Today is better already

So today is better then yesterday … As you can tell from me eating left over Christmas cookies and drinking some pop as I sit here to blog this. Christmas Cookies make alot of things better you know … then I went to get the mail. I have to admit one thing that will probably make Ms. Jenny a bit sad at first but I hope she understands. When I pulled out that mail there were two things and both were for me.
The first thing I noticed was my Sheep Magazine…. Sorry Ms. Jenny Please Give me a moment to explain. For those that have gotten their copy of the magazine already Please look at the front cover. See the dog gaurding the sheep??? My first thought was “Who took that Picture of Jethro?” Then at a closer look I noticed that it wasn’t Jethro but it sure does look like him. I couldn’t get the perfect match to the pose but check these out …
Remember Jethro is only 6 months old And when he grows up some he will look just like that dog on the cover … I think It is Jethro’s twin … LOL
Anyway, the other thing I got in the mail is AWESOME. Does anyone know what VETAID is??? Well, I didn’t until now… I got a wonderful Calendar that was bought for me in support of their projects. The calendar I got was from Ms. Jenny and it is the Scottish Islands. The pictures are wonderful and each month leaves me wondering … Could I raise sheep, goats and alpaca there???

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