Tears at a time of Joy

Hello, This is Mom. And anyone who has followed my beloved son for any length of time knows that when I take over the blog it is for one of two things… Crochet or bad news. I started my own blog for the crochet so that isn’t it! I know my son is such a great little man and I know he is far to wise for his years. I know he has learned somethings long before his time but there is one lesson in life I wish I could protect him from always. Truth is I can’t. We live on a farm and with that all to soon the circle of life (and Death) is known.
I am sure you all know something passed but what you don’t know is that RJ is crushed more so because it was Baby Curry. Our first beloved alpaca curled up and passed in his sleep sometime last night. I think RJ is taking it a bit harder as he was the one that found him. He called me at work and I came home to take care of things while he called Walnut Creek Ranch to see “what he did wrong.” (His words not mine) Please remember Curry was two weeks premature and we have no way of knowing if that played a part in Curry’s passing or not. You can check out his hard start here ….
No, is wasn’t to cold for him last night.
Yes, Hope had plenty of Milk
No there are no weeds he could have gotten into.
Yes we had seen him nursing.
No he had no signs of sickness at all.

As you can tell, we have questioned everything but we have no answers. And with the death of a podcaster earlier this week with no warning, RJ is having trouble understanding “WHY” right now. Sometimes my mature little Man shows he is still a kid as it is easy to forget sometimes.
I layed Curry to rest right next to Statler, but not before I took a small clipping of his Fleece. Right now RJ wants nothing to do with the Fleece but he has mentioned from time to time with Statler that he wishes he had a bit of him left. I couldn’t get much of a clipping and hold myself together for RJ, but I did get some to Spin up to put into something special for RJ.
I am also suppose to let everyone know that Bob the Bull is also gone but not in a bad way. He is back home. He did his job here and now has to move on to his owners herd. I have no idea how to work that in but there it is! And to top that RJ got his Christmas present today as well, and we got news that all 100lbs of “stuff” Got to our Santa overseas!!
He wanted me to post the picture of him opening his gift but to me I still see the hurt in his eyes … Also he wanted everyone to see Bob one last time before he left today.
With that I will close… Please say a prayer for a broken heart to heal and everything to be right with the world once again

Oklahoma Winds are blowin’

Well, sometimes it is hard to live on the prairie. The Storms, Heat and even the tornados don’t seem to really get to me. The wind on the other hand is starting to get on my nerves. No more had we gotten the Christmas Decorations up outside and wind had to come and tear them up. The first victim was Santa the snow bear…
Mom and I got him all fixed up and he is again ready to go back outside. The second victim was our three car blow up Christmas Train.
And yes in the middle of the the kitchen with Mom’s sewing machine and some tape we got it up and going again. The problem now is that the wind is still blowing …
Now only does the wind blow things down but now the blow ups are house bound until the wind decides to lay!

Side note: Mom started a crochet blog and I am trying to get her to do a pod cast but she said we will see. First she wants to get the fiber studio then she said maybe!!

Things are different

Today is different… First, I didn’t get up at 5am. Mom wanted to sleep in so I slept in too. That means it took me more into the day to get my school work done. I don’t really think I like that. It makes if feel like I have no time to do what I want in the day.
Then Mom is different today too. She went from this …

To this …

Then to top it all off my Happy Plurk world was filled with sadness for the loss of Knitpurlgurl (Rav and Plurk name) No, she wasn’t someone we knew personally but she did come into our home through her podcast …. We are praying for her family and friends and for them things will be forever different … RIP Ms. Karrie Prays to you all! Well, Off to the roping Pen … Somethings never change!

So Much news so little time

Oh Man, where to start…First, at the rodeo I didn’t getting anything done in the calf roping because my tie down broke but in the Steer stopping I took 2nd. Dad did pretty good too placing in the ribbon roping.
While I was at the Rodeo My Friend that comes to rope all the time brought me back something from the Joe Beaver Roping Clinic he went to … Check this out … and it is autographed to me! How cool is that?
When I got home I found Mom busy working on this ….
She has decided to get everything off the hooks and needles! Everything! Even my socks and Christmas gifts. She says the only thing she won’t get done is my blanket but she will keep working on that …. This one is for me … LOL
Then this …
Became this …
This one she got done before I got a picture of it not done …
Then she has this to do …
And this is one of three hunting cowls are on the list to get done too…
Then This morning before I went to help Dad’s Cousin with the last of the fencing, I finally took time to cut up the pumpkins from our Fall decorations. Why did I do that?? Well, I fed them to some very special friends of mine…. Check it out…
Some helped themselves …While other ran around with pieces in their mouth not wanting to put it down
While I was gone I heard Mom did her first Cyber Monday shopping and that I will love my chirstmas present! Mom shopping online?? Who knew???

Hunting and Rodeo

So this morning after chores Dad and I headed out to a new hunting spot. We didn’t see much but Geese! Okay so no deer. God will provide us with one when the time is right and when we need it.
After that we came home and ate so that we could be heading off to the Rodeo. I will let you know how I did tomorrow or tonight when I get home (if it isn’t to late)

So Tired

Well, today I am nothing but tired. You see Wednesday and today I helped out my Dad’s cousin. They are having to rebuild about 3 fences and I have helping get it done. So for with the two days in the first fence is done. There are two more fences to go so I will be busy for the next few days helping them out.