Finally, another Video Cast

You know sometime things just do work the way you want them to. For some reason this Video Cast turned out to be that way. I had all the video clips and I uploaded them to the pc. Then I spent all last night putting together and narrating all the action. I topped it off by saving my work. When I came back to add the last clip with the other news the PC went nuts and said it needed some codec to play the clips. Mom tried to help and she spent about 2 hours this morning trying to get it to work. For some reason at this point it works half the time and on one of it’s good spells I finally got Video Cast 4 finished and uploaded. I hope you enjoy it.

Rodeo time again

Today I had a really great time showing off the farm again. Then this afternoon I went to a 4-H Rodeo and won second in the team roping. I roped my break away calf in 6 seconds but it wasn’t fast enough to place and I missed my tie down calf. Tomorrow I have a Video cast planned and I hope it will be exciting…..

Such a Pheasant Day

Okay, The whole day wasn’t pleasent but Yes the end of the day was a Pheasant day….. LOL. I guess I should explain. I worked the sale barn like normal this morning with Dad. It was alright. Nothing special about that. This after noon Dad and I went and got the truck from Mom at work because on her break she went and picked up the feed. We got the feed unloaded about the time Mom got off work. That is when the fun began. The other night I talked to Ricky. He is a friend of mine that raises and sells birds. We go to every Poultry show together. I don’t know if I have mentioned him before but he is 16 and in 4-H only in another county. Anyway, He had some extra birds to sell and two of which were a pair of Ginger Reds. I have two hens but now I have 3 hens and a Rooster. I have been selling some of my birds to others as 4-H projects so that I can get into just certain breeds. The only chickens I want to raise are our egg laying Australorps, Old English Ginger Reds and Columbian Wyndotts. Of Course I am still raising my call ducks. Anyway, when I went to pick up my Ginger Reds we took two other 4-H kids with us. We had a blast and everyone bought some birds.
Did I mention that Ricky raises the pheasant to sell to these places that do these big hunts? Well, he does and he has a trio that need to be delivered not far from where I live. So for the next two days I will be housing 2 hens and 1 Male Pheasant. They are so cool. Wild but cool. I will try and get some pictures tomorrow to post but for now I am off to bed because tomorrow I have a rodeo as well as a shareholder stopping by to see the alpacas

A quiet day

Today was a quiet day and there really isn’t much to report. The animals are happy and doing well. The alpaca and sheep get along great now but we have to separate them to eat. Sheep push each other around at the feed trough and Alpacas don’t like to be touched. So instead of the Alpaca getting no breakfast or dinner we just put them in different stalls to eat. Problem solved.
With Mom and Dad at work and all my Friends at the funeral I studied and finished my book report. Mom brought home Pizza and Dad and I roped after he got home from work. We ended the day watching an old western movie. Sometimes it is good to have a quiet day but today just didn’t seem quiet in a good way.

Guest Blogger

Hey all, it is me again (Christy AKA RJ’s Mom) If you have been following RJ for any length of time you will know that when I step up and blog it means Little man has hit a rough patch. All the animals are okay, safe and sound. Don’t worry about that. The problem is that RJ has been blessed enough to not have to deal with human death in his life. He knows people die but he has never known anyone who has died before now.
As you all well know RJ is very active in 4-H. He is the County Treasurer and he looks up the the County President as all kids would in his shoes. Well, the President is a young man named Billy. Billy has had a bit of a rough start in life as at the age of 18 he has already battled Cancer and won. He has a great outlook on life and RJ and him kind of bond through the whole health issues thing. Billy is truely a blessing to all those who know him. RJ loves Billy like a big brother and does everything he can to support Billy, even going with Billy to the Relay for life.
Tonight however, RJ wanted to be there for Billy in a way that no child should have to be. He went to Billy’s Father’s viewing. Due to the fact that I have to work tomorrow he can’t go to the funeral (he has never attended a funeral in his life so going with out his father or myself is not something I want him to do) but he wanted to show Billy he was there for him no matter what. RJ didn’t realize that it was an open casket viewing and since RJ still has he own Great Grandmother alive and well with all his Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, he can’t even imagine what Billy is going through. RJ wanted to be tough and he was adamant that he go be with Billy, if just for a few minutes tonight, so I took him.
Now my little man is feeling like he let Billy down. He was doing great until we walked into the Chapel room of the funeral home. He only made it about 3 rows down the isle. He ended up talking to Billy out in front for a bit and told him that if he needed anything to just call or come by and hang out. In a way RJ feels bad that he couldn’t handle seeing Rick like that and he feels as though he let Billy down. It is quite the opposite though. Billy on the other hand knows (and understands) the age difference and he is aware that RJ, being only 14, did all he could and even if it wasn’t alot. I am proud of him for going but sometimes I want to protect him from the harshness of the world. This is one thing that he will have to face sooner or later … I just wish Billy (right now I wish alot of things for this young man and he will take all the prayers anyone wants to send) and RJ didn’t have to face it until they are both much older.
On the way home RJ and I were talking about what RJ could do to help and he decided that about 10 days from now when things calm down and when everyone has gotten on with life, we will make a big meal to take to them. He is making the menu and it even includes dessert.
On the up side RJ wanted me to tell you all that he got a book in the mail today about raising Alpacas. It is actually about Llamas and Alpacas but it is the only book I could find on the subject.
Please keep Billy and his family in your prayers, as no 18 year old boy should lose his father before Senior year if over, before prom, graduation, college and so many other things ….

Great Day

Today was really cool. Okay so not all of it. First I had school work to do and I am still working on my math grade and my science grade. Plus I have to read Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. It just isn’t a bad book but it isn’t my kind of book. I like western things and rodeo and if I can’t read that I like funny. After my school work I had to move all the mineral feeders around. One of these day I will have everything straight about what is going in what pen … LOL! For now we have the goats back in the original Goat pen and the sheep, Alpaca and the two baby calves in the calf pen. That means we had to move everything from mineral feeders to feed troths. Anyway, my day got even better this evening. I had my first Alpaca Visitor. Ms. Karen came to see her investments and I am happy to say she is happy with them. I love having people come visit and want to see the animals. After that we all went out to eat and it was really good. I think Ms. Karen had fun too…
As for business I did take time to set up an account with the ARI. That means as soon as I get everything in order I will be registering Juneau. Ms. Karen of Walnut Creek Alpacas is showing me (okay really she is doing most the paperwork) how to get everything done. I can’t wait. In just a few years I will have an alpaca herd of my own. Just for some added fun I am adding this little clip Mom thought was entertaining…. Hope you like it.

What a day … Long and exciting

Man things happen fast around here. First we got the Alpaca Cria. I think that since no one is really saying anything about the names and changing them we will stick with Juno and Charlie. I have to tell you Dave and Karen of Walnut Creek Alpacas are great people. Turns out they have a web site and everything. Where he lives he is known as Alpaca Dave. You can check out their website at I will let you in on a little secret too. (They have extra Fleece to sell from their Alpacas all you have to do is email them and they will fix you right up) The Fleece is so soft I couldn’t believe the difference in them and the sheep and goats. Anyway, Karen made sure I got everything I need to register them so that I can show them. I don’t think I will be registering Charlie because I got him just for fiber and since we will be gelding him his fleece will shouldn’t get much coarser. He is a true black fine hair. Charlie on the other hand I want to use to sire my own small alpaca herd. His Dad is a 9 time show champion and his fleece is perfect if you ask me. Dave took time to show me how to give a shot and trim their feet and even walked me through how to show an alpaca. Then He showed Dad how to trim their teeth and that was after we talked all about nutrition, vitamins and minerals and shearing. We even ended up eating lunch with them. I think we all will turn out to be good friends too.
This morning the Cria were setting in really well. The only issue we are having is with Ranger but we hope he will get used to them really soon. Enjoy Video Cast 3

We did it!

Just note to let everyone know that I raised everything I needed to get the Alpaca. Monday at 10am I will be picking up Two Males each about a year old. Congratulations to all those who now own parts of them. I will be taking the flip tomorrow so I am sure you will know what the video cast will be about …. I am so Excited …. I Thank God for everyone in my life and I thank you all for supporting my dreams.

The fun part

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I get to go pick up the two most handsome Alpaca that walk the face of the earth… Okay so I think they are handsome. I know everyone saw the pictures of them yesterday. AND, if you know anything about us you know everything has to have a name. So …. It is time to name the newest additions to our Fiber Flock. They actually have names but I don’t really think I like them but here is the information on them.
First there is Juneau Born: 11/12/2010 Color: Dark Fawn
Then there is Charmyl’s Boy Born: 10/4/2010 Color: Bay Black

So any suggestions on names are welcome.

Now, just to add some cute to this blog post check this out…..



You Guessed it … Right in the middle of starting my Alpaca adventure … Chicks start to hatch … GO FIGURE!! LOL

Can’t wait

Okay so I am so close to having all the money for the Alpacas, Mom helped me put up a button on the new Alpaca Investment page. The guys is holding them for me until Monday. After that I miss out on this chance. Mom says she is pretty sure I will have it all but then. She is also laughing at me. Not to long ago I decided I didn’t want to sell shares because I wanted to have a real product to sell. (by real I mean you get to look at it and feel it before you buy) But I really do love having investers and it is so much fun getting to know everyone but I just thought that if I wanted to be more like a real business I needed a real product.
Well, that didn’t last long but that is okay isn’t it? It seem like the first year I start into something shares is what I sell. Maybe, it is suppose to be that way for me. After all I don’t have a real job so I can just go out and buy the Alpaca with my own money. And after the first harvest I will own two of my very own Alpaca. What is wrong with that…. Nothing if you ask me. I just hope that everyone is happy with the fleece. (I always worry about letting everyone down) Next thing I want is …. A Female …. LOL