How it works

Today I spend the day Doing a bit of this and a bit of that … First, We took Wonder on his first outdoor adventure.




I took time to set up the outside pen for Wonder while he played because Mom doesn’t want him running the whole yard yet. She says it is to big for him right now but in time he will get to play out there with no pen.

While Wonder and I played outside Mom cleaned out the pen. There have been a few questions about this pen and I hope I will answer all of them tonight. First, the pen is in the corner of the kitchen by the wood burning stove. It is built into the house but the mat and panels are removable. The mat is a rubber stall mat about an inch thick. This keeps the animals from having to be on concrete as Concrete is not only bad for their feet but it is hard for them to lay on.

To keep everything nice anc clean we have come up with a two part system. The first layer is of pine shavings to absorb any droppings and urine.


The second part is a small bit of hay put over the shavings. This allows the animal to graze on it a bit just like in the natural and it keeps the shavings from getting on their coat. (Even animals that aren’t for fiber use need to keep clean and dry)


So how much room and Stuff is needed to maintain that corner … Well, This much … It isn’t much but it is very important. We used to just use hay and found it wasn’t dry enough and them we tried just pine shavings but that wasn’t clean enough.


I have to admit our system of cleaning it looks like of funny though… It takes a leaf rake and a snow shovel. Mom said if she could get some one to make her a tool that was a grabber with the rake and shovel she would buy about 10 of them. As for now we use it our way and then Mom sweeps the pen to get the last of the pine shavings. Afterwards she sets it all back up again. The walls are washed once a week at least but more if they need it.

As for the smell … most of the time it is okay and it smells of pine shavings and hay … but there are times that Mom cleans it alot because she can smell it. She used to use candles and melts to high the odor but the longer we have the pen the more Mom says the health of the animal is more important then the smell of her house.

Now I am off to bed … I have to be up and gone early to the Tulsa State Fair for a Roping!

Super Savings …

Today was Saturday and with every Saturday comes my job. I know it isn’t much but I had to work the sale barn this morning. It was pouring down rain but Mom came down for a bit anyway. Which turned out to be a good thing.

You see we are short two water troths and we have been moving troths from pen to pen. If you remember Mom and I worked to “repurpose” those plastic barrels into feeders the other day. So she had set out to make some more water troths out of Plastic barrels as well. Why do we use plastic barrels? Well, that is simple. Money. A plastic barrel can be bought for about $10 bucks. A water troth will cost you about $40 and Feeders can run about $80. And to add to that you can turn a barrel into either a water troth or a feeder. However you have to purchase feeders for feeders and water troths for water troths. Mom managed to pick up two barrels that will be turned into water troths tomorrow.
We still have two barrels that are ready to become feeders so I will work on those at some point too. Then we should have all the feeders and waters we need.

After I got home from work I took time to ride Ice and do chores before we headed to the local Farm and Home Store. We managed to do a bit of shopping during their Moon light Madness sale. Mom picked up the PVC pipe that she will be using to make my temporary birthing hut down by the house. It won’t be huge but it will house the 16 foot panels that make up 5 birthing pens. I am kind of excited … If all goes well this hut will work like a green house and keep this years babies nice and warm … and it will be right out the back door and have a camera on it at all times. Talk about a short trip to the barn … LOL

The Wonder of it all

Today was interesting… First Mom got a calf in. I know ya’ll get tired of hearing about Mom and her adventures but let’s face I used to just put that We got a calf in but everyone would think that I was the one doing it all and think everything here is about me. So then I would have to post from time to time how the bottle baby farm is Mom’s and the fiber animals are mine and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Now I am just going to post who got what … LOL

Anyway, Mom got a little black bull calf today. She started him by giving solution under the skin to help his dehydration problem. Then I got to give him his shot of Vitamin to help him get some energy. Then “Wonder” as Mom is calling him has a bit of an issue. Okay, really it has two issues that she is working on. The first she is treating with an antibiotic. Yes, he has a bit of a cough. The second issue is one that Mom just has to teach him through. You see, he is blind… You can put your hand right up to his eye and he won’t move at all. Not a good thing for a calf who is being raised in a pasture with 100 other head, coyotes, dogs and anything else you can imagine.

So what does that mean to me?? Well, I get to help feed him. We are feeding every four hours until he get stronger. And to help build this strength His first feedings will be colostrum. It is better for him then bagged milk and after he has drank a gallon of it he will be put on Milk. The other thing that this means to me is that I have some pictures of the cute little guy to post here… Want to see??? LOL







After we got him settled Mom drove Ice and I to the Vet. Ice got another set of health papers … This time for Dallas State Fair 4X4 Chute Out!! 10 days and I will be 16 but 12 days and I leave for Dallas … I am getting excited and so can’t wait

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday is here again … This last week Mom has worked on cleaning a bunch but she still found some time to work on her beading a bit. At this point she is teaching herself loom beading … Mom says at this point this is going to be either a hat band or a bracelet. Mom says when she knows what it is she will tell me … LOL.


Mom also started a Hair Pick as she calls it… This one will be Red, White and Blue.


Oh and we can’t forget spinning. Mom has been spinning something she picked up at a fiber festival It is a blend of Cormo and Targhee.


Mom has also been working to wash up some of the 6 fibers that will be found in our Fiber round up Kits. We only have a few spots left so if you want on the list please let me know.


As for me, I am working on a tie string… It started out to be for my uncle but I ended up giving him an orange one and three rope ones I made.


Today if you bet Mom WAS going to make me help clean out the attic you would have been right. She is doing it in parts and we got about a fourth of the attic done. We did find a bunch of treasures. It was like Christmas LOL … only the presents were someone elses used stuff … LOL Mom keeps alot of stuff I never knew she kept. Like my Ice Skating bag, skates and record books ….


She kept Mine and Sister’s first pair of boots…


Our first cowboy hat … Sister passed her’s down to me so we both used this one … It is smashed now…


Then come to find out I have been wearing “shades” most of my life … I had a blue and yellow dressy pair and My ELMO pair that I wore everyday …


Not to mention she kept my first baseball glove … It was also Sister’s Hand me down as well.

Oh and let us not forget all of our baby silverware and some feeders and bottles… I don’t know that there is anything my Mom didn’t save … We are only a quarter the way done … 😛

The temporary return

As most of you know thing don’t always go as planned around here. Well, Last night I blogged that today Mom said her and I would be Cleaning out the attic. After I posted that, Mom got a call from the New owner of Quapaw and Commanche. It seems that while she lives on the out skirts of town the City didn’t like her having sheep. So They had given her 24 hours to remove the sheep or they were going to take them.

Mom wasn’t about to let that happen. This morning after chores were done Mom and I traveled over an hour away and got them and brought them home. They will now stay here until the new owner can go to the city counsil meeting and get a waiver in place or a livestock permit. (Or whatever she has to do to allow her to have them) I guess it is like fighting city hall but until the fight is over Mom isn’t about to let anything happen to those two little guys. (Quapaw is one of her favorites you know??)

This after noon when we got home Mom and I spent some time just being out in the pen with them. We took the time to clean up after shearing. Because the fair had been going on we had left the shearing boards and bag of skirted fleece for the trash in the pen where we sheared. So this afternoon we moved that stuff and then took time to move feeders around and freshen the free range salt and mineral in all the pens.

We went along filling waters and doing odd jobs that we needed to get done. Mom and I even treated Angel’s hoof again and when we were done with her hooves, Mom called our horse shoer. Angel still has a crack that Mom isn’t pleased with and we put shoes on her front feet to help them last time Rocky came down. However, the crack isn’t healing up as we think it should. Mom had hoped to see some growth without the crack by the time it came time to reshoe her. However, it hasn’t happened so far so when Rocky comes down to shoe the horses this next time he will pull yet another trick out of his sleeve. That should happen sometime next week as he will be down to get Ice ready for Dallas.

The rest of the day Mom and I picked up a bit but we just never got around to cleaning out the attic. Which is fine by Me … any bets on wheather or not she makes me do it tomorrow???

Fiber-a-holics are your ready???

Today Mom had me working to clean this up … Since she isn’t working outside our home she is working to get our home under control. Let me tell you it is harder work them most jobs because Dad and I hord everything. Today Mom worked on her book shelves and mine. The shelves in the fiber room aren’t done because Mom is going to either get Clear plastic bags or clear totes to put all the fleece in. For now it is just a bagged up wall of Fleece …


My shelves on the other hand look Awesome … I can’t wait to get other parts of my room that clean … No not all at once but soon.


When we got done with that Mom and I worked on an idea we have had. It will be my first “club” type Item that we will offer. I am calling it Fiber Round up. It is very affordable and we are working to get the fiber ready. For 15 bucks (that is shipping included) you will get a one time shipment of 6 half ounce “rounds” of prepared fleece from different animals that live right here on the farm and information on each “round” such as breed and name of each animal. It will all be different breeds if we have our way but some might get one repeat breed but the two “rounds” will be different colores. We also have some nice surprize extras planned as well.

The Fleece is all so soft and you can spin them separate or you can spin them together. While they will be ready to spin you could also make a batt out of them or prep them your own way. This will also be the first product to include our designer QT sheep fleece. Some Fleece will be natural colored and some will not. However, all fleece will be from our own animals.

Yup, we have a plan and as soon as Mom gets the first one ready we will be in business. In the mean time if you are interested Let us know either by Posting a comment here or dropping me a line on any one of the social media such as Facebook, plurk, twitter, ravelry … You get the picture… Remember to mention “Fiber Round Up” in your message so we can get you on the list!

So Not my day

Well, when it came to roping, today Was so not my day … To bad most of my day was spent at a Youth Rodeo. I was in the break away roping, calf roping and team roping. I missed all three times. On my Calf roping run I even blew a stirrup and I have never had that happen before. Mom and I talked about it and even though this rodeo is put on by a church, there is something weird about the people and atmosphere of the whole thing that neither Mom nor I like. We can’t figure out if it is the fact that everyone there makes us feel like the one black sheep in an all white flock or if we don’t like who we let them turn us into.

I will give you an example: Mom pulls in and park the truck and trailer and goes to put some stuff in my Aunt’s truck. When she gets back to our truck, she is asked to move her truck so someone else can park there. Mom was nice and moved but she thought that was rude. Why should we have to move?? Why can’t they park somewhere else?? There was no assigned parking or anything. It was a pasture and everyone can park anywhere. Why did Mom have to move to accommodate someone else… No one else did.

Another issue is that Not one person talked to Mom not even to return I smile and a “Hi how are you”. Then when Dad got there Mom was trying to talk to Dad about me and My runs and other people were so rude that everytime Mom opened her mouth to say something they would butt in and not let her speak. Add that to the fact that Dad gets real fake when he is around these people too. (He grew up with all of them and it is like one big Clique or something) He acts all nicey nice with them and then grouches at us about them.

It is not the kind of place Mom wants me to be around and I do understand why. We both feel the same way about this certain group of people. The bad part is that My Uncle is the preacher. Mom has never liked his attitude and now she say all the followers of the church have his same attitude. They are not servants of God but think that God will help them Win and only Winners are good enough.

When we got home Mom and I talked about it and we get bad attitudes when we are around them. Mom says we just need to stay away from them and their events as she doesn’t like the atmosphere or who we become when we are there with that group. But I say, maybe we are there to rub off on them. Maybe we are suppose to teach them to be servants of God even in competition. Mom says she isn’t sure if they are suppose to learn from us or if we are suppose to learn something from them. We know there is a lesson in there some place but so far all Mom and I are learning is what we don’t want to be like.

I know that this really sounds petty but to make my point My Uncle and Aunt wouldn’t even speak to Mom and I. Other then to hear us out that we put some stuff for them in their truck. Sad part is that if I had done better or even won an event my Uncle would have been saying things like “Isn’t my nephew doing great?” He always does when I do well…

I did do one thing right today and that was to find a great name for our new Baby Boy… are you ready??? I am going to stick with the whole famous Oklahomans names for the Dorsets. And I introduce to you … Chuck Norris… Because he is going to be one Kick a double s Ram!!! (Sorry but one kick butt ram just doesn’t sound the same)


And this afternoon after the rodeo he had his first adventure out of the stalll he and Reba call home….


Just so you get an idea of size … That is Skittles … she weighs in at about 150lbs… The baby is Chuck and the really tall girl is Reba …




What is in a Name??

So yesterday didn’t go as planned at all … First, I was suppose to spend the afternoon getting ready for the dance. So that morning I went to work the animals that were on three days of antibiotics and found … Waldorf with a very swollen underbelly. I called and got him into the vet but the vet couldn’t see him until 1:30pm so Mom and I beat feet to town with Waldorf in the truck. He was happy to eat hay in the back of Mom’s truck for an hour or so while Mom and I took time to start decorating.
By 1:30pm the vet had eased our minds that it was not a urinary track infection (those can kill goats very quickly) He took time to fit in getting our horse health papers while we were there. With Waldorf and all the Goats on a new medication we headed home to drop off Waldorf and go back to finish decorating. (Goats can’t dance you know … lol)
Mom and I got it all done and changed at the Dance just in time to greet guests. I had a blast dancing the night away. Mom and Dad even enjoyed a few dances even though I was embarrassed to death … It was so weird having my parents there … It kind of creeped me out at first and then as the night went On I got over it and just enjoyed my friends, the music and the food.
When we got home it was 11:30pm and I went out to put up the chickens while Mom took out the dogs. All of the sudden I hear Mom tell all of us to “shut up” Mom never uses those words. She hates them. She only says hush or quiet down. Dad (who had followed us out the back door) and I both stopped dead in our tracks. Then we heard it!! A very faint Bleating. It didn’t seem far but in the dark we couldn’t see anything. We started to quietly follow the sound of the bleat until we saw this …


Reba was acting so crazy. She was scared and turning circles trying to keep watch from all directions and keep that baby safe. We went to work and got the heat lamp hooked up and then Mom carried the baby while Dad and I got Reba to follow the baby to the pen. I will never stop being amazed at how calm an animal will get when you move it and it’s baby into a stall. It is almost like a switch that turns the panic off and on. Some how they know they don’t have to work so hard to keep watch in all directions when they are in a stall. Reba calmed down so much I got to pet on her …


And once we got her safe in a stall all the QTs lined up to see … It looks like those pictures of family lined up outside the hospital nursery windows … Only Sheepy style … LOL

I think this is Mom’s favorite picture of them so far … A Mother’s Love …


Then today if staying up wasn’t enough Dad and I worked while Mom and Ms. Karen went and picked up this beauty … I think we will get alot of use out of it don’t you?

With all that said and done … one last thing … What are we going to call the little guy … Oh yes, I guess I forgot to mention … It is a little boy … So should we stick with famous Oklahomans? Help me out here Mom and Ms Karen want to name him Garth or Vince … Any other better Ideas??? PLEASE!!