore list. We Started with the Shetland Breeding pen. We cleaned it out and moved the feeders around. When this breeding season is done we will turn all the shetland ewes out on the pasture again but When Elliot is done, he will be looking for a new home because next year Elliot’s Daughters will be ready to breed.
From that pen we moved to what we call the calf pen or East pen. We cleaned it out as well. Then we moved Reba and Carrie into the old goat pen and moved the yearling Ewes into the East pen. We did this for the same reason we moved one calf to the old dog pen. That reason is the fact that Phinney is getting a bit rough with Everyone in the pen. Nothing like being in a breeding frenzy!!
Next up we moved on to the old goat pen and cleaned it out for the Dorsets. when We remove Chief from the pasture this pen will sit empty as well for a much needed rest. The chicken coop also got cleaned out and new wire put across the door to keep sheep and goats out. The East Pen gate got new wire as well and is ready for yet another round of birthing. Tonight both Mom and I will sleep well, but for now enjoy the video!!

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