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So most of you know Mom is a pretty handy person to have around. My question to you … Now what does all this have to do with anything??
Mom said it was for me for Chrirstmas… I know it is the thought that counts but okay … What would I do with this?? Well, about 30 minutes later I was told it was going to be this….
Yup you guessed it… they are stands for my banners. There is a third size too so I have a whole set … Cool huh? Next year I won’t be taping up my banner at the Fiber Festival booth … No Sir I am going to be uptown now….

Okey Dokey then

Where has all the Christmas Spirit gone?? I only ask because today seems like everytime I open my mouth … In Person, Plurk, twitter, FB whatever the media, I please no one with what I say and they all let me know about it…. On one media I asked a friend to send me some of the snow they were getting … another person took my head off and told me to “have your Mom take you there because we don’t need that white stuff here” Okey Dokey then … Yup they disagree with me. Then I posted that Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Rocked … Okay just my opinion but then came the reply that someone was not “into Peanut butter but by all means you enjoy that”, Is that like telling me to shut up and drink my Hot Chocolate? Again Sorry I posted anything and sorry my hot chocolate offended… LOL … It kind of reminds me of how people tell you “Good luck with that” when what they really want to say is “Okay, if you think you can pull that off more power to you but I have no faith you can.”
Whatever happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say …. Say nothing at all”? Okay so I like my Hot chocolate and snow and no one else does … So I can’t post it to my timeline without people disagreeing?? Really?? What about White Christmas and all that jazz? And even if you don’t like it … I think people should learn to disagree with each other civilizedly … Okay I just made that word up and someone is going to take my head off for it because that is just the way my day is going but I am ready for it this time. I said it and I stand by it … PLEASE DISAGREE CIVILIZEDLY!!! Not just with me but with everyone. There is no need to be so negative or rude about anything. Doesn’t anyone know that it is okay to disagree?? It is okay to say everyone is entitled to an opinion. You don’t have to cram your views down everyone’s throat you know. It is fine to just “smile and wave boys, smile and wave.” My family does it all the time. We know that we all can disagree about everything under the sun and still get along just peachy … *I am now singing “why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends” Okay Done whining now … Sorry just been one of those days.
As for The rest of my day Mom and I cleaned out the fiber room before heading out to finish the last of the Christmas shopping. On our way we dropped off a donation of yarn to the Senior Citizen’s center. Mom says that since some of the ladies make granny squares her basket of left over scraps is like a treasure to someone who is short of funds. Scraps of this color or that can easily become a round on a Granny Square. Mom says that by giving her scrap basket to them each year, she doesn’t have an over flowing basket and they get to keep on Crocheting. She says it is a win/win and she also says that if a few skeins or two get in the wrong bag by accident they will have something to tie all the scrap granny squares together … Besides Mom says it makes her feel better to know her scraps are going some place they can be loved and use. And would you believe that when the “throw” (as they call it) is done they normally raffle it off and Mom being who she is buys chances to win it … She did say “Thank the Lord I have never won” … She says she wouldn’t know what to do with it. Knowing her she would probably donate it to someone else ,,, LOL
Oh and I have one more secret … I know what Mom and Dad got me for Christmas. I was with Mom today when she picked it up. She said I had to wait to tell everyone though … Man I am terrible at keeping secrets … Okay I will share one secret … I am mailing everyone’s calendars out tomorrow. If you haven’t got yours to support the next shepherd through the scholarship fund there is still plenty of time. You can order them on the General Store page …

It’s Electrifying …

Well, today I didn’t get a whole lot done but it wasn’t a total waste… Dad spent most of the day with friends and family that came to his aide to get the barn electric back in working condition. I guess electricians are busy the week before Christmas because we couldn’t get not one to come look at the barn until after Christmas. Well that won’t do … We have the three bottle calves out there and they won’t make it through the night without heat let alone until Christmas. So My Dad called everyeone he knew that might know anything about electrical Soon our pasture was full of a different kind of creature… It looked something like this …
With Three helpers Dad finally got everything back working. That means that as the temps drop the calves will be able to lay on their heating pad under their heat lamps and keep warm.
As for me … I learned to use this nifty little box.
I know most of you learned long ago how to use a miter box but I just learned today and I finally got the animal pen in the kitchen all trimmed out… So why today you ask? Well, I have convinced Mom to let me have a Christmas party. So far I have four maybes and no RSVPs but I will hold out hope and plan. So far we will have snacks (including Birthday Cake for Jesus), Play Christmas music, build gram cracker houses and decorate sugar cookies.
However, Mom said the house has to be clean. That means getting the rest of the construction stuff out of the kitchen and what easier way is there to do that then to use it where it goes?? The corner started out looking like this….
Now it looks like this … Pretty good for a first timer huh??
After that I worked Joseph, Cherokee and Storm. Cherokee is getting ready for the sping livestock show while Joseph and Storm are working to be ridable.

Tired but okay

Just a quick note to let everyone know I am doing better. I went to work today but it turned out to be a really long sale and more then I should have done. I am tired so I didn’t do anything else today. The only thing that did happen worth reporting is that this morning before we went to work, Hank the cattle dog crawled to the back porch and had to be carried inside. She wouldn’t walk on her back legs. Mom tucked her in with food and water and gave her a doggie pain pill. Mom thinks something kicked her … Anyway, when we got home she was up and around and met us at the door and she hasn’t had any trouble since. Just to sneak this in … Mom painted her spinning wheel this evening. All she says she needs now is someone with pretty hand writting to put the words “cowgirl up” on it. She just painted the wheel and the spinny thing on top where the bobbins go. They are now Denim blue.

RJ Issue

Hello, Just a quick note from Mom here. I don’t know how many of you have folllowed RJ from the start but if you are new you need to know he does have a few health issues. The main things to keep in mind is that first he is chemically sensitive. And second he has lung damage. This combination leads to issues with RJ’s health from time to time and this is one of those times. We found one more thing he is sensitive to and in time we will have him back on track. Please just give us a few days and RJ will be back online. Until then He will get on when he is up to it …. Thanks for understanding …. Signed Mom

Best Layed plans

Well, today I thought I had the blog all worked out. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going have Mom help me and I was going to get updated pictures of all the animals. As you can tell that didn’t happen. As a matter of fact this is the second attempt at blogging.
So what happened? Well, Winter. When you wake up to cold like we had last night you find everything frozen for the first time. The water heaters were in place we just didn’t realize it was going to get that cold so we didn’t plug anything in. When I say cold I do mean like 13 degrees. Our high today was 34 I think. After having weather in the 60’s, that is a really shock. Anyway, I had to go get the cattle up from the pasture. When the weather drops like that our pond can freeze. Not only does that mean nothing for them to drink but it poses a real deadly danger. In the past we have actually lost a calf because it got out on the frozen pond and couldn’t get back off the ice. I was alot younger when that happened but It was really hard on us that year and Mom blamed herself. She said she should have known and already brought the cattle up. Well, she didn’t know the calves would go on the frozen pond and get stuck but from that point on Mom never lets the cattle stay out there if there is a chance of it happening again.
So after bringing up the cattle Mom and I made two runs … One to the post office and the other to the grocery store. The post office was to mail off Mom’s hair to Locks of Love and the snowflake for Knitpurlgurl’s family. The grocery store was to get stuff to have our cookie day. Cookie day is the Day we take to bake a ton of Christmas cookies to give out to all the family and people around your neighborhood for the holidays. When we got back from town Mom and I watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas and another show I didn’t know the name of … Mom was nap attacked so we didn’t get much else done. We did get the chocolate chip cookies made later and I got a christmas gift in the mail. I got a new magazine called Sheep. It has a bunch of stuff in it and I have been reading up on a few things…. Like honey as a wound antibiotic cream? Yes that was in there … along with alot of other good stuff.
As for now I am heading off to fall asleep listening to the 5th round


So Who is Joseph. Well, we know that Joseph was married to Mary so that would make Joseph Mary’s husband. Joseph was a man of God so he is a child of God. Joseph raised Jesus so that made him The father of Christ. Joseph worked with his hands in wood so we know he was a carpenter. Both Joseph and Mary where unwanted because Mary was with child before they were wed. We know that Joseph was a good man to take Mary as his wife.
But did you know that Joseph lives in the barnyard, No, he took Mary there and she gave birth to Jesus his son. True but he is also in a stall in my barnyard …. huhhhh???? Yes, Joseph is in the barnyard. Okay I am sure you are lost and really not understanding any of this. So I better explain myself. A few weeks back I found a miniture Donkey at the sale barn and Mom popped off that if I could buy it for 20 bucks I could have it. Well, it Sold very high and I didn’t get the donkey. I asked Mom if I could still have the 20 bucks to spend at the sale barn sometime if I needed it. She said sure but make it count because that was all she was going to let me spend on more animals.
Let me start This part of the story first by saying, as has been said before, I am my Mother’s child. When there is an animal unwanted or left to feel unloved I will be there. (I know you all know where this is going but play along any way please …. lol) Well, You see there were these three donkeys that came in today. I kid you not, a mother, a father and a baby. The Mother was a Jenny and the Father was a Jack and the Son?? He was a two year old gelding. Jennys are good for breaking horses so the Mother sold well. Jacks are great for coyote control so the Father sold well too.
Then they brought in the Baby. He was smaller and had on a purple halter. He was scared of everything. The auctioneer started the bidding and there was no one that bid. He dropped the price and still no one bid. Again the price went down and again no takers. I couldn’t let it go unwanted for Christmas and I still had that 20 dollar promise from my Mom. After all It was a donkey that brought our King Jesus Christ’s Mother to the stable where she gave birth. He was so scared but yet so sweet and those eyes… Well, the next thing I know the price went down to …. you guessed it …. 20 bucks! Well, there was a man and I that both bid at the same time. The auctioneer saw the man first so he had the bid in at 20 bucks. No one else bid. The price was 22.50 if any one wanted to bid. I took a deep breath and nodded. No one else Bid…. The gavel dropped and I owned a 2 year old Gelded Donkey wearing a purple Halter.
When I got him home Mom suggested that we call him Joseph because it was Christmas and he was in our stables… well, stall but they are kind of the same thing. So Tomorrow before I head off to the rodeo I will post Pictures of Joseph for the world to see….. I do have to say this though … I really don’t have any idea why I did that