More Prep work

Today We worked some more to get things ready for winter but not before Dad and I hit the roping pen. I took time to work Ice and Angel while Dad worked Coop. I think Angel is going to make a mighty nice roping horse. She really likes to gets after those calves. If she can catch them she pushes them along to make them run faster.
After Roping we unloaded the old hay that was ruined in the Orchard. Mom will be using it as mulch. After we got it unloaded we took the trailer back and stopped by to get all the tires we needed to get all the trailers back in shape. The two horse trailer will be usable again and the flatbed is back in business as well. We will use the flatbed tomorrow to move the last of the hay in from the fields.
While I spent my time putting tires on trailers, Dad Spent the day raking and baling the grass he cut yesterday. It doesn’t sound like much but we really were busy all day. We are heading to bed early to get a fresh start on the day tomorrow. Mom thinks Pancakes might be in order if she can get any sleep tonight.

Getting ready

Today we continued to get ready for winter. The first thing we had to do was return the feed Mom had the mill mix up. It had a funny smell of sour water and about 45% moisture in it. If it was a wet feed that moisture wouldn’t be a problem but since our feed is a special blend of just Cracked grains there shouldn’t be much moisture at all. Turns out the Mill will be remixing it for us. When we got back from Town Dad spent his time cutting the last of the hay that was standing in the field. Ice and I took the time to remove all the pipe from the pasture that we used to irrigate from the old well.
We then took the time to get the cattle holding pen ready to house cattle if and when the winter weather hits. We moved the hay feeder in to the holding pen and moved the feeder down a bit.


after that I worked Angel and I think I will be training her to trip steers. Dad and I also found time to fix fence that calves had pushed through. From there we came in and we made a list of all the things we want or need to get done before winter. I guess I know what we will be doing for the next few days….

Another crazy day

Today was a very off day.  First Mom went to work and I did chores.  Mom is cracking down and wants to get things under control.  I don’t think we have ever been this late hauling in the hay and a few bales have already started to ruin in the field.  When Mom got home for lunch we hauled in one of the two loads left in the pasture.  We had one accident that really upset Mom.  She accidentally ran over Jethro.  He had laid down by the trailer and when we got it loaded he never moved when Mom started to pull the truck forward.  I have never seen Mom go from white to red, back to white and then kind of back to normal so fast in my life.  Don’t worry we think she just got his tail because one yelp was all there was and by the time Mom got to him and loaded him in the truck he was up and acting like nothing ever happened.  Mom on the other hand freaked out and said that all dogs will be inside when we are working in the pasture.  

When we got the load to the house Mom put the dog up while I kicked all the hay off the trailer and Mom headed back to work.  I spent the rest of my time, that Mom was at work, packing that load in the barn and then Ice and I headed to the pasture.  To make the next load go faster Ice and I pulled all the other bales into a large row. 

When Mom got home we headed back out to the pasture.  This time the dogs were put up before we left.  We got all the hay in and then dropped the full trailer in the goat pen.  We will be moving it to the orchard to unload it as it has sat in the field to long and some is now molded.  Molded hay can lead to many issues in the animals so we don’t even let them pick through it when it is like that.  

From that Mom and I went to get the large trailer from my cousin.  Tomorrow we will be selling Libby and her new baby calf.  We do not have the fencing to keep large cattle in so I will only be keeping B’day for the rest of her years.  Each year we will have her bred and she will be a Momma but I will not be showing any more cattle.  It just isn’t me.  With the money I get from selling Libby I will be paying off the cattle note and then I will buy some little calves to rope.  And when they get big I will sell them and get some more little ones.  Only little calves will be on the place except for B’day.  She is mine and she is here forever. 

I think that is about all for today except one little thing.  Please, Please keep Mom in your heart and prayers.  I am not sure what is going on but she is upset alot and she called “independent counsil” today.  It has something to do with her work but I am not sure what and she isn’t saying much. 

4-H Banquet

Today was interesting. A couple of different things happened. First I got my flyer posted everywhere for the dance I am having for a 4-H fundraiser. Then this evening I headed out to the 4-H end of the year Banquet. I had fun for the most part. I got a Certificate for continuing my goat and horse programs. Then I got two pins. One for my sheep project and one for my Clothing and Textiles Projects… In case you don’t know what clothing and textiles project I have I will let you in on the secret. It would be known by most of you as FIBER!!! LOL.
There was one last award that is the one everyone always tries to get. It is based on points by what you get done each year. There are points for everything but has nothing to do with winning any competitions. That way it is fair for all us kids to compete for. It has points for representing 4-H as different functions or getting in the paper for a 4-H event. Or you can get points for working the pop booth or helping with fund raisers. Anyway, It is something that everyone works hard to get but this year for the third year in a row… I was bless enough to win the Outstanding 4-H member award. This year the only difference is that I won the senior division though. All that means is that the kids from 8-14 compete and kids 15 and over compete. That way the younger 4-Her’s don’t feel like they can never win or that it is always going to an older member because they know how to win it. It just keeps it fair to the younger youth. As well as for a years worth of work and not just a month or so.

Anyway, This year I gave each of our 4-H educators a gift. Most of the time it is something funny but this year since I won’t be an officer anymore I wanted them to really know I appriciated everything they do. So I got our Female Educator a 75th anniversary Oklahoma 4-H cookbook that has been out of print for over 25 years. I think she really liked it. And Mom thinks she will like the recipies. She is always trying new things and baking and cooking something … It is kind of what she does. As for Gage will I couldn’t keep it very serious so I gave him a Hot Pink Regionals T-Shirt, an official pointer pen and a gift card. The shirt he put on right them. He has to wear 4-H shirts for his job but he never has been to Regionals so this is his first one from there. I think the gift card made his day as he and his wife are in the middle of trying to build a house.

After the banquet a guy asked me if I had some time to help his daughters. I asked what he needed and he told me he needed to get his Goats and Sheep looked at and he wanted me to help figure out why they weren’t doing so good. The fair is in a few weeks and they just aren’t gaining or looking healthy. He didn’t know what to do so Mom and I went to check it out. What we found was a little, Southdown ewe that was very wormie. We check for worms by using the Famacha method and she has no pink to her eyes at all. I took time to worm her, show the girls how to show her, educate them about feed and hay and just give them instruction for getting her health under control. I also made a plan to get them some hay and check back in with them in a week to make sure the little ewe is improving. Even though I am not showing anything at the fair this year, for the next couple of weeks, I will be putting time into helping these two girls get going and teaching them to care for their sheep and goats the right way.

As for me I am now off to bed … tomorrow Mom has vowed the last of the hay is coming in and the calves are being turned back out on the pasture….

Trying to finish it up

Today Dad and I worked to finish up the haying.  We are down to the last load and we got a blow out.  We will now have to wait until tomorrow so that we can get the tires back on the trailer to get it hauled in.  Other then that there wasn’t much going on.  Mom Worked.  She is always at work right now.  That is because she doesn’t have an asst. right now.  I am going to ask that everyone reading this say a prayer or send Mojo or do whatever you believe in to Mom.  Her asst. Quit over a month and a half ago.  Mom can’t blame her as she got a full time job making more then the shelter could offer.  But now Mom has hired three different people and this last girl made it through one 2 hour shift and said it was to much for her. 

I think it is funny how Dad got mad at Mom when she took him out in the pasture and challenged him to out haul her.  Dad couldn’t do it and now I am seeing there are very few people that can out work Mom.  She doesn’t look like she is in great shape and she is a little round but I am telling you, it takes a special kind of person to keep up with Mom.  However; she is wearing out.  With no help she is pulling every shift at the shelter and only getting one day off a week if she is lucky.  So send those prayers, mojo or what ever that Mom will find someone soon and we can get some things done around here on the farm. 

Tomorrow I have my 4-H Banquet so I will try to post some pictures after I get home…. I hope tomorrow is the last of the hay …

Another Buckle

Today I went back to the Flying Cow arena but this time it wasn’t to compete. It was to get a few awards … At the end of the series it turns out that Dad and I both won The ribbon roping events in our groups. So we went today to pick them up as the awards ceremony.
I have to say that after getting in at 4am this morning from last night’s roping I didn’t feel at all bad on the ride over…

By the time I got up to get may awards I was starting to feel just how tired I was.


There was a group of us that got bell boots, hay bags, jackets and a bible.


And an even smaller group that won buckles


I was blessed enough to be one along with Dad ….

Things I like

So as you can see we have switched to the new blog. Mom is still working to get the old posts transfered over and has even come up with a way to get the pictures in but it will just take longer. That is not really a problem though. With the new blog we have a couple of new features too.
First you will find that instead of having to come to the page everyday you can now get the posts by email. Right to your own email address. Mom is asking that you hold off signing up right now because if you do sign up you will get all the emails for all the posts being transfered in. We haven’t figured out how to turn that part off so it is either get all the post in your inbox or hold off until we get them all to the new blog. Sorry for that but I will blog when they are all in so that you can subscribe without being flooded out with old posts.
The next feature I am trying out right now. You see I wrote this post before I left for the rodeo and if all goes well you will see it about 7pm tonight while I am roping a Calf or two. How does this help? So what if I can post and publish at different times?? Well, for one I will be able to blog when I have time and you will see it post everyday about the same time. No more checking the blog at different times to see if I posted or not.
Both of these features I hope help you my follower keep track of me better.

So there is also the issue of The Storm Tracker. Well, I don’t blog on that one everyday but it too will be switching over to the new blog as well. That way again you will be able to see what is going on with her and follow without having to check each day if I posted anything or not and you will also be able to get it right in your email box too.

The last item I want to discuss is the Sampler packet … I gave the winner one week to get ahold of me but I have never heard back from her. So I redrew and the new winner is … Diane with Bilb61 in your email address … Email me at and you will soon have a package full of sample fibers…

Another Work Day

Today I started my day by going to rope with my uncle. When we got there, he had cattle out in the road so we spent an hour or so gathering them up and fixing fence. After that we got down to Roping. What everyone doesn’t know is that up until now Ice was enjoying time off. Since we got back from Regionals Ice has done nothing but graze the pasture and be a horse. That was until today. I have to admit I’ve missed him. I feel kind of bad that most of you will never know the strong bond a man will have with a horse that he has broken from the ground up. It isn’t anything I can explain. Ice knows what I want, when I want it, without me saying or doing anything. It is like we are one when we are roping and riding. I have been riding Coop, my Dad’s horse and Angel, my Mom’s horse this whole time but it isn’t the same and I can’t explain why or how … it just isn’t.

When we got home from roping I ate a bite of lunch and headed out with Mom to the pens. With haying season coming to an end Winter is coming. That means it is time to get ready. Everyone is saying it is going to be a bad winter so the first thing we are doing is we are putting up extra hay. Today while the extra hay dried in the pasture Mom had me helping her. We cleaned the man pen and all we have left to do in there is mow to clean the grass stalks up. We moved the men into East pen and cleaned it all up as well. I still have to remove the pipe for the pump though. Then we moved on to the Goat pen. It just needs the cinder blocks under the ramp and to replace the panel clips so it will close. We will also mow it and get a water troth in place and remove all the extra feeders. It sounds like alot but it can be done in about 30 minutes.

While Mom cleaned all the water trothes I was busy taking care of the goats. We found that the goats needed to be deloused. So I took a few minutes and worked them in the now cleaned up Goat pen. After all that I took a short break and Then Dad and I hauled in another 3 loads of hay. Mom worked some more on moving the blog and she even thinks she found a way to get the photos moved too but we will see.

Speaking of photos I got this one from the Photographer as a sneak peek… What do you think?


Hay Haulin’

So today Dad and I spent most of the day hauling in the hay we have baled up. This year is a blessing as the grass is thick and still growing. Our problem is that we don’t have enough room to store all of it. We will be taking about 200 bales to a friends barn but after our barns are full we will be leaving what ever won’t fit in our barns standing. This idea is not one Dad likes but he is seeing that if there isn’t any place to put it, it is a waste of time to bale it.
So that is really the only Farm news but we did take some time to get some pictures and yup I am posting them … Here they are…

One barn full

unloading hay



Storm and Sedan



Libby's baby calf

RJ stacken hay

Hay Day and Goose Eggs

So today Dad and I worked on getting the hay done. Dad dropped another section of grass and baled up what was dry. I worked on bringing more hay into the barn. Mom worked her day at the shelter. She came home with a nice Goose egg on her forehead and a headache and she says her shoulders hurt. Let me just say this. Stacking thing way, way over peoples head is something you only do in a warehouse with a fork lift … LOL Oh, and yes, we are still working to get the uploads working. I cam upload anything anywhere on the internet but my web page and somehow they say the issue is now with my ISP … If there is anyone with any ideas out there reading this Please let me know. I am guessing that I have used all the web pages ideas up since they are now saying to look at another source as the issue. I still don’t understand how one day it can work and the next nothing… and yet I can still upload everywhere else???? Any Ideas???? Anyone???