Happy All Hallows Eve

Today Mom and I spent most of the day online. We turned on Season 1 of Perry Mason and set out to make sure everything was perfect for tomorrow. The Ads on Ravelry will start running and we are hoping that we will have enough orders from here on out to make the farm into a real business. Right now it is growing my college fund but not very much. So We are hoping to change all that. Not to mention we have the Winter of Knits starting tomorrow. I have already wrote the blog for that and it is set to post tomorrow.

Other then that Mom and I are just watching Perry Mason (Mom loves Raymond Burr) And working online. I got a bit of riding in after it stopped raining and it was just to bring the cattle out of the pasture and check them. I couldn’t really even do much more then that because the ground is to slick and Mom won’t let us chance hurting the horses due to rain. Tonight we should have a few kids that come each year because they know us but we aren’t even really going to have a bunch of Tricker Treaters.

Oh well, tomorrow is our big day and I can’t wait …

WIP Wednesday

So today is Wednesday and I have to be honest. I don’t have much to show you. It isn’t that we haven’t been working on things. The issue is that some of it is for the contest that opens in a few days. I have been working on a lead but this is all I have done so far.


Mom got my market/produce bag done … She says she doesn’t like the handles and if she ever makes another one she will do them different.


One other thing Mom is in the progress of making a set of project bags. They are white and black with running horses on it … What do you think??


Anything else is top secret for the Nov. contest … You will see them in what 2 days??

More of the same

Today Mom woke up with a crusty nose and a headache again. She spent the morning with her head over a steaming pan of water. It must have helped because by noon we were back out cleaning stalls. You know I really didn’t think we had that many stalls and pens. That is until we cleaned them all in the last two days. Today we just did the horse and cattle ones. Yesterday if you remember it was the sheep and goats.
Anyway, Mom is taking me over to the college to get in a bit of roping. It costs and if I do good I can win some money but I am using it as practice. I am not planning to go roping anywhere soon. I am going to go to these at the college for practice but I am going to save My money until Dec. In Dec. there is a bigger numbered roping I want to try and rope at.
Well, I will blog tomorrow about how it goes!!

FMM – Farm Mayhem Monday

Today is FMM so this morning I did a short story about how our first Christmas card picture taking event went. (Yes I said event, Nothing is ever easy around here) After that Mom and I hit the chore list. We Started with the Shetland Breeding pen. We cleaned it out and moved the feeders around. When this breeding season is done we will turn all the shetland ewes out on the pasture again but When Elliot is done, he will be looking for a new home because next year Elliot’s Daughters will be ready to breed.
From that pen we moved to what we call the calf pen or East pen. We cleaned it out as well. Then we moved Reba and Carrie into the old goat pen and moved the yearling Ewes into the East pen. We did this for the same reason we moved one calf to the old dog pen. That reason is the fact that Phinney is getting a bit rough with Everyone in the pen. Nothing like being in a breeding frenzy!!
Next up we moved on to the old goat pen and cleaned it out for the Dorsets. when We remove Chief from the pasture this pen will sit empty as well for a much needed rest. The chicken coop also got cleaned out and new wire put across the door to keep sheep and goats out. The East Pen gate got new wire as well and is ready for yet another round of birthing. Tonight both Mom and I will sleep well, but for now enjoy the video!!

Shiver while you work

The days and nights are getting so much colder here. We have had our first frost warning or freeze warning or whatever you call it when it goes below 32 degrees. It is playing with My sinuses and Mom is feeling it too.
Yesterday I worked at the sale barn and then my Uncle came to pick up some hay to get his little calf through the winter. Dad and I did a bit of roping and that was about all we had time for. Mom found time to go to a friends garage sale and came back with a few things we can use to make winter a bit easier on the farm for the chickens. After that Mom made a huge pan of lasagna for dinner. We all ate well and went to bed! She was suppose to make Dad’s Birthday cake to go with it but her head just won’t let her.
Dad got called into work today so It was just Mom and I at home. We slept late but Mom did wake up with only presssure and not a headache and I had neither. That is a good thing. After chores were done I ate my fill of nice hot, fresh from the grill Waffles with homemade syrup. I am thinking that I might even start a recipe section on the page but we will see…
At this point in the day I managed to fit in time to get the form I needed to register Chuck off the internet. The only problem is that I don’t really know how to fill it out or what half of it means. They use abbreviations but don’t tell what they stand for. I will send it with a note and let them know to call me if I messed it up and I will resubmit it. After that Mom and I ran to town because we had to pick up some things for Dad’s do over Birthday dinner. While we were there we picked up the stuff we use to winterize the house windows and doors. The house we live in is old and needs new windows as they are single panes and kind of leaky. Mom thinks double Pains would work better. So each year we do what I call shrink wrapping them. It is kind of cool and unless you know it is there most people don’t even notice. However, we do notice when it comes to keeping the house warmer.
Anyway, when we got home we worked to get Dad’s dinner all ready so that when he called saying he was on his way Mom can have it cooked and done when he walks in the door. We also picked him up two very small gifts. I got him a bag of Whoppers, they are his favorite candy. Mom however, got him a old movie she says I will love. We will be watch it while we eat tonight. Anybody ever heard of Farris Bueller’s Day off? Oh and check out the Cake I made him!!! Tomorrow the real work will begin!


Big Seat to fill

Today I had promised myself that I was going to try and forget all this nasty shooting stuff and get back to being me. Mom and I worked on the house a bit and then headed into town for something really special. First we went and got feed and picked up a few things we needed at the store but our Huge prize was found at the Saddle Shop in town. Remember the old saddle that I learned to ride on? Remember how we found out it was one of my Great Uncle Shoat’s? Remember he passed away? Well, that saddle is mine to keep and I have had it restored.
It didn’t need a lot more then cleaning and a few straps replaced but It is very much alive and well AND HOME! Check this out…


Mom is letting me keep the saddle in the front room. She even helped me move the front room around to make room for it. I am displaying it with my Great Grandfather’s spurs on it … What do you think??? Around the saddle horn or on the seat??



I have to tell you I love this old saddle and if I had a spotlight I would have it shining right on it … LOL


To top off my day, one of the news stations called and they are doing a story on the lady who bought the sheep and then wasn’t allowed to keep them. She goes before the Counsil today and they came to talk to Mom about the sheep and take some footage for the story … Mom had no idea what to say … Talk about unprepared … LOL She didn’t even know they were coming until they called for directions … She was in Sweats and a Scooby Doo t-shirt … It was so funny!!!