A Busy Boring Day

Today was normal but busy. Mom had to work all day so I did school work until Dad got up. He is back on nights this week. When Dad finally got out of bed, we had to head out and fix the sheds that were damaged in the storms last night. They were pretty windy and we are lucky that is all the damage we got. After that we doctored the calves because they got wet in the storms as well. That gave the Calf colds so we took care of it before it gets any worse. After Lunch we watched a movie then Dad went to work and I got back to working on my school work and studying. On her way home Mom stopped off and picked up pizza, calzone and Mt. Dew for dinner while I got the chores done before she even got home. With that we are off to bed early.
I just have one question. How is everyone liking the new layout of the page??? Is it to confussing should I kick Mom off?? Let me know what everyone thinks.

Video Cast 8

Well, This week we got alot done. It is a good thing because the weather.com says it is suppose to rain tomorrow. Mom got so much Spring Cleaning in on the sunny days that I will be glad to take the rainy one off but she says indoor work is on the slate for tomorrow. Anyway, Here is the Video Cast of the week. It isn’t very long this time for two reasons. First let me just say that I have been kind of sick this last week so I have had to slow down a bit. With my Asthma and stuff I never stop to be sick or I wouldn’t ever be able to do anything. The second reason is that Mom is helping me train Angel and she can’t video tape and train so Dad has been trying to be my Camera Man. He isn’t as good at it as Mom But it is better then nothing. Let me know what you think.


Okay so everyone knows Mom is Spring Cleaning. Well, she is now starting to work on the web pages. We have the web page for the Farm at Angelfire.com but Mom isn’t liking it as it is old and hard to update. She is thinking that it would be easier if we combined the two web pages at Barnontheweb.com I don’t care, it might even help because Mom and I are always having to share the computer anyway to update everything. So one page … One update … The only thing is that Mom is thinking of not doing her Blog which she doesn’t keep up with anyway but I am sure some of you read it from time to time but I don’t know. Anyway, Let us know what you think by taking this short poll for us Thanks.

The “I’s” have it

I want to thank everyone who took the survey and Mr. Smith for his input. It is nice to know that I am getting better at this Business stuff. (Okay with Mom’s Help) I think it will be easier on this end but everyone out there will have to let us know if it is to much or confussing in anyway. I like that I can edit for Mom and with it being up on this Computer most of the time Maybe Mom will blog a bit more. The only thing Mom isn’t liking is there is a different photo album with this page but she will get over it. I helped her today so She took time and moved her blog and her pages and as you can see we have it all in one place. If anyone finds something not working please let me know. I also want to put together a link page but I haven’t gotten it done yet. There may just be one page for of those instead of one for the farm and one for me because we both use alot of the same pages. Anyway, with the weather going back and forth I worked on the web page most of the day. That is after Dad and I fit in a bit of Roping this morning. Tonight Mom has bowling league so I will be going with her because Dad is still on nights.
On an off note … I set the cut off to donate to this years Scholarship fund as May 1st. I will present on behalf of all of you who give on May 10th. I think I will continue to leave the scholarship fund up and that way through out the year we can collect and maybe do it again next year

Quick Note

Today I worked hard. First I went out raising Money for the Scholarship fund. I rake enought leaves to fill Mom pick up.




After that I worked the horses. Yes Both of them. Ice and I roped and then Mom helped me Saddle up Angel. She only bucked for a bit and when Mom yelled ANGEL NO!! She stopped.
Even with all that Mom and Dad took time to help me burn the brush pile so that I can get to cleaning out the corner of the new piece of land I get to use for the Alpacas, sheep and Goats.
Now I am tired and I am taking a shower and going to bed. In tomorrow’s Video cast I will show you the wild ride along with my other advetures…. Good night World … Oh and I almost forgot our Scholarship Fund had over 300 dollars in it now … I can’t wait to see Billy’s face when I hand him that check …

Angel Can Shine

Today was kind of different. First Dad left the gate to the sheep and Alpace pen unlatched. That meant I had to go and get them back where they belonged. It wasn’t all that hard but it just took time. Then Mom and I had a talk. I am filling out the paperwork for Districts and Mom thinks that Angel should go. Most days Angel can be found playing in the pasture and if Coop and Ice are being worked she is doing everything she can to keep up. Check her out… There is no doubt in my mind or Mom’s that Angel is ready for a job on the farm.


As you can tell she has energy and seem pretty fit now. So Mom decided it was time for her to go into training. First she had to teach Angel and I the pattern. I have watched Barrels but never run them, nor have I ever even thought of training a horse to do them. We started out walking the pattern. Mom had me walk it left and right to figure out what pattern fit Angel best. She thinks the right in Angel’s stronger pattern but we will see when we really get her going. We aren’t telling Dad about this either because he doesn’t think that I should enter her. At least this secret won’t have me bringing home anymore mouths to feed … Right??? LOL


After we walked it a few time I got on her back. I will train her bareback until she gets the pattern down and can do it without getting so winded. Mom says the last two weeks before she goes to Districts we will saddle her up and dress her out. Districts is in May so we have plenty of time to get her going good.


To be honest Angel did the best when Mom ran the pattern in front of her and clicked to her. As you can tell she isn’t even upset by the wind. Most horses spook in the wind even Ice and Coop. I wanted Mom to get Video of Angel following her but for some reason though Mom felt it was a bit much to get video while running the barrel pattern with a horse following close behind her. Mom didn’t even have to use the reins to get her to follow and do what she wanted. Animals just seem to understand Mom and do what she wants no matter what. It is weird. And just so you know Mom didn’t cut that last video off the batteries died. Sorry I will try to get a better one tomorrow.