Another Quiet Day

Today we are thankful for Isaac. It brought us some much needed rain. That means for me school work and then hanging around the house. Not much to tell though. I watched a bit of TV but that is about it. There was suppose to be a couple of people come to the house and ride but with the rain that didn’t happen.

Quiet Day

Todaywas kind of Quiet around here today so while I did my school work I sent Mom out to get some pictures. I wanted her to get sunrise photos but she got out there a bit late and then when the animals saw her she had another problem….

They can’t come running fast enough to get Mom to pay them any amount of attention they can get from her.

Jethro is getting so big in just the last two weeks….

Mom loves this picture all the Alpacas are lined up …. LOL

This is the only picture she got of the sunrise ….

Well, I guess at least she tried … If I get a chance I will try and sneak out and get some better ones tomorrow

A Great Sad Day

So today had it’s ups and downs. First I was up at 5am for School. This was a down because I got everything but Math done and Mom will have to help me later with that. Then another up when the mail came. I have such Awesome Shareholders. You see Ms. Jenny sent me a gift. A gift that I have been searching for ever since I barrowed Ms. Stacy’s. I even looked at the Fiber Christmas in July Festival and lost the only one there to Ms. Sarah. This is what I am talking about …

I want to stop and say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Ms. Jenny. She has given me a book that I will treasure always.
Mom worked all day (a Down) and when she came home she brought dinner. (If you want to know what was for dinner … it was Pizza) That was another up. While she was at work she got a present from a family that came to the farm to visit a few weeks ago.

Okay so it is really a Tupperware Salad Spinner but in this house it is a yarn spinner … It works great to get the extra water out of the yarn before Mom hangs it out to dry. Cool huh??
So now for the really up but down part of the day. Tonight two girls came by the house. In it’s self that is okay but these two girls wanted to show lambs at the fair but because they lost their Dad about a year ago, their Mom just couldn’t afford two lambs. So as they asked around about 4-H projects they were directed to our house. You guessed it. They are now showing the two female rabbits at the fair. This is an up because the bunnies got new forever homes … a real downer because I loved those two bunnies. Sometimes Rescuing animals is hard. You put your heart into them and get them all well and healthy only to have someone else take them home. I do know that the girls will love them and take care of them. Still, it isn’t easy…. And I am worried the male one will be lonely. I tried putting him in with Coco puff but Coco thinks he is a girl and not in a good way. Mom says we will just have to find a Doe For Coco puff and put the fixed male in with her to keep her company if we can’t find him a forever home.

Alpaca in the Pasture

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who posted. It is nice to know that some people out there don’t judge my blog they just read and enjoy it. Mom says that when people stop enjoying it is when I should stop blogging so back to our regularly scheduled blogging… lol
Today was a little of this and a little of that. First, Mom took her whole night and put together my next 4 years of school. Home schooling for High School is a bit harder then Middle school but she has it pretty much under control. And she found everything online at a minimal cost or free. Mom says the world is a classroom so a good education doesn’t have to cost a fortune and all my college required coarses will be met so I can go off to college with no hassles

My classes for my Freshmen year is as follows:
English I
US History I
Computers I
Study Skills/Bible

My classes for my Sophmore year is as follows:
Algebra 2
English 2
US History 2
Computers 2
Study Skills/Bible

My classes for my Junior year is as follows:
Physics I
English 3
US Government I
Computers 3
Study Skills/Bible

My classes for my Senior year is as follows:
Physics 2
English 4
US Government 2
Study Skills/Bible

According to Oklahoma I have to have 23 credits with 8 electives. Mom has it set so that I can get up to 28 credits and she says that Senior Year I might be able to take College coarses to serve as both High school and College Credit. That sure would give me a jump on College.
Anyway, After Mom and I got School lined out with a half day, Mom went out and worked up the arena with the disc. We then took time to plastered the Steer roping Calf’s horn again. At this point in the day, Because Mom was tired, we just kind of hung out and watched Rockford Files. Later when Dad got home we roped a bit after Dad dragged the arena. (at some point I think I probably need to explain how to work up an arena to everyone but that is another blog.)
After so much reading going on here on the blog I wanted something cute to post. Since we had talked about turning out the Alpacas onto the pasture in the next few days we did just that and I got a few pictures for everyone to see. Check these out …

Later tonight Mom and I will be on the Computer for a Webinar about Sheep feeding during pregnancy

Sleep in day and an Issue

Today was what we call a sleep in day. First, let me just say that we don’t get those around here very often so when we do, man is it great. Oh, I guess I better let you know what that means on the farm. All a sleep in day means is that we don’t set any alarms and we get up when we wake up. Around here that means about 7am. I know that isn’t sleeping in to most but when Dad gets up at 3am and everyone else is up at 5am … 7am is sleeping in.
Anyway, After that I got my birds entered in the Tulsa State Fair. It takes a bit of doing to enter as a Junior because you have to have the Extention Agent enter you and that means taking all your paperwork to his office and you and him going over everything and putting it all in the computer. While in town we tried to go pick up our feed but it wasn’t ready because they made another Christy’s feed and not Christy as in Mom. That means we had to come back later.
After we got home we serviced the Air Conditioner because it was acting up and cleaned all the rabbit pens. Then Mom mowed and weedeated the yard. While I roped in the holding pen because the Arena was to wet. Dad headed back to town to get the feed. To be honest it was a “busy day doing a whole lot of nothing much”.
Now, because there really isn’t much going on besides everyday life, I am going to address one issue that was brought to my attention that I just haven’t figured out how to work in on the blog since it was brought up. (Yes, It kind of made me mad so I am trying to figure out a nice way to deal with it. Mom calls it stewing … I call it thinking… LOL) The issue is the imperfections in my blog. Mom told me that someone had let her know that I “need to use the spell check” on my blog posts. Her and I laughed it off and went on but the more I think about it the more I get a tad bit upset. Let me explain. I am sorry that my blog isn’t perfect but as most of my readers know I am homeschooled. This blog works as a journal and can be counted as part of my english class. If I were in a normal school I would be writting it in a notebook and notebooks don’t have spell check. So if I use spell check on my blog posts isn’t that a form of cheating? I will say that I really am sorry for not having everything perfect when I post but to be honest I really didn’t know that my readers where judging me by my mistakes in the blog. Yes, I am kind of offended although Mom says I shouldn’t be. I just always thought that this blog was read just for enjoyment and to see what was going on around the farm. I never thought I would be judged for my faults. Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that I do try to get better at having everything perfect before I post but on the other hand I am not perfect nor will I ever be. I am who I am and I am sorry if my mistakes on the blog make someone stop reading or judge me.

Quiet Day

Well, today was kind of quiet. Dad got called into work and Mom always works on Sunday. There is one thing that happened but it happened yesterday and I just forgot to post it. Ms. Karen got my chalk in for the breeding harnesses for the sheep and goats. We have blue, green, orange and yellow. The only color I know that I will be using and for what is that the Shetlands will get the yellow marker because they are black and I figure yellow will show up the best.
Other then that I just hung out and watched some Roy Rogers shows and took it easy. I did do some roping when Dad got home. Oh, that is another thing that went well today. Since Dad has a hurt wrist and is in a brace I am riding his horse for him. Today I used Coop to Heal calves in the holding pen. And her and I were pretty good at it together too.
Anyway, it was just a quiet day other then that.

Free Webinar

I didn’t get a chance blog yesterday but I did start a post. I think today I will just start with what happened yesterday and make this a two day post.
Friday morning I went to work with Mom so that I could work on her dryer. She needed the vent cleaned out and I do it for her anytime she needs it. After that she took me to get a different wormer for the goats. I have to say that we have all the books about angora goats and we have like 7 different charts about how other farms handle worms in Angora Goats but the problem is that parasites change as much as an area changes. What works in Maine doesn’t always work in California. And what works in Florida doesn’t always work in Maine. With that in mind Mom says she is going to try a different approach to the worm issue. We are working on putting together a regiment for our goats from another breeder’s regemint in the state. We are actually looking at using a different wormer and worming more often. We will be checking the goats and charting our worming issues once a month. We will trim hooves and clean the mens buttons as I call them. From that chart we will know how often to worm and if the new medication works we should be set as the herd grows. Mom and I also took time to sign up for a Free Webinar about feeding preganant sheep the right way. The Webinar is on the 28th and any one can take part so check it out by clicking Here. It is free so I thought It might offer some good information about our sheep and their nutrition.
After Mom got home from Fiber Circle her and I went to her new employee’s house. They are a family of 2 girls and their parents and they are new to town. They moved here from Pennsylvania. Since they have nothing here but their clothes Mom and I took up some games for them to pass the time with. We also took up two pans and the fixing for 2 small dump cakes. The girls made the cakes and we brought one home and left one for them to share with Dad when he got home from work.
Then this morning I was off to work. This week’s paycheck I bought a new bit that I am going to ride on Angel. I think I am going to use my really good bit for Ice. Anyway, after the sale barn Dad and I came home and roped. Then it is dinner and off to bed. One good side note … We got some rain and by the Grace of God we will get some more.