I’m Home

As you can see I am back from the fair. You know how I feel when I don’t get a chance to blog but I have a really good excuse. When we went to Tulsa I only took my phone thinking I could do quick up dates on it. Well, I couldn’t get my phone to do the blog so I didn’t get to blog. Anyway, I will tell you all about it…
Friday Mom was later getting off work then she thought so we were running a bit behind but nothing to worry about. We actually planned for it … LOL … When we got to the Fair we got our passes and paperwork and got the birds all in place. We took a little time to look around but not alot. Then we set out to find our hotel and get checked in. At this point we had our first mishap as we call it. You see we took the time to find a hotel online but When we got to the hotel we felt luck that we hadn’t booked it. It was really not some place Mom and I felt comfortable staying. I told Mom that if we stayed there we would have to lock ourselves inside and not come out after dark. So, Mom went and found us another hotel and we ended up staying two nights there.
Saturday Morning we got up and got to the show to feed and water everything and then the judging started. This is the time that Mom and I took to really go and check things out. When they are judging you can’t talk to the judge or even be in the same isle with the judge. So we find it better to go find something else to do. We checked out all the boothers. We caught up with some old friends….

So does any one remember her??? Yes, that is our old friends at http://www.clickit2heat.com They helped us with our fund raiser for the poultry club last year. They sell hand warmers and a whole lot of hot and cold packs …

Here is another Item from a vendor that has turned into a friend. She also made Dad his Christmas present last year. He got a halter not to different from this one but this one is for my birthday. (It doesn’t say Ice on it because Mom says that if for some reason I no longer have my horse Ice, It would look bad to use the halter on some other horse so she got it with my last name on it.) I love the pink and I think it looks pretty cool.

We checked out the 4-H and FFA exhibits and look what Mom found. She had to have a picute of it… You will never guess what that is made of … It is a pumpkin in the pumpkin decorating contest … It is covered with cotton balls. Mom says she is going to make one for the farm this year and put it on the porch…

I even talked Mom into getting Dad and I signs for our Birthdays. I Promised I would make a holder for them and we are going to Hang them with black chain and mine will be hung under Dad’s. I designed them and Mom liked them so we got them … What do you think. I love my QT Farm part. Dad’s is Brown and mine it blue but they look great together…

Mom even had me put in Jail at the fair … Okay not a real jail but having Mom take pictures of me in that thing was not so cool … LOL … We saw every booth and every product that the state fair had to offer. Mom even met a lady that makes soap and spins. She doesn’t really live that far from us so she might even join Mom’s Fiber Circle. There is one more picture to show you but It will have to wait for Mom to get it posted. I think you will like it.
Every year we find weird things at the fair to eat and this year was no different. There was things like deep fried cookie dough, Deep fried twinkies, deep fried kool aide and deep fried candy bars. Then there was the new additions of candied bacon and chocolate covered bacon…. LOL
After checking out all the booths the judging was over. I took 7 birds to the fair and in the end got 6 ribbons in the top 3 spots. 3 First place ribbons, 1 second place ribbon and 2 third place ribbons. Not half bad if you ask me. For the rest of the day I hung out with friends and just showed them all the booths we had already visited.
Sunday morning we got to the fair and my Dad and Sister met us there. We hung out for a bit showing them the sites. Then when it was time to come home we loaded up our birds and ended up buying 4 more call ducks.
We got home and Dad and I went right to the roping pen. Tomorrow it is back to normal so I better get some sleep ….

Injustice in the world

Today I learned of an injustice that enraged me and my family into action. You see our online family has grown over the last year and it includes many people we have never met in person but they touch us just the same. The injustice happened to one such person and I can’t let it stand. So what happened? Well, it started with a Plurk. Did you know that not all soldiers in Afghanistan Qualify for programs that send care packages to other troops in Afghanistan? That is right some troops don’t “Qualify” for Care packages because they are not considered in the “Hazard” Zone.
Really??? Yes, Really! There is one such team of men numbering to be about 80 that were told just that! They call themselves team “Secret Squirrel” … And guess what … They were only 80 K outside the Hazard Zone. 80 K? Well, for those that don’t know metrics 80 K is less then 50 miles.
That is right, 50 miles from where the actual fighting is going on, living in a tent, isn’t close enough for our men to qualify for personal items and treats at the holidays? … Do we all really feel that way?? I for one DO NOT! … What am I going to do about it? I am going to show these 80 men what real Americans think about who Qualifies.
With that said Our Family is now working to get 80 or more of the following items to send to Afghanistan in time for the holidays. There are mail restrictions so we are planning multiple mailings and we have a secret contact who will be “holding” the stuff until the “Secret Squirrel Santa” makes their holidays bright and cheery.
We are inviting anyone in our community (online or off line) that would like to join our family in adopting this team of men, and showing them that we support them no matter how far they are from the hazard zone, to donate any of the following items (plus any that will travel well)

tooth brushes
foot powder
Personal items

beef jerky
Snack crackers
coffee & sugar packets
Ramen noodles
Hard candy

Peanut Butter Cookies
Reece’s Peanut butter cups
Any candy bars really

Magazines wanted:
Gun types
Car types

Any Guy stuff

Our biggest cost in Operation SSS will be in the Postage so we will be taking donations for that as well.

We plan on making the Holiday Bright for this team of brave soldiers and you can help too. We have set up a donation button just for this event on the home page and we plan on making the Holiday Bright for this team of brave soldiers and you can help too. When you donate if you will leave a note with your donation as to what you want your donation used for we will take care of everything. Tell us what items you want purchased and we will get them in the boxes. Thank you all in advance for your help in making this team feel loved and appreciated at the holidays.

Another First

So today I did something new for the first time. Nothing really exciting mind you but it was a big help to my Mom and her Assistant. What was it you asked?? I babysat! Okay, so I had no idea what to do but I did it. I went to the office and babysat Mom’s assistant’s 18 monht old Daughter while they both got the work done. I know it really doesn’t count as babysitting because our parents were still in the building but I think I did okay.
I will tell you that I don’t even think she liked me. I learned how to hold her on my hip though so at least I learned something. I also learned I don’t speak baby very well. Okay, to tell the truth today I learned I wasn’t very good with little kids because I don’t know what to do with them. I don’t want to hold them and I don’t even know all the Seasame Street Charactors. To tell the truth I entertained her by letting Cinder the Shelter Cat tear up a piece of Tissue for fun. The baby liked it and it kept her giggling and happy.
When we got home I helped Mom till up the garden. Then Dad and I unloaded feed and fixed the orchard fence where the cattle got in last night while we were at church. Other then the Babysitting it was a quiet kind of day. Other then Mom talking about getting things done around here. Mom sees dreams for this place and Dad and I see alot of work … LOL

I’m in Trouble

Well, I have really done it this time… The Bull and Cows broke down the fence to the orchard last night while we were at church. And the Big thing is that The Bull broke Mom’s peach tree….. I mean really broke.

Mom once helped her grandfather repair a prize rose bush with Electrical tape and by using the same graphing techniques others use to create hybrids. So Dad and I tried to help Mom “repair” her tree. We didn’t have Electrical tape so we used duct tape. With any luck the tree will grow to cover the damaged spots but Mom says it has been along time since she has tried such a repair and never on a plant so big. Only Spring growth will tell how much of the tree will survive if any… For not it looks like this…

If any one else has any bright Ideas to save Mom’s tree I would love to hear them …

Birthday Confussion

Okay, just a quick note here … First my Birthday is Oct. 6th. I don’t think I was very clear on the whole birthday thing in my last post though. You see I want 40 likes of my facebook page by my Birthday on Oct. 6th. That is why the drawing will take place that day…. You get yarn … I get likes … Hope that clears everything up…. Sorry for making you think I had a birthday without telling you …. LOL

Fiber Study Notebook

Some have asked about the Fiber Notebook/Study so I have combine all my lists into one on a new page and I am asking anyone who wants to sell samples of breeds of fiber to let me know the link and I will put it on the page. Please feel free to pass this one to anyone you know that might want a chance to get a little free advertising on another person’s page ….
Anyway, Mom and I put her study and my notebook together and it is now two large Binders.

There are at least three pages for each sample and they can be downloaded off the Fiber study web page if you want to work along with us. You can find them at http://www.barnontheweb.com/fleece-study-notebook.html
We have only worked up a dozen samples or so and we have a long way to go. I started a thread on Rav. for the notebook and would love to hear your thoughts on each fiber we/you spin up and swatch.